Which is best Mercedes scan tool?

The best Mercedes scan tool for you will depend on your specific requirements, such as the models and years of Mercedes-Benz vehicles you will be working with, the level of diagnostics and programming capabilities you need, and your budget. It… Continue Reading

why you should buy a Mercedes diagnostic tool with a laptop together: SD connect C5?

2022.12 MB SD Connect C5 Star Diagnosis Tool with DOIP Plus DELL D630 Laptop With Vediamo and DTS Engineering Software —With the Dell D630’s dedicated serial port, there was no issue for me…. it was plug and play… I just… Continue Reading

Reasons To Get MB SD Connect C5

V2022.12 MB SD Connect C5 Star Diagnostic Tool Plus Lenovo T450 Laptop I5 8G With Vediamo and DTS Engineering Software Support DOIP Top Reasons to Get MB SD C5 DoIP: 1.The new SDconnect C5 is able to work for DoIP.… Continue Reading

MB Star C6 – Best Mercedes Tool 2022

MB Star C6 OEM Xentry VCI DoIP interface is  the latest generation diagnostic tool for Mercedes Benz cars and trucks. Works with v06.2022  Xentry software, supports both diagnosis& programming for Mercedes vehicles, covers more functions than sd connect c4 /c5… Continue Reading

MB SD Connect C4 Work with Mercedes W223 W206

Attention, please! If you got an ‘Authentication has failed, fault number C003’ error when diagnosing/coding new Mercedes Benz model W223 W206 with MB SD C4/C4 DoIP/C5/C6, it means mb star openshell does not work on these cars, even the latest… Continue Reading

How to Solve MB SD Connect C6 Xentry Diagnosis Connect Device Error?

Here CnAutotool.com shares the solution to resolve MB SD Connect C6 Xentry Diagnosis 06/2022 Connect device error: ping failed. The solution: Step 1. Connect Mercedes Benz C6 to the car and computer Step 2. Download and install the latest version… Continue Reading

Configure Super MB Pro M6 Wifi on Win10 Win7 XP

Here takes Super MB Pro M6 wireless as an example Connect the device with PC Find the WiFi (WiFi name: XC4 PLUS_****) Click ‘Connect’ Enter the network security key (password): 123456789 Then click ‘Next’ It will prompt ‘Do you want… Continue Reading

MB SD Connect Compact 5 SD C5 Star Diagnosis with XENTRY Software HDD Support WIFI

MB SD Connect C5, support both cars and trucks, support wireless connection. Latest Software version: V3/ 2022 V3/ 2022 MB SD Connect Compact 5 MB SD C5 Star Diagnosis with XENTRY Software HDD Support WIFI Attention: This MD SD C5… Continue Reading

SD C4 MB SD Connect C4 Mercedes Benz C4 Star Compact 4 MB Diagnosis With Wifi on sale

Benz Compact 4 Description: The new generation for Benz diagnostic equipment Star Diagnosis compact 4 is the latest one on market for all current and new coming MB vehicles. It can read code, clear code, live date offer, computer programming… Continue Reading

mb star diagnostic tool sd connect c5 software Hot Sale

Package List: 1pc x Multiplexer 1pc x OBDII 16Pin Cable 1pc x 38PIN Cable 1pc x 14PIN Cable 1pc x 8PIN Cable 1pc x Lan Cable 1set x Second Hand Laptop Lenovo T450 i5-5200U New MB Compact 5 Features 1.… Continue Reading