mitsubishi mut 3 reprogramming pc software

Search Method Selection

Select Special Function


Select ECU Reprogramming


Select an appropriate button:
– Automatic Reprogramming (K-line): – Automatically searches appropriate Reprogramming data stored in PC.

– Database File Display (K-line): Shows the list of Reprogramming data stored in PC.

– Reprogramming Data Selection: Allows to select Reprogramming data in arbitrary drive and directories.

– Search: Allows to search the target data by ECU No., ROM-ID, etc.

– Automatic Reprogramming (CAN) : Automatically searches appropriate Reprogramming data stored in PC.

– Database File Display (CAN): Shows the list of Reprogramming data stored in PC.

– Memory card transfer: Transfer of stored Reprogramming data to Memory card.

Connect PC and V.C.I., and prepare following steps.

Connect Mitsubishi MUT-3 Main Harness B or A to V.C.I. securely.
After verifying the ignition switch position at LOCK (OFF), connect the M.U.T.-III Main harness B or A to the vehicle’s data-link-connector.

Turn Ignition switch on, and turn V.C.I. main switch on. (Do not start engine)

Data Search & Transfer (PC –> V.C.I.)

(a). Automatic Data Search

(b). Database File display

(c). Reprogramming Data Selection

(d). Search

(a). Automatic Data Search

Mitsubishi mut-3 Automatic reprogramming by K-LINE

Verify the connection of V.C.I. and harness

Applicable reprogramming data is searched from database installed in PC automatically

Result of the search appears.

Start transferring the data into V.C.I. memory.

After completing the data transfer, ECU reprogramming will start sequentially


(b)Database File display

Press Database File Display (K-line)

-Reprogramming data files in the hard disk are listed.

-Select an appropriate data file

-After completing the data transfer, ECU reprogramming will start sequentially


(c)Reprogramming Data Selection

To select the reprogramming data from arbitrary directories

Press Reprogramming Data Selection



-The displayed data as default is in the folder shown below.

C:¥Program Files¥MUT3¥RPGDATA

This directory is the default reprogramming data pool of M.U.T.-III.

-After completing the data transfer, ECU reprogramming will

start sequentially.

Data selection

Select a drive on the left chart, and the directories in the drive are displayed on the right chart.



To search the reprogramming data by inputting ECU Part No., ROM-ID, or Data No.



To input, 2 ways can be taken.

-By PC keyboard

-By virtual keyboard

Some info need to be a combination with the other info for

data search

– Current ECU P/N & ROM-ID need to be together.

– Data No. needs no other info.


Select appropriate data

Reprogramming ECU (V.C.I. –> vehicle ECU)


Mitsubishi mut-3 Reprogramming by CAN Communication

Special function – ECU reprogramming – function options

mitsubishi-mut-3-reprogramming-pc-software-13 mitsubishi-mut-3-reprogramming-pc-software-14

Automatic Reprogramming (K-line)

Database File Display (K-line)

Reprogramming Data Selection


Automatic Reprogramming (CAN)

Database File Display (CAN)

Memory card transfer

in detail..

(a)Automatic Reprogramming

Press Automatic Reprogramming (CAN)

Vehicle choice

-Selected Model year and Model Code of the vehicle are indicated.

-Select a system (ECU) and loading option

Check all equipment properly


Data search

Searching the target reprogramming data


Data check

-The appropriate reprogramming data is indicated

Reprogramming data check


Reprogramming on board ECU starts.


Reprogramming completed

-Reprogramming is completed properly.

-Reprogrammed ECU Part No. and S/W Part No. are indicated.


(b)Database File display

Press Database File Display (CAN)


Can’t possible update at select data from data list.


Possible to use AppCar FCA software with Mircropod 2?

Topic: Can you use AppCar FCA software with Mircropod 2?


What is Appcar DiagFCA:

Appcar DiagFCA is a professional diagnostics & programming software for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and RAM vehicles

The Appcar DiagFCA software allows you:

Read and erase all DTC Fault codes from all systems available on the vehicle,
Read identification data from all vehicle systems, such as part numbers and software versions, VIN numbers recorded in each module,
Show Live Data – current parameters available on each of the systems ,
Test and control of selected actuators such as valves, relays, lighting and more,
Programming and configuring some unique features,
Activation and deactivation of selected vehicle equipment.


What is Mircropod 2:

Mircropod II is the same diagnostic and programming tool the dealerships are using. It replaces your StarMobile, StarScan, and wi-TECH POD, and enables technicians to increase their productivity and provide world-class diagnostic services to users/owners. It offers 100% CAN coverage for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Fiat vehicle

MOPAR MicroPOD II Features:

Support all the latest technologies and vehicle platforms including the latest Chrysler and Fiat Vehicles.

Work as a direct replacement for the wiTECH POD

Work with the current wiTECH software

No smart cables required but PC-based

AppCar FCA Software and Mircropod2:

Because i work with FCA diag software on a daily basis i can share some experience.

There is a standard adopted by most automakers in 2002? So just about any cheap chinese obd tool (if it supports the appropriate communications protocol) can read basic trouble codes populated on the databus. But that’s all.

