GM Tech2 Customers’ Review Good

The following are some customers’ reviews on GM Tech 2 Scanner.


Wonderful! All in good packages, fast delivery! Seller send us the OPEL V148 software free download, I am thinking how to put to the card

Tech2 package including TIS2000, no need buy alone!

Received quickly.

2 pcs ship to USA, please best offer

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Everything I expected! And FAST shipping! Thank you!

Very impressed with this website, customer service very serious, patience , professional, they sent me the v44 file software do my old SAAB, a good website do business, 5 stars, recommend!

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thanks very much this seller a very good man, you can deal him to purchase the product

Fast Shipping. Tech2 as described, comes with TIS2000, I used tested on my OPEL vehicles, works great. Thanks.

Tech2 scanner works great. Saved me lots of money!

The excellent transaction would trade again with this merchant. Highly reliable

Thank you. I received the gm tech2 well. Recommended!

Wonderful! a great GM Tech2~

Good seller, Last year they promised us send one more card, last week we bought 1 pcs tech2 , got 2 pcs card, one Suzuki and 1 OPEL card. Really appreciate they remember !
Good seller recommend you all !

Perfect Tech2, seller also send the TIS2000 with usb keygen,all working fine

goods of high quality everything works. there was only a problem with delivery I asked my neighbour help pick up the package. All ok

Amazingly fast delivery just 9 days from placing order to package in my hands, Seller Use UK Special Line ship the package , NO TAX !. Tech2 is as described, all included!

Works perfect! A lot of choice for card, I choose OPEL English card and does exactly what I espected on my Vauxhall !

This tech2 is good. Work fine, but I ordered wrong card, should be OPEL card, I ordered GM Card. that’s fine, my friend need GM card,I gave my hard to him and bought a new OPEL Card

my Candi arrival broken, seller keep their promise change a new replacement one,the new package arrival within 7 days by UK local post, no problem working like a charm.
Good seller they are , recommend to you all , buy from here!

Very fast shipping! It took only two weeks to deliver in Saint-Petersburg. Good packing. Tech2 as described. Works fine! Very good seller. Recommend!!!

Working good, seller send the TIS2000 with usb keygen as promised,and also the gift ELM327 they promise me 3 moth ago!Very impressed

Seller shipped with Germany Special Line , package arrival within 9 days, what’s more No Tax. If you are a customer from Germany, ask them ship Germany way or Yanwen express, Never DHL !

Very good seller, very professional. If you have questions, always ready to respond. Finds solutions and provides concrete solutions. Thank you very much.

Thank you. Recommend seller. there including Auto Scanner Tool GM Tech2, tis2000, 32 mb card , all adapter including! Card checked – works perfect!

Works fine with Psg16, thank you very much will order another one. great seller! quickly and efficiently!

Adblue emulators Nox Failure and Solutions


What is the NOX system?

Nox is a system in compliance with European standards that can be used on Euro5 and Euro6 Vehicles. The usage of this system is obligatory in Europe Countries.

The system is interoperable with AdBlue system.

There is two kind of Nox sensors. One of them controls the gas and AdBlue that enter the SCR catalyzer. Others sensor is used to control the output data of SCR catalyzer.

The AdBlue system may report a fault indicator in case one of these sensors fails.

Nox sensor Failure Solutions;

If the NOx system is corrupted and the correct value is not sent, the Adblue system may crash.

Your car may report a fault indicator in case one of crashing of AdBlue system.

SCR system(catalyzer) is also affected by Nox sensor failure. Consequently, SCR and Nox systems are integrated systems.

These systems are generally called Adblue systems. In AdBlue systems, there is a control box.

This box controls the systems such as AdBlue tank, SCR, and Nox, and sends constant information to the ECU.

With this process, the vehicle continues to work.

The deterioration of the NOx sensor can cause heavy costs. Unluckily, if the system collapses, you can be stranded and you may lose money and time.

If NOx systems fail, Adblue emulators are used. Particularly, these emulators stand between system and ECU and it filters out certain codes from the system and transmits them to the vehicle’s brain.

For instance, if the system fails, Nox system send error code. The sent code will reach the ECU directly from the control box.

In this case, the vehicle may stop and service light is on and you should take your vehicle to the service urgently.

Poorly, this process is getting worse if you are in rural area.

