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CGDI FC200 Tutorials Audi Gearbox DL382 Data Clone IMMO Repair

How to operate Audi Gearbox DL382 Data Clone IMMO Repair with CGDI FC200 car ECU programmer? Operation Procedures: Select your ECU model (Here, it’s Hytronic DL382) Type in “DL382” in the search box, choose “Platform” option and we will begin the test. Here is the Wiring Diagram: According to this

Know about How to update from wiTECH Application Software?

The article below explains different ways of updating Micropod 2 Software to the latest version if the PC/Laptop has been installed with V17.04.27 version. Automatic update Starting from version wiTECH V17.04.27, a new feature has been added to the wiTECH Diagnostic Application to notify the user when new wiTECH Software

CAT ET Adapter 3 caterpillar communication adapter 3 Technical Questions

Caterpillar ET3 Adapter III is pc-based heavy duty diagnostic tool for caterpillar engines. Nowadays, caterpillar communication adapter three comes with Auto key Programmer CAT ET three 2019C software. also has the CAT SIS 2016 software program hdd on the market. Should you wanna know even more about cat caterpillar et

Digimaster 3 Program Key to Mercedes-Benz W220

This article is available with the guide to use Digimaster3 to add a new key to Mercedes-Benz S Class W220. Tool need: A set of Original Yanhua Digimaster III Odometer Correction Master with various of adapters Tips& Guide to program Benz key: Enter Digimaster 3 main menu Go to the Benz

Ksuite 2.53 Free download & installation on WIN7

Hi, guys. Ksuite 2.53 is tested working fine with Kess V2 Master by engineer, this article is available with Ksuite 2.53 free download link, installation procedure on WIN7, reading BMW 3 series 328i 6AT etc. Kess v2 image: KESS 2 *** For the green pcb Kess v2, the engineer is

Xprog M Box V6.12 Download, Install and Full Chip List

Latest version Xprog V6.12 box programmer software can be downloaded here for free: Software version: V6.12, Firmware: V4.4 Password: fxo5qz or download from google drive here What’s new in xprog 6.12? Check:  Xprog 6.12 New PCB, New Adapter, New Authorization Xprog V612 Box 1 How to install Xprog v6.12 software?

Kess v2 & Galletto v54 Which is Better for BMW M5 E60 EDC17 ?

I have been remapping a 2006 BMW M5 E60. I have the MPPS, but it’s not suitable for this so decide to buy a better tool , not sure if I should go for a Galletto v54 or the Kess V2 Any advice would be great, ideally I would like to get

How to Solve Kess 5.017 K Suites Error Connection not establish

Kess 5.017 is latest hardware version of KESS V2 master.Kess 5.017 kess v2 eu clone support work online and without token limited.kess v2 5.017 with k suites 2.32 work for more newer ECUs.Bellow is the Kess 5.017 k suites software installation trouble shooting. V2.23 KESS V2 V5.017 ECU Remapping Tools Online Version