To dig deeper into other control units, make adjustments and programming you need more sophisticated devices

When talking about OEM tools, then for almost anything up to 2005 (some dodge trucks up to 2007) you need a DRBIII
WiTech DRB Emulator is NOT a 100% replacement for a real DRB Scan tool.
From 2007 up to 2009 you can use StarScan or StarMobile. basically the same device with the same capabilities. The only difference ist that Starscan is a standalone handheld unit with color LCD and Starmobile uses the VCI pod as an interface and needs a PC as a desktop client. Now obsolete, no FCA support nor flash files anymore.
Still both work pretty well in standalone mode, you can do almost anything dealer can, except flashes.

WiTech (or WiTech1) – can use the same communication interface as starmobile did. Or can use the new Micropod. Can work in standalone mode. Supports vehicles up to 2015. Again, can do just about anything the dealer can, including flashes (if you have paid access to techAuthority service). Lot of clones on the market, also same used units from closed dealerships…
BUT!!! You go online and play with FCA and do not have registered micropod or VCI pod it will be rendered locked and useless.

Today state of art is Witech2.
This is online only solution. No standalone software or application. Works with just about any internet browser or operating system (win, apple, unix, linux android…..) Does not work without internet connection.
Uses the same micropod2 bud you need an utility to change firmware. this can be done only once. So if you still plan to use Witech 1, you need another micropod which will be dedicated to Witech2 only.
Then you need a $$$ subscription from FCAWitech. In USA it is also available for an aftermarket shops, in Europe it is a dealer-only option.
Works also with some clones, but it is a hit/miss. Good clones which work run about $500 in the net. Not cheap, but still better than $1800

Regarding the AppCar FCA software – it works. I know who made it and have a multi license version (not single vehicle). can do a lot but not everything.
But in some cases it can go beyond the capabilities of dealer tools.
You can change gear ratios, tyre circumference/size, enable/disable TPMS, program DRL, program voltages for PWM (good for LED headlamps) and a lot of other stuff.

quite long post, but hope someone finds this info useful.

GM MDI 2 Genuine vs. China Clone

Look here: GM MDI 2 what’s the difference of the genuine and the china knock-off?

compared with GM MDI 1, what’s good of MDI2? Should you buy a new one?



The MDI 2 genuine and china clone share the same functions.

They are different in the price and operating system only!

For a GM garage, you can buy the genuine to use with relief!

For personal use, the price of clone is good and it’s worth the money!

MDI 2 comes with GM software in a HDD that people don’t have to install software themselves and will have no installation issues!

Is it necessary to have a MDI 2 if you have a MDI already?

It depends.

If you are the one pursuit security and efficiency, it’s necessary to have a new MDI2 interface.

in detail… (all information below works for the original MDI2. for the china clone, it’s for reference only!)

The next generation of the J2534 GM Multiple Diagnostic Interface, MDI 2 (Fig. 1, right), offers increased processing power and security than the original MDI (Fig. 1, left) for faster programming speeds on current Global A vehicles as well as future Global B vehicles. The compact communication module is required in order to manage the transfer of data between a vehicle’s onboard network and a service technician’s PC.


Fig. 1

Both original and clone MDI 2 are now available in the market.

Both MDI 2 supports diagnostic applications — GDS 2, Data Bus Diagnostic Tool, and Tech2Win — as well as Pass-Thru programming applications — TIS2Web–SPS.

Enhancements to the tool were based on technicians’ feedback on how they use the MDI and how to improve it. It replaces the first generation MDI, introduced in 2007, for Pass-Thru programming on current GM models. The MDI 2 is backward compatible, so it can be used to perform Pass-Thru programming on all vehicles built since 1996.

The MDI 2 connects to the vehicle via the J1962 connector using a new DLC cable. Connection between the MDI 2 and the PC running the Global Diagnostic System 2 (GDS 2) software can be accomplished via standalone (USB), through a new Point-to-Point wireless Wi-Fi interface feature (a simple plug & play), or through the dealership network (Ethernet or wireless).

MDI 2 Full Kit

The EL-52100 MDI 2 kit includes:

MDI 2 Unit
SAE J1962 DLC Cable (Fig. 2)
10-ft. USB A to USB B Cable (Fig. 3)
Ethernet Cable
D-Link Wireless USB Adapters (Dongles) (Optional; for wireless connection) (Fig. 4)


Fig. 2


Fig. 3


Fig. 4

A DLC Cable Self-Test Loopback Adapter (Fig. 5) was sent to dealerships as an essential tool in December. It’s compatible with the MDI and MDI 2. It’s also sold separately through GM Dealer Equipment.

The adapter is used to test the DLC cable for open wires when used with the MDI Manager software. The adapter also can be used to power the MDI or MDI 2 on the workbench.