This device that we sell and called as Ablue emulator, precludes such problems contributively and when Nox system or other relative systems fail, regulates the error codes and sends the durable code to ECU.

So your vehicle continues to work as all systems is rugged completely.

As a result, you get rid of spending your time or money uselessly.

Recently, this problem occurs too often, and drivers have difficulty and also lose their money and time.

To get rid of these and other situations, Adblue emulators are always with you.

Corvette C6 service programming in 2 methods

Corvette C6 service programming in 2 methods:
1. TIS2000 running with GM Tech2
2. went to the website, downloaded the java app they supply (that contains your paid subscription information so it’ll run), and ran it. All I used was a web browser and I re-initialized PCMs.

In details…
1. TIS2000 running with GM Tech2 for Corvette C6 SPS programming
Tis2000 is only used for SPS programming, and the Tech II is put into pass-through mode when using such.
On export vets, you have to use SPS programming for programming in fobs, since the key in the cylinder does not work on them.
Op. You can always call ACDelcoTDS and ask them pre-sales questions on what you really need. There’s no cost to ask and they do have real humans answering the phones who know what’s up.

How to install Crack TIS2000 on XP?
As for Tis2000, need to run under XP,.
So the short version, build a VM shell in XP with something like VM work station on your win 10 machine, load the three discs to the VM shell, install the crack, then build the driver.

If your laptop does not have an RS232 port, then will need to buy the needed usb cable to connect the Tech II to the laptop, and make sure to install the needed USB driver into the XP shell as well.
Drivers are listed about half way down on the page.

As for the cracked Tis2000 (all three disc’s and dongle crack), pretty easy to find for free on the web with a search to download it for free.

As for what came with the clone, some users consider it is just a PDF file, actually it is a file that needs to be decompressed with something like 7-zip to produce the three iso’s and the dongle crack folder with instructions.

A/C Delco TDS online is not a bad thing, and only $40 per vin/car for two year period.
On the other hand, Tis2000 cracked can be mod’d to do SPS programming on any car up to 2013 for free instead.


VXDIAG VCX Nano GDS2 & Tech2Win Work Good for GM

VXDIAG VCX NANO is PC-to-vehicle interface compatible with multiple software applications, minimizing your investment in multiple brand-specific diagnostic interfaces.

Today we’d like to share user’s experience with VXDIAG VCX NANO GDS2 Device , it is for GM/OPEL, this one support WIFI connection . You can use tech 2 to view and diag BCM, HVAC, issues, BOSE issues, etc…

I had a 4.0+ amp draw since I purchased the car, problem is I thought it was intermittent issue, 2nd issue was once the voltage dropped below the threshold the amp draw would disappear… in the end it was reproducible after 3 on then off, then lock, key cycles. ended up being the MSM memory seat module (aka seat control module) well the dealer wanted time to program it for $90. Since I already replaced it, I was tired of paying the stealerships for 5 mins of coding. New MSM’s are blank and require programming, hence the need for this tool, nothing comes close as for cost and end result.

Now on to the good news, new MSM installed and coded and working great and no amp draw, also playing around I found other control modules that needed to be updated, some things I saw available as well like – After blower option for our HVAC. Looks like we might be able to update to add a rear camera if we have the factory parts.

I even updated my Magneride suspension F55, radio, HVAC, Drive door control module, some others had updates available.

GM MDI GDS2 programming…

Tech2Win DIAG….

USB Drivers, and software setup was a little bit of a PITA, its not exactly a straight forward install, and no instructions other than some youtube videos.

If you just want a Tech 2 its comes with the VXDIAG, you access GDS2 programming its via GM’s acdelcotds site to install that software, there’s not a lot of documentation.

The CD that came with my interface only had tech 2 & MDI software, and VMplayer to run GDS2 for 30 days, I am still trying to figure stuff out.

Which version do you have wifi or usb? also try downloading the new VX manager from all scanners website (Chinese everywhere but you will see it towards the bottom), then update the VX interfaces drivers I believe as of writing this is 1.5xxx, (VX manager was buggy, I had to restart the application a few times and reboot once) from the VX manager of the left make sure to install pass-thru & GDS2/T2W drivers, I was not able to connect at all without all the drivers installed of this completed correctly.