Fig. 5

GM MDI 2 Connections (Fig. 6)

USB Port Type A
DB26 Connector (DLC Cable)
USB Port Type A
USB Port Type B – PC Connection Port
Wireless Adapter (Dongle)
Ethernet Port

Fig. 6

New Features

Wi-Fi Connection– The USB Wi-Fi adapter uses a USB dongle that enables Point-to-Point connections without the need for Wi-Fi SSID information or a wireless router.
USB Connection– Uses a new, more secure Type B connector and Ground Offset Failure protection. A wired connection is recommended for longer programming events.
Power Source – The MDI 2 is powered from the vehicle battery via the DLC Cable. It may also be powered over USB to perform firmware updates only using a PC.
Power Backup– Internal batteries that were used in case of a power interruption have been removed, which eliminates the possibility of old batteries corroding over time and damaging the unit. Capacitors maintain power during engine cranking, so operation is maintained.
Firmware Download– Uses USB 2.0 for faster firmware downloads instead of a separate AC power supply.
Future Expansion– Additional USB ports, an SD memory card slot and Function buttons are built into the unit for future enhancements.
Operating Temperature Range– The temperature range has been extended to -20° to 70°C (the MDI range was zero to 50° C).
DLC Cable– The DLC cable is twice as long as the previous cable and connects at the top, making it easier to use. The cable only connects to the MDI 2. A self-test adapter (accessed through the MDI Manager) can be used to test the integrity of the cable.

MDI Manager Software

The MDI Manager must be installed on the PC in order to configure, update and run diagnostic applications targeted for the PC.  Initially, use the MDI Manager software to set up the configuration of the MDI 2. The MDI Manager is also used to update the firmware on the MDI 2. Visit the TIS2Web/GlobalTIS website to determine if a newer version of MDI Manager software is available.

Wireless Dongle Setup

The first time the MDI 2 is used, the point-to-point USB dongle must be paired with the PC, which will install the necessary drivers on the computer. One dongle should be plugged into the PC and one into the MDI 2. (Fig. 7) The dongles are identical. Use either one for either connection. Remove the bottom dust cover to access the port.

TIP: Do not plug the dongle into a USB hub. It must be plugged directly into the computer.

Fig. 7

Connect the MDI 2 to the PC via the USB cable. After starting the MDI Manager, the Point-to-Point connection is automatically configured. The USB dongles are intended to stay plugged into the PC or laptop at all time. If it must be removed, safety eject it by right-clicking on the Windows USB icon in the bottom right toolbar on the computer.

Dealerships considering new purchases should look into the MDI 2 for its many new advantages The original MDI will continue to be supported, but will not work on future Global B models.

– Thanks to Chris Henley

USA 2018 Jeep Compass read PIN, Erase & Program Proximity with Obdstar X300DP PLUS

This is a test report from How-to: bypass pin code and program a new smart key on a 2018 Jeep Compass from the U.S.

Two proximity keys to Compass:


Jeep USA-CANADA in OBDSTAR key master dp:

obdstar-2018-jeep-compass-proximity-2 obdstar-2018-jeep-compass-proximity-3

It’s 2018 Jeep Compass USA

Immobilizer – Compass (2017-2018)- proximity

VERY IMPORTANT: pls confirm your internet connection is good, coz server connection is required for the functions below


Step 1: Read pin code

Step 2: Read key number

Step 3: Erase a key

Step 4: Program a new key

in detail…

Step 1: Read pin code

X300 DP PLUS is gonna to read PIn codes


Confirmed that your network connection is good

Switch ignition off and press the emergency flasher switch


Read Pin success


Step 2: Read key number

Obdstar key master dp will read keys


2 keys available

Step 3: Erase a key

X300 DP PLUS will erase a key


Make sure that your network connection is good

Switch ignition off and press the emergency flasher switch

Make sure there are no wireless devices close to the prox key

Make sure all doors are closed


The procedure will disable all prox and then program one prox


Obdstar fill in pin automatically

Just press enter to continue


Put the smart key to be added in the central control position

press and release the unlock key once within 30 seconds (3 times)


Now, only 1 key available



Step 4: Program a new key

Obdstar X300 DP PLUS will program a smart key


Make sure:

– your network connection is good

– Switch ignition off and press the emergency flasher switch

– Make sure there are no wireless devices close to the prox key

– Make sure all doors are closed

The procedure will add a new key without erasing the ones previously programmed


Enter pin

Pls add to the smart key in the central position

30 seconds


press the unlock button repeatedly until the door lock moves


2 keys now!

Test the new key


(Solved) 2015 Chevy Express 4500 – no start

Car models: 2015 Chevy Express 4500 with a little over 18,000 miles.

Symptom – When trying to start engine, turn key , dash goes dark and nothing happens, the engine does not turn over. Stop turning key and “SERVICE AIRBAG” is displayed and dash chimes 33 times. I used a Snap-on Solus Ultra to read the codes.

Current Codes that are showing up:U0100,U0140,U0073,C0055

Troubleshooting so far:
Battery is good. Checked all fuses in engine compartment and under drivers seat. All test good. Looking for ideas on what to check next.

Analysis 1:

– No EBCM fault will cause no start condition, so you can safely ignore the C0055 for now.
The three U codes are important and most likely have one common cause. The ECM, BCM, TCM modules are unable to communicate with each other. Finding the reason could be tricky, time to study that electrical diagram posted above and verify power, ground to the modules, disconnect those C100 and C101 connectors and check for continuity on the data wires. Automotive electrical troubleshooting experience required.
As a side effect, PRNDM1 indicator on the instrument cluster will not be illuminated while no communication is present. So when it lights up you know you found the problem.


I do not see a C100 or C101 connector in the Body Builders service manual.

The PRNDM1 indicator is illuminated and seems to work when shifted. The head lights and FTP and brakes lights all seem to function properly as well.

Troubleshooting 1/18/19:
I disconnected the connector to the Airbag control module under the drivers seat. I got different symptoms when I tried to start the vehicle. I then reconnected it and disconnected the EBCM on the drivers side rail under the vehicle. When I tried to start the vehicle, I got the same exact symptoms as when it is connected. I measured 12 volts on both pins 1 and 11 and 18 and 28 on the EBCM connector K17. The ground was good to the ECBM as well.

I am going to hook a oscilloscope up to the CAN bus data pins and see if the correct signal voltages for proper bus communications are present.

Troubleshooting 1/19/19:
I hooked the scope to pins 6 and 14 on the OBD2 interface under the drivers side dash. I turned the ignition on. I saw the expected wave forms with no strenuous signals. I tried to start the vehicle and this time the started engaged and the engine turned over but it still did not start. The “Service Airbag” message was no longer displaying. I disconnected the connection to the OBD2 connector. I tried to start the engine again and it turns over but did not start. I tried again and the “Service Airbag” message re-displayed. I reconnected the OBD2 connector to the scope and was able to get the “Service Airbag” message to go away again.

With the engine wanting to turn over, I disconnected the EBCM connector again. I got the same exact symptom as when it is connected, engine turns over but does not start.

Next step, I am going to try to see if there is any data on the SAE J1850 bus pins on the OBD2 connector.

Troubleshooting 1/20/19:
I connected the scope to pis 2 and 10 on the OBD2 connector to measure data. I did not see any signals on those pins.

I disconnected the battery so I could measure the resistance of the High speed bus, pins 6 and 14 on the OBD2 connector. I read 60.4 ohms which is the correct resistance.

Analysis 2:

DTC U0100: Lost Communication With ECM/PCM “A”
DTC U0140: Lost Communication With Body Control Module (not Brake Control)

Check continuity to them.


I started to look at the BCM. The BCM for my vehicle is NOT located behind the right driver side knee like the documentation states. It was located in front middle of the passenger knee bottom plastic plate. I took the BCM out of the holder. I pulled the X3 connector that has the data bus connections on it. Tried to start the vehicle with the connector removed. No PRNDM1 indicator and no crank. I plugged X3 back in, cycled the key and now it starts! I reinstalled all of the things I disassembled. It starts up every time. No codes are on the ECU now. I am kind of worried that this issue is going to come back to haunt me one day, but at least I know where to start looking. Thanks again for everyone’s help!

Not fixed yet! Ugh!
This Chevy Express 4500 is a RV cutaway for a Coachmen Freelander 21QB. During the troubleshooting I accidentally stripped the brass positive cable screw. I replaced the stripped battery terminal yesterday and connected the house battery’s back in and hooked back up the RV charging relay. The problem reappeared. It failed to turnover and the service airbag message appeared again. I unhooked the relay and after many tries was able to get it to start again. Seems to be very intermittent. I am looking back at the pictures of the scope screen for the CAN- low level. I noticed interesting voltage levels on the CAN Low bus line. Not sure if that is impacting the bus or not. I attached the picture so you can see that the low part of the CAN-Low line signal has a couple of different voltage levels. The CAN-High signaling seems to look fine. I will attempt more troubleshooting again tonight to see if I can create a fail/good start scenario to help a little more in finding the source of the issue. I wish I had a digital scope with 2 inputs and CAN bus decode, but I only have an older analog one right now with a single input.


CAN – low signal

Advise continue to check:

You’re goanna have to probe deeper. Use continuity mode on your DMM. Probe the data bus pins between module and module to make sure they have a good connection. Check power supply and ground connections too.

What to do:

I measured the resistance between the CAN-H and CAN-L pins on the OBD2 port below the driver knee. I measured 60 ohms. If the data bus was open anywhere, I thought that I would get a different resistance but this is all new to me. All of the dash lights seem to function properly even during the no crank situation. The PRNDM1 seems to always work unless I disconnect the X3 connector. The battery is good and not a source of problem.

The issue seems to be intermittent. I can recreate a no start / service airbag display if I let the vehicle sit for a long period of time (so far I have only tried 24 hours); put the key in; turn the ignition to run; wait 1 sec; turn key to crank. The starter will engage for .5 seconds and the stop. All lights on dash go out. When I release the key back to run, the dash lights reappear and chimes 5 times and then I get 33 fast chimes with the service airbad message.

The engine will not start until I do the following. It I take the key out, open the drivers door, wait 10 seconds, put key in and turn to run; wait 4 seconds; then turn to start. The engine will then start and no messages are displayed. The engine will continue to start (most of the time) with any attempt after this and seems to function normally.

I need to figure out what sequences/sensor conditions in the computers will cause the “service airbag” message to appear with 33 chimes.