Getting the SPS working took a lot of Java updates and requiring me to turn off windows defender and firewall rules, also on GM’s site, you may purchase their version of the emulation software for tech 2 which is $275 (1x time fee) which I skipped on. I only pulled fault codes and looked at some tech 2 stuff but seemed ok, also did you have a battery charger on when you where bleeding? key on engine off eats power, as a former MB tech we always hooked up the battery charger anytime the SDS (MB’s tool) was connected. I will try playing around with the tech 2 some more I need to bleed the brakes on my 2016 Sierra.

I mostly used this for programming via SPS, best part is it will work for 2008-2017 GM vehicles for programming which for me and my entire family works perfect!

GDS2 as it is global diag systems, only seems to work for most new vehicles like 2012 CTS since we are on a CTSV site, otherwise Tech 2 is the diag… tool used for most vehicles which would include abs bleed function.

Any interesting for this product ? Or more request for auto diagnostic tools , welcome to check our website directly



Solved! wiTECH 2.0 cannot Communicate with Any Module (All Modules are Red)

Here are some solutions of wiTECH MicroPod 2 communication failure with all modules.

Theory of operation:

Below are few different ways communication on a vehicle takes place:

Scan tool to the Central Gateway Module (Ex: SGW, TIPM, BCM, etc.)
Module to Module
Module to Device
Device to Module

Communication to the vehicle is established with a Micropod 2 scan tool, through the Data Link Connector (DLC) to the Central GateWay Module (CGW) over the Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus.

On this vehicle the Body Control Module (BCM) is the CGW between the high and low speed CAN Bus networks (CAN-C and CAN-IHS); and communicates with the scan tool through CAN C.

The CAN Bus architecture of this vehicle operates in a “hub” or “star” style, meaning all of the modules are connected at a central point in the Star Connectors. The terminating resistors for CAN Bus are located in the Star Connectors that are part of the body and instrument panel wiring harnesses. In other CAN Bus architectures a vehicle may operate in a “stub” or “backbone” style, meaning there is a single, main line that connects all modules. The terminating resistors for CAN Bus in the “stub” or “backbone” style are located in 2 separate dominant modules that are placed as far apart as is physically possible. The scan tool becomes another module on the vehicle’s networks by acting as the Master Module of all Bus networks while connected to the DLC  and contributes voltage to the operation of the CAN Bus.

The following vehicle interactions listed below will aid in predetermining the type of vehicle communication that is/isn’t available:

NOTE: If the Hazard Lamps and Headlamps are active, this indicates the BCM is functioning and is most likely not the cause of the CAN Bus fault.

Operating the Lock/Unlock button of the FOB with Integrated Key (FOBIK)

When any one of the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter buttons of the FOBIK are depressed, the onboard transmitter generates a high frequency RF request signal that is received and validated by the Radio Frequency Hub Module (RF Hub). If the RF Hub determines the RKE transmitter RF request signal was generated by a FOBIK that is valid for the vehicle, the RF Hub relays electronic request messages to the BCM over the CAN BUS to invoke the functions or features associated with the request.

Opening a Door

The Door Latches contain Ajar Switches that are hardwired to the BCM. The status of the Door Ajar Switch Sense circuit input is monitored by the BCM, which then sends the proper electronic message to other modules in the vehicle over the CAN Bus.

Turning the Headlights on

The Headlamp switch uses a single resistor multiplexed output to control the many functions and features it provides. The switch receives a clean ground from the BCM on a Headlamp Switch Multiplex (MUX) Return circuit. The BCM then reads the switch outputs using an internal pull up on the Headlamp/Fog Lamp Switch Signal circuit to control the exterior lighting functions

Turning the Hazard Lamps on

The status of the Hazard Switch is continually monitored by the circuitry within the Instrument Panel Switch Bank in the Integrated Center Stack (ICS). The switch receives battery voltage at all times through a Fused Battery Feed circuit, and a path to ground at all times through the Instrument Panel wire harness. Whenever the Hazard Switch is in its latched and lowered position, the hazard warning system is selected and the switch bank circuitry provides a hardwired output to the BCM. When the BCM receives a Hazard Switch input, it then controls hazard warning system operation and flash rate by controlling battery voltage outputs through high side drivers on the Right and Left / Front and Rear Turn Signal Feed circuits.

Honking the Horn
Each Horn has a path to ground at all times through its wire harness connection to an eyelet terminal secured to the body sheet metal. The Horns are controlled by a Fused B(+) output received through a relay within the front Power Distribution Center (PDC) Assembly and controlled by the BCM.