Can someone help me understand the CAN bus layout for my vehicle? The diagram show 3 x 120 ohm resisters instead of 2. Also, why do most of the modules have 2 connections to the CAN bus? I would think that it would only be one if the module was a node on the bus.



I have an digital oscilloscope with CAN bus decode on order and will be posting captures hopefully soon.


I really think you are barking down the wrong rabbit hole. Analyzing the signals will be very time consuming, and ultimately unproductive towards solving your no-start.

If you checked to make sure the modules have good solid connections to each other, power, and ground, then the next step is to start swapping modules.


I think I understand, 2 different transmission configurations with terminating resistors shown in the diagram. Thanks. Scope is due to arrive next Thursday. I will be able to plot voltages to the BCM while cranking as well as do a detailed signal inspection of the CAN bus. More to come.

Go on….

Based on my older scope analysis, I believe that I have a module that is corrupting the bus. Instead of randomly replacing modules, my goal is to capture the data of the offending module and gather the ID field of it. Then I will know what module is bad and replace it. I have seen others troubleshoot it by pulling fuses to the modules one at a time until the bus looks clean, but I am going to try this method first.

GM Tech2 needed:

if you really believe you have a module issue you need to borrow a GM MDI / GDS tech tool, it will allow you to determine/test the health of each system. Your van is too new to use the older Tech2 which is pretty common at local service shops (I have one myself and they are invaluable but my van is an 06).

What to do next:

Just a quick update. The engine starts every time I try now, I can no longer make it fail. I did not do anything to fix it that I know of. For additional troubleshooting, I purchased a “CANable” CAN to USB adapter. I was able to configure the adapter and connect it to a Raspberry PI 3 and run Wireshark to capture raw CAN bus packets. I was specifically looking for packets with the “error” bit set in the CAN header which would represent bus errors. I captured packets for an extended period of time and did not see a single error. I guess I will have to wait till this problem reoccurs to troubleshoot further.

Till next time…….

Finally solved.

Problem back. My vehicle is an RV so I went to use the vehicle last weekend for the first time since December and the same thing happened again. Turn key , dash goes dark and nothing happens, the engine does not turn over. Stop turning key and “SERVICE AIRBAG” is displayed and dash chimes 33 times. I then used the same method of getting it to start as before. Opened the drivers door and closed it. Waited for the mileage to disappear, turn the key to on, wait for 4 seconds and then start. It has started ever time after that. At least I think I have a work around and hoping it does not stick me on the road in some distant city.

Cylinder Cutout Test using Caterpillar ET Software

How to perform Cylinder Cutout Test using Caterpillar ET Software?

The cylinder cutout test allows one cylinder or multiple cylinders to be cut out. The cylinder cutout test is useful when troubleshooting poor engine performance or a suspected injector failure.
Test Operation:
The cylinder cutout test disables the injector by not providing the injector pulse to the solenoid. The cylinder cutout test can be performed on one injector or multiple injectors at once.

-Connect to CAT ET Software,
-Open Menu: Diagnostics – Diagnostic Tests – Cylinder Cutout Test


-Click Start, then Select Cylinder Cutout Test
for Example: choose 1-Cylinder Cutout Test


-Click Continue, then OK


-Wait until All Cycle Test (Cylinder 1-6) finished, and look at the Results on Fuel Position tab, the smallest value than the others, indicates that could be damaged on Injector (for Example: Cylinder 1).


1-Cylinder Cutout Test Conditions,
The following conditions must be met for the Automatic Cylinder Cutout Test
1) Engine Speed must be between 980 RPM and 1020 RPM (Engine Speed will automatically adjusted)
2) Engine Coolant Temperature must be 170 Deg F or higher
3) No Engine Performance related active diagnostic codes are allowed
4) No default Injector Serial Number (000000000000) allowed
5) Throttle position must not vary by +/- 5%


for Example: 1-Cylinder Cutout Test Aborted

If at any time any of these conditions are not met, the test will automatically aborted.
-Ensure Transmission is in Neutral or Electrical Load is removed from Generator.
-Fan cycling, A/C compressor cycling, or changes in Engine Load will invalidate this test.
-If the fan is not controlled by the Engine ECM, please Enable the fan if possible.
-WARNING: If the ECM controls the fan, the fan will be turned ON automatically upon starting this test.
-WARNING: Please make sure the Compression Brake is in the OFF position. During the test, Compression Brake operation

will cause the Engine to surge.
for Example: 1-Cylinder Cutout Test Aborted

Manual Cylinder Cutout Test
-Click on Change – Start – Stop tab, and look at Fuel Position value.


Piwis 3 Software V37.900 Download & Installation Guide

Piwis III Software Update to V38.500 for Porsche Piwis tester 3 already. most client from Europe get Piwis 3 hardware, wanna try to Porsche Piwis 3 software for test. Below share Piwis 3 V37.900 software download with Piwis 3 Keygen for Porsche PT3G Piwis tester 3.

Kindly Note: We only get the Piwis 3 v37.9 Software download with Piwis 3 Keygen resource to share here.