During an ignition cycle, the CAN C Bus network may go into default mode when communication has been hindered with the BCM. In some situations, when this happens the wipers automatically operate in a delay mode and the Headlamps are activated by the BCM. When the ignition is turned off, the vehicle will exit the default mode and operation of the Wipers and Headlamps will stop. When turning the ignition on again, if the CAN C Bus fault is still present, the vehicle will exhibit a no crank, no start condition; and no scan tool communication response to the vehicle.

Possible reasons:



CAN C BUS LOW (-) : 1.5 – 2.5 volts
CAN C BUS HIGH (+) : 2.5 – 3.5 volts
Difference Between CAN C BUS (+) and CAN C BUS (-) : 0.5 volt

CAN B or IHS BUS LOW (-) : 1.5 – 2.5 volts
CAN B or IHS BUS HIGH (+) : 2.5 – 3.5 volts
Difference Between CAN B or IHS BUS (+) and CAN B or IHS BUS (-) : 0.5 volt

CAN C1 or C2 BUS LOW (-) : 1.5 – 2.5 volts
CAN C1 or C2 BUS HIGH (+) : 2.5 – 3.5 volts
Difference Between CAN C1 or C2 BUS (+) and CAN C1 or C2 BUS (-) : 0.5 volt

Honda Accord V6 2007 all keys lost: HDS HIM made new keys!

Honda Accord V6 2007 have lost all keys. Possible to use HDS + HIM to program new keys?


Yes. You can make new keys to Accord with HDS if you have a decent HIM diagnostic tool.

Here is the test report: Honda HDS HIM working for Accord 2007 all keys lost

Connect Honda HIM interface to your vehicle by OBD.

Run the Honda HDS software and enter “System Selection Menu”

Select “IMMOBI”

Note: Not all system may be available on this vehicle.

Refer to the Service Manual for further information


Keep ignition ON until the tester directs you to turn the ignition off.

Press [Enter] to continue


The tester cannot program keys with T5 stamped on the blade of the key or with the word ILCO on the plastic head.

The keys can only be programmed with the ILCO key duplicator.

Press[Enter] to continue


Determining immobilizer system type. Please wait.


Select “Immobilizer Setup”


For vehicle equipped with keyless Access System, use the actual immobilizer key in the remote to register and diagnose the system


Then you will see there are 5 options as below picture:

Before programming new keys, you would better to check the number of key.

Select “System Check, Number of Keys and Status Log ”à” Number Of Keys”


It show there is 1 key registered


Then Exit the selection and select “Add and Delete Keys”

This function does the necessary registration for registering new keys or deleting registered keys

Select “All Key Lost”


It prompt “Obtain PCM-code(IMMOBILIZER PCM CODE) for In

This vehicle’s VIN will be required to obtain the password”

Look here: methods to get immo pin code:
1.Inquire dealer to get immo pin code via VIN

2.Disassemble immo box or smart box to read out the pin code by programmer

3.Read out immo pin code by auto key programmer

Read out PIN Code from immo/smart box.

The pin code is stored in the chip located in ECU,immo box,smart box or BCM box,it depend on the vehicle models.You need to remove chip from PCB,then use programmer to read out the pin code,the accuracy up to 99%.This method require you have skillful operations:disassembling,welding,reading out pin code.

Read out PIN code by auto key programmer:

Many devices can calculate the pin code by their programmer,you just need to plug the programmer into OBD socket to get pin code,then programming keys.

Try to disassemble chip to read out pin code when you find the device can not support.

In summary, when you get incorrect PIN code by VIN calculating:

1.Check difference between the appearance VIN and immo system VIN.

If you they are different,the immo system VIN is more reliable.

2.Make sure vehicle models is corresponding to the immo system.(many freshman select incorrect models)

3.Immo system have been locked due to much time incorrect pin code enter(wait for hours or next day,try it again!)

Inquire PIN Code by Dealer or Three-part via VIN.

Because the VIN(Vehicle Identify Number) of each car is unique identification. It will cost you $20~100 depend on your vehicle models, the accuracy rate is more than 95%.The advantage is that you do not need to disassemble any parts on the vehicle.After getting the PIN code, you are available to program keys directly.

Personally, if the problem can be solved by paying a little,you would better to, it will save you much time.