Do not responsibility for free installation & solved your compatible problems

Piwis – Software – Download – amp

Big thanks to Damien
How do you use Piwis 3 keygen:

This is the method you can try:

Make sure PIWIS 3 is closed. If it is open, right-click the Task bar, and then run Task Manager. Select and End Task.

Click Start (WinKey) and type services. msc in the search box. Run services.msc. If the service is running, then stop it.

If the Keygen is on the laptop, run it, and then leave it open.

Run a Command Prompt.
At the Command Prompt, type:

Enter the Serial Number into the Keygen.
Enter the Country into the Keygen.
Then change the Expiry Date to 01/01/2030.
The Dealer number is not important, but you can enter one if you know it (7 digit number).
Then just leave the Challenge Key blank for now.

Click Start (WinKey) and type services.msc in the search box. Run services.msc
Then change the AdminService startup to Automatic, and click Apply.
Click Start to start the service.

Run Piwis3.
Go to the Imprint section.
Then enter 4 random digits into the Licence key boxes.
Tick the Accept box, and click License Update?—?it will say Not Valid?—?click OK.
Click Licence update twice more and OK.
The Request Key should have disappeared, and the Create Key button should be active?—?click it then.
Place the mouse pointer at the bottom of the screen, and open the Keygen.
And then enter the Request Key into the Challenge Key box, and click Generate.
Enter the license key shown into the boxes on Piwis. Tick the Accept box and then click Licence update.
If successful, you should get a message to reboot. Click OK, and then the computer will shut down.


After starting the computer, open services.msc again.
Stop AdminService and then set startup to Disabled. You can now run Piwis directly.

You can also get the serial number by printing out the imprint request.
The snag with that is if you are imprinting a VM, it does not show the complete number.

(Credits to 911Turbo for his great contribution)

This is for your information.

If you don’t have a working PIWIS 3 program or the keygen is not working for you,

you’d better choose decent Piwis 3 software, tested version better.

The circuit diagram in version 37.900 Porsche Piwis 3 software。works perfectly even without online access. And whether the updates work now or not is only secondary, the main thing we have to play.

Foxwell NT644 Pro Review: Capable, Valuable, Fast, Easy-to-use

Have collected customer reviews of Foxwell NT644 Pro hand-held diagnostic tool:


It looks to be a very capable tool and especially nice is the free updates.

I bought it for is absolutely fantastic value for money and great for the DIY’er.

been very impressed with every Foxwell tool I’ve used.

I have to agree for the money and for what it can do no complaints my end

it is actually a great tool, I’m a user of this tool from past couple of months

for the price it’s fast simple and easy to use free updates

a reasonable scanner for the money. I like the colour screen too.

Everybody should own a scan tool and learn the basics of how to operate it.

Nice bit of kit….Love obd2 scanners….but as my calibra is pre OBD2 I have a OBD2 “china clone” and lead adapter….works ok and can program key chips too….nice with my 8v engine….some C25xe (v6) engines/ecu it wont talk to it…..

just obtained one, absolute dogs yollocks, starting to narrow down me battery warning failure (This was on my old car, now sold :)), just need to find 2volts :), ok, traced to supply wiring fault to battery health box (BHB) attached to the battery. The BMS (Body Monitoring System) takes reference voltage direct from the battery and compares it to that sent by the BHB. If the BHB sends wrong or no voltage value BMS flags a failure. If you disconnect supply to BHB the BMS now takes is reference fom the ABS (and not the BHB) system and works fine (exempt yor battery wont be monitored to the same extent).

Foxwell NT644 Pro worked good and Foxwell NT500 GIVEAWAY!

it’s fast easy and simple to use and a really good thing about this tool is it free update. We are also giving away as a competition prize to a patron subscribers Foxwell NT500 this works on vag cars

13. My Foxwell NT644 Pro System package arrived promptly.It was carefully packed as I had asked. The hand Unit is made very well and the navigation buttons all have a distinctive feel.The additional Adapter kit with the full system model looked very well made.I have bought several Foxwell products from this store before and the staff were very helpful with after sales and service.I trust them and would recommend them to everyone.If I had one issue it would be that Foxwell include a guide to numbers marked on the additional adapters.I connected the unit up to my car briefly and it seems to be incredibly well set out and fully featured.As a retired Automotive technician,I wanted a tool with free updates for life and I’m sure that that is unit will pay for itself very quickly.It seems to cover nearly all major vehicle systems in great detail.For now I will familiarize myself with this incredible diagnostic tool.

14.Scanner can do just about anything. Have a vw with electric parking brake and this unit can wind it back electronically and reset it as well. Scans loads of different cars. You won’t be disappointed!

15. This NT644 is a super piece of diag equipment. I have so far used it on about 15 vehicles as i run a mobile mechanics business. I previously had about 15 individual kits but this pretty much does everything in one swoop. Faults from abs, traction, engine, airbags, parking sensors, power steering, air conditioning, central locking, DPF and a whole load more. Very good from me and please i came across this tool. A+++++++

16.All is ok for the NT644 as I have to reset the airbag light on this Lamborghini Gallardo which it was helpful to do this in a few minutes. I also got to use it on BMW and Mercedes which is easy to switch between the softwares with the menu. Very helpful and genuine kit.

17. This package is well priced for the functions it offers. We run a high end car dealership here in London which mainly sells Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Rolls Royce and Maserati. This kit would cover all of these cars and it absolutely did. Very pleased with the customer service and help when looking for a suitable kit.

18. The reset tool works very well indeed. So far I have used this on a Mercedes E Class W212 for the airbag light, a BMW 3 Series F30 (also airbag light) a Ford Mondeo for ABS/traction faults and a Porsche 911 991 to diagnose an emission system fault. Very easy and quick to use and the carry case is sturdy and well made. Thanks.

19.A handy one box solution. Feature rich and a comprehensive car manufacturer library. Would be nice to be able to print via Bluetooth/WiFi instead of having to remove the sd card and use the foxwell desktop tool but while you are at the you can update, add or remove manufacturers and raise support tickets. Overall it’s a good prosumer tool that could benefit from adaption options that feature in their flagship range being added, ie key coding, egr deletion etc to round this tool off.





(Credits to all contributors)


The Foxwell NT644 scanner is a powerful and accurate diagnostic scan tool suitable for professional technicians and mechanics. It is sold at a slightly higher price but the features it offers are worth every penny. The NT644 code reader is lightweight, compact, sturdy. It has a wider compatibility and covers all the OBD2 protocols. This makes it be an excellent scanner for individuals looking for a reliable and accurate car diagnostic scanner.

Foxwell is a wonderful brand and it is known for its outstanding scan tools. But when choosing a scanner, ensure that you check and see if it has the features that you desire. Some scanners may not be able to carry out some functions on some car makes or models.

Original & Crack GM Tech2Win Software Installation Guide

Here share the procedures on how to install original & crack GM Tech 2 software.And the cost-effective hardware you can choose for the Tech2Win:VXDIAG GM/Opel NANO,GM GDI Interface


GM Tech2Win Software Free Download

Part 1:Install Original GM Tech2Win Software

Part 2:Install Crack GM Tech2Win on VXDIAG GM

Part 3:GM MDI GDS2 Tech2Win Software Installation Steps

Part 1:Install Original GM Tech2Win Software

Install GM Tech2Win Driver:

Download Tech2Win Driver on above preparation article.

After download completing,click it to begin install driver

Follow the on screen installation prompts to complete the installation.

Click “Next” to continue

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -1

Select “I accept the terms in the License Agreement”,then click “Next” to continue
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -2

Click Next to install to default folder or click change to choose another.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -3

Click Install to begin the installation.You also can click “Back” to review or change any of your installation settings.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -4

Now click “Finish” to end driver installation.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -5

Once the driver is installed process to the Tech2Win software installation.

Install GM Tech2Win Software:

Visit,and login into your GM account.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -6

Agree to the terms and click “continue”

Choose “Service and Programming Information.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -7
Choose “Access Your Subscription” if you do not currently have a subscription, choose “Subscribe

Now” button
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -8

You will want to choose the (SWDL) Icon for the software download. See below

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -9

Click the “Start Software Download” Button. This will open Java. Choose “Run” to open the software download.

Once the Software download window opens, you will see the following screen.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -10

BE SURE TO CLICK “Custom” and Then “Next”

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -11

The software installation window will open. Click the “Install Button”

After the Java program locates the installer file, the Tech2Win Setup window will open. Click “Next” and follow the on screen prompts to install Tech2Win. Allow the program to install in its default locations. DO NOT MODIFY THE INSTALL PATH in any way, otherwise Tech2Win may not

function properly.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -12

Proceed with the setup by clicking “Next”
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -13

Accept the License Agreement, and click next.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -14

Follow all the onscreen prompts leaving everything to the default settings.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -15

Click “Install” to start the installation.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -16

Click “Finish” to complete the installation.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -17

The “Installation Summary” window will come up stating that the Install was Successful.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -18

Another “Software Download window will come up.

STOP and leave this window as is UNTIL YOU OPEN THE Tech2Win Program.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -19

Plug the J2534 device into your laptop and a Vehicle DLC so the tooling is powered up. You should

now have 2 Tech2Win icons on you desktop. Open the one that is named “Tech2Win”
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -20

Choose the “Default” button.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -21

The following warning message may come up. DO NOT PANIC, click “Next” and we will update the

licensing for Tech2win.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -22

Choose your J2534 device in the “Select Vehicle Communication Interface” Window and click ok.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -23

The following message will appear. DO NOT PANIC! This is normal; Tech2win is looking for the MDI. Click “OK” to proceed.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -24

Your Tech2Win should now be opened and look like this. Now we need to update the software level to the latest North American version to install your License.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -25

Come back to the “Software Download” window LEAVING Tech2Win OPEN. And perform the following steps. Choose “Custom” and hit “Next”.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -26

The software will start to download, you will notice the Tech2Win Screen starting to blink and flash,this is normal. Once the level of software has been read, you will be presented with the following screen to choose your application to download. We want to choose the following

North American Operations

Double Click “English” to add it to the Right Side window and click “Download”

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -27

The software will start to download. The Tech2Win screen will again start to flash and blink. This is Normal.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -29

When the download has finished you will see the following screen. Click Close.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -30

You will now see on your Tech2Win screen with your New Software level and your Subscription Days.