But sometimes, your customers unwilling to spend extra money or you got the incorrect PIN code by VIN, so you need to try other methods.


Enter PCM-Code


After input the PCM code, it prompt you to enter the key number you want to register.

Here enter “1”

Then follow the Honda HDS guides:

Turn the ignition switch off


Then turn the ignition switch on


Turn the ignition switch off within 16 seconds


Turn the ignition switch to on within 20 seconds, without changing the key


Turn the ignition switch off

Then turn the ignition switch on

It prompt that “Is the immobilizer indicator light turned off?”

Click “Yes” to continue

Turn the ignition switch off

Turn the ignition switch on

Turn the ignition switch off

Turn the ignition switch on again

The registration of keys has been completed.

Turn the ignition switch off

Check All Keys to ensure each will start the engine


Subaru locksmith tool LISHI DAT17: Where to buy + How to use?

What is LISHI DAT17 2-in-1 locksmith tool?

LISHI DAT17 is a lock pick and decoder 2-in-1 locksmith tool.

It can be used for Subaru:

Tribeca (2007 Onwards)
Forester (2008 Onwards)
Imprezza (2004 Onwards)
Legacy (2004 Onwards)
Legacy Outback (2004 Onwards)
Outback (2004 Onwards)
B9 Tribeca (2004 Onwards)

Where to get the original LISHI DAT17 2-in-1?

Link to buy the genuine LISHI DAT17:

The genuine should be like this:


How to use LISHI DAT17 lock pick and decoder 2 in 1?
how-to-use-Lishi-DAT17-2in1-Pick-Decoder-Tool-1 how-to-use-Lishi-DAT17-2in1-Pick-Decoder-Tool-2 how-to-use-Lishi-DAT17-2in1-Pick-Decoder-Tool-3 how-to-use-Lishi-DAT17-2in1-Pick-Decoder-Tool-4 how-to-use-Lishi-DAT17-2in1-Pick-Decoder-Tool-5 how-to-use-Lishi-DAT17-2in1-Pick-Decoder-Tool-6 how-to-use-Lishi-DAT17-2in1-Pick-Decoder-Tool-7 how-to-use-Lishi-DAT17-2in1-Pick-Decoder-Tool-8 how-to-use-Lishi-DAT17-2in1-Pick-Decoder-Tool-9 how-to-use-Lishi-DAT17-2in1-Pick-Decoder-Tool-10
how-to-use-Lishi-DAT17-2in1-Pick-Decoder-Tool-11 how-to-use-Lishi-DAT17-2in1-Pick-Decoder-Tool-12






Piwis 3 Compare With Piwis Tester 2

As the Piwis 3 for Porsche diagnostic & programming released, most client inquiry for the Piwis 3 to replace Piwis tester ii for Porsche new models. Some client asks what’s the difference between Piwis Tester II & Piwis 3. whether the Piwis II work with the Piwis 3 software? Below share one client opinion for this.
Porsche Piwis 2 or Porsche Piwis 3?


It may be an interesting subject, I’m sure there is some information about this out here.

First of all, the Piwis 2 interface is a lot more robust piece of equipment, compared to the cheesy and flimsy looking and feeling interface produced by Actia for Piwis 3.

Originally designed for the VW ODIS system, the VAS 6154 VCI is quite the service needy piece. [Breaks easily] not a hard comparison to make.
Is it worth to purchase Piwis 3 replace Piwis 2 now? Can the Piwis 2 compatible with Piwis 3 Software?

This answer for the question of whether Piwis 3 software can work with Piwis II Samtec HSX Interface ?

Secondly, I thought the Piwis 3 for Porsche went cheap. [my humble opinion, way below Porsche standard!]

At the same time, there is a service from Poland and Ukraine [If I remember correctly] that can make the Samtec based Piwis 2 VCI , to work with Piwis 3.

Unfortunately, their charges are just as much and frankly cost prohibitive as the New Piwis 3 VCI. 2-3-4 thousand dollars for these VCIs is simply not reasonable for small operators.

They will come down in price just like the Chinese VCIs did for all manufacturers as the markets get saturated and folks are not buying them as eagerly as at the beginning of the Piwis 3 had.

They will get as much money as the market bares. [as much as people are willing to pay]

Your more pointed answers will not come in this tread Ibi. This is Cars Fan’s money-making tread, he will not volunteer any information, but if U start your own tread, U may be more likely to find out stuff.


What Do the Piwis 3 updates replace Piwis 2?

Diagnostics application is used for communication with control units. You can search for, identify, code and control program units, read out the event memory, execute complex processes, change drive links and execute routines.

Guided fault finding (GFF) generates a test plan for a fault code. This test plan shows the best sequence for carrying out tests. GFF compiles a list of recommended tests, documents and wiring diagrams

Actual values/input signals functions display you the actual values and input signals of control units

Drive links/tests function displays the drive links of control units, allows you to change the parameters of these drive links and run test routines for individual control units

Maintenance/repairs function group – use this function to call up control unit-specific processes that cannot be implemented generically from the ODX data

Coding/programming function group – use this function to write coding values. Piwis 3 can code Values automatically or set manually. This function group includes (Automatic coding, Manual

coding, Customer-specific settings, and Factory settings) coding modes

Logging – use this function to activate logging for diagnostics, guided fault finding (GFF) and measuring equipment applications. Temporary and permanent working log can be created

Filter – use this function to limit the view of the control units installed in the vehicle. In the diagnostic application, you can create, edit, activate, deactivate or assign filters

Wiring diagrams application is the representation of physical connections and layouts of circuits

Measuring equipment interface work for DC and AC voltage measurement, direct and alternating current measurement, diode testing, resistance measurement, continuity/open circuit testing, showing voltage, current and resistance over time (oscilloscope function)

mitsubishi mut 3 reprogramming pc software

Search Method Selection

Select Special Function


Select ECU Reprogramming


Select an appropriate button:
– Automatic Reprogramming (K-line): – Automatically searches appropriate Reprogramming data stored in PC.

– Database File Display (K-line): Shows the list of Reprogramming data stored in PC.

– Reprogramming Data Selection: Allows to select Reprogramming data in arbitrary drive and directories.

– Search: Allows to search the target data by ECU No., ROM-ID, etc.

– Automatic Reprogramming (CAN) : Automatically searches appropriate Reprogramming data stored in PC.

– Database File Display (CAN): Shows the list of Reprogramming data stored in PC.

– Memory card transfer: Transfer of stored Reprogramming data to Memory card.

Connect PC and V.C.I., and prepare following steps.

Connect Mitsubishi MUT-3 Main Harness B or A to V.C.I. securely.
After verifying the ignition switch position at LOCK (OFF), connect the M.U.T.-III Main harness B or A to the vehicle’s data-link-connector.

Turn Ignition switch on, and turn V.C.I. main switch on. (Do not start engine)

Data Search & Transfer (PC –> V.C.I.)

(a). Automatic Data Search

(b). Database File display

(c). Reprogramming Data Selection

(d). Search

(a). Automatic Data Search

Mitsubishi mut-3 Automatic reprogramming by K-LINE

Verify the connection of V.C.I. and harness

Applicable reprogramming data is searched from database installed in PC automatically

Result of the search appears.

Start transferring the data into V.C.I. memory.

After completing the data transfer, ECU reprogramming will start sequentially


(b)Database File display

Press Database File Display (K-line)

-Reprogramming data files in the hard disk are listed.

-Select an appropriate data file

-After completing the data transfer, ECU reprogramming will start sequentially


(c)Reprogramming Data Selection

To select the reprogramming data from arbitrary directories

Press Reprogramming Data Selection



-The displayed data as default is in the folder shown below.

C:¥Program Files¥MUT3¥RPGDATA

This directory is the default reprogramming data pool of M.U.T.-III.

-After completing the data transfer, ECU reprogramming will

start sequentially.

Data selection

Select a drive on the left chart, and the directories in the drive are displayed on the right chart.



To search the reprogramming data by inputting ECU Part No., ROM-ID, or Data No.



To input, 2 ways can be taken.

-By PC keyboard

-By virtual keyboard

Some info need to be a combination with the other info for

data search

– Current ECU P/N & ROM-ID need to be together.

– Data No. needs no other info.


Select appropriate data

Reprogramming ECU (V.C.I. –> vehicle ECU)


Mitsubishi mut-3 Reprogramming by CAN Communication

Special function – ECU reprogramming – function options

mitsubishi-mut-3-reprogramming-pc-software-13 mitsubishi-mut-3-reprogramming-pc-software-14

Automatic Reprogramming (K-line)

Database File Display (K-line)

Reprogramming Data Selection


Automatic Reprogramming (CAN)

Database File Display (CAN)

Memory card transfer

in detail..