You are now ready to use Tech2Win.

Part 2:Install Crack GM Tech2Win on VXDIAG GM

Compatible Hardware:VXDIAG GM NANO

Compatible OS:xp, win7 64bit or win8 64bit
1.Open DVD, unzip “Tech2Win11.27” file to the desktop, copy “VX Manager” to the desktop.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -32

2.Open “Tech2Win11.27” file on the desktop, open “AutoInstall” to install GM MDI and Tech2Win.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -33

3.Open “VX Manager” on the desktop to install VCX SDK Driver.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -34

4.Go to the right corner of the desktop, click “JS” to connect to the network, then select “Work network”.– Diagnose GM vehicles via USB procedure Connect device to the computer by USB5) 5Open “VX Manager”, check VCX NANO device information.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -35
5.Click incon “Diagnostc Apps”- “GM GDS2/Tech3”, click “Install”
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -36

Now open Tech2Win to configure the market–choose your country area,here select “North American”

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -37


Part 3:GM MDI GDS2 Tech2Win Software Installation Steps

Compatible Interface:GM MDI Interface

1.Run Setup.exe→ I accept… → Select language ” nao en”, “opel en”→ Install Global TIS
2.Global TIS Registration→ Edit dealership data→ Email registration→ Save “Registration PDF” file to seller for GM MDI software activation→ Complete Subscriber ID and License Key
Tips: NO need activation GM MDI GDS2 software available here:
3.Install Adobe Reader→ Install Java→ Install GDS2 GM MDI Software→ Install Tech2win→ Set Tech2win language
4.Install wizard for RNDIS/ Ethernet Gadget
5.Set Local Area Connection 2 Properties→ Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
6.Open GM MDI Manager→ Connect→ Open Global TIS→ Yes→ OK
7.Open Tech2win→ Choose Configuration: nao en→ “Security” tab→ Download then run Security Access Service Client
Choose Configuration: opel en→ “Security” tab→ Download then run Security Access Service Client
8.Go to “GDS2” tab→ Start GDS2→ Select language

Are you using DPA5 or Nexiq USB Link?

Discuss: DPA5 and Nexiq USB Link, which one do you use? and why?

What is Nexiq USB Link?

Nexiq USB Link is manufactured by Nexiq, which is owned by Snap On. This really is by far the most widespread adapter, as they have an incredibly significant distribution network and brand name recognition. Beneath is our list of Pro’s and Con’s on this adapter: The DPA5 adapter is manufactured by DG Technologies, which was previously referred to as Dearborn Technologies. When a smaller sized organization, they do quite a bit of business straight with makers such as Case New Holland, Detroit, and more.

What is DPA5?

DPA5 Dearborn Protocol Adapter 5 undoubtedly professional gun for any repair of your economic car or truck or suv firms. Preserve in thoughts this allowing for everything incredibly significant practices, for instance search engines, diffusion, foot brake notify application, advantage, prevention, emissions, airplane pause, trailer residence and maintenance, to become in a position to in-depth perform with regard to the application

Are you using DPA5 or Nexiq USB Link?

Answer 1:

I personally like the DPA5, it is better than the DPA4+ in that it supports OBD-II protocols other than J1850VPW and CAN, it also has the long range bluetooth and comes with a bluetooth dongle for your PC.  It has a metal case, rubber shock caps, secure USB and long diagnostic cables unlike the 6″ Nexiq cables.  It is dual CAN, has a large buffer and I find it works well with any application I tested it on.

If you like the DPA4+, You will love the DPA5

If anyone is looking for old drivers, IC4 Serial, IC4 USB, Noregon, Dearborn, B&B, post the request here, I have a fair collection.

Answer 2:

Currently use DG DPA5 with good success, even with OBDII. Couldn’t hook into Isuzu 6WG1, but was still using 2.1.1. which I don’t think supported Isuzu. Also I know that the OEM program will only use USB Link. Will see how the update PFD connects today with DPA5.

Answer 3:

Having only ever used the Nexiq USB Link or Link 2, I can’t say I really prefer it so much as until fairly recently I didn’t even know there was so many other options as those two are almost the entirety of what I ever see.  Only after recently purchasing a Nexiq USB Link 2 did I begin to realize that so much else (aside from OEM ‘boxes’) was even available.

So far I’m still pleased with the Link 2, but had I done a bit more digging prior to buying it I certainly would have compared it to the DPA5 and might have gone that route just given what I’ve found out about them so far.

About the only complaints I have with the Link 2 so far are the increased price of the adapter cables vs the original (or even other current models) and that connecting via Bluetooth is quite the chore for some reason compared to other (in general) devices.  Given how long the USB cable is though, I’m not terribly concerned with the Bluetooth connectivity.

This is for your information.

If you look for a decent diagnostic tool but don’t care if it’s original or not,

A working China cloned unit is your best way to go.

It will help save a lot but functional

Here are China clones that’s confirmed to work!

Nexiq USB Link 2 clone:


Nexiq USB Link clone:


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