(a)Automatic Reprogramming

Press Automatic Reprogramming (CAN)

Vehicle choice

-Selected Model year and Model Code of the vehicle are indicated.

-Select a system (ECU) and loading option

Check all equipment properly


Data search

Searching the target reprogramming data


Data check

-The appropriate reprogramming data is indicated

Reprogramming data check


Reprogramming on board ECU starts.


Reprogramming completed

-Reprogramming is completed properly.

-Reprogrammed ECU Part No. and S/W Part No. are indicated.


(b)Database File display

Press Database File Display (CAN)


Can’t possible update at select data from data list.


Possible to use AppCar FCA software with Mircropod 2?

Topic: Can you use AppCar FCA software with Mircropod 2?


What is Appcar DiagFCA:

Appcar DiagFCA is a professional diagnostics & programming software for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and RAM vehicles

The Appcar DiagFCA software allows you:

Read and erase all DTC Fault codes from all systems available on the vehicle,
Read identification data from all vehicle systems, such as part numbers and software versions, VIN numbers recorded in each module,
Show Live Data – current parameters available on each of the systems ,
Test and control of selected actuators such as valves, relays, lighting and more,
Programming and configuring some unique features,
Activation and deactivation of selected vehicle equipment.


What is Mircropod 2:

Mircropod II is the same diagnostic and programming tool the dealerships are using. It replaces your StarMobile, StarScan, and wi-TECH POD, and enables technicians to increase their productivity and provide world-class diagnostic services to users/owners. It offers 100% CAN coverage for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Fiat vehicle

MOPAR MicroPOD II Features:

Support all the latest technologies and vehicle platforms including the latest Chrysler and Fiat Vehicles.

Work as a direct replacement for the wiTECH POD

Work with the current wiTECH software

No smart cables required but PC-based

AppCar FCA Software and Mircropod2:

Because i work with FCA diag software on a daily basis i can share some experience.

There is a standard adopted by most automakers in 2002? So just about any cheap chinese obd tool (if it supports the appropriate communications protocol) can read basic trouble codes populated on the databus. But that’s all.

To dig deeper into other control units, make adjustments and programming you need more sophisticated devices

When talking about OEM tools, then for almost anything up to 2005 (some dodge trucks up to 2007) you need a DRBIII
WiTech DRB Emulator is NOT a 100% replacement for a real DRB Scan tool.
From 2007 up to 2009 you can use StarScan or StarMobile. basically the same device with the same capabilities. The only difference ist that Starscan is a standalone handheld unit with color LCD and Starmobile uses the VCI pod as an interface and needs a PC as a desktop client. Now obsolete, no FCA support nor flash files anymore.
Still both work pretty well in standalone mode, you can do almost anything dealer can, except flashes.

WiTech (or WiTech1) – can use the same communication interface as starmobile did. Or can use the new Micropod. Can work in standalone mode. Supports vehicles up to 2015. Again, can do just about anything the dealer can, including flashes (if you have paid access to techAuthority service). Lot of clones on the market, also same used units from closed dealerships…
BUT!!! You go online and play with FCA and do not have registered micropod or VCI pod it will be rendered locked and useless.

Today state of art is Witech2.
This is online only solution. No standalone software or application. Works with just about any internet browser or operating system (win, apple, unix, linux android…..) Does not work without internet connection.
Uses the same micropod2 bud you need an utility to change firmware. this can be done only once. So if you still plan to use Witech 1, you need another micropod which will be dedicated to Witech2 only.
Then you need a $$$ subscription from FCAWitech. In USA it is also available for an aftermarket shops, in Europe it is a dealer-only option.
Works also with some clones, but it is a hit/miss. Good clones which work run about $500 in the net. Not cheap, but still better than $1800

Regarding the AppCar FCA software – it works. I know who made it and have a multi license version (not single vehicle). can do a lot but not everything.
But in some cases it can go beyond the capabilities of dealer tools.
You can change gear ratios, tyre circumference/size, enable/disable TPMS, program DRL, program voltages for PWM (good for LED headlamps) and a lot of other stuff.

quite long post, but hope someone finds this info useful.