Autel MaxiIM608 Read PIN Code for Dodge Smart Key

This test report feedback from our customer real test project,he use this new product Autel MaxiIM IM608 to read PIN code for Dodge smart key.And here is another test report: Autel IM608 All Keys Lost Programming for Range Rover Evoque 2013

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Operation Procedures:
Connect Autel IM608 to vehicle,then enter menu to select “Dodge”

Select “Smart Mode”

Turn the ignition on
If it is old pre 2006 model,please give priority selection to “Manual Selection” or “System Selection”!
Establishing vehicle communication

Select “knob-style smart card”


Switch the ignition off and then on again,make sure the engine off.

Establishing vehicle communication…

Switch the ignition off and then on again,make sure the engine off.

Establishing vehicle communication…

Then you will get the PIN code:8095


Steps How to Register and Activate Autel MaxiIM IM608 IM508

Autel MaxiIM IM608 and Autel MaxiIM IM508 hot selling now , how to register and activate the software for these machine ? team will show you the steps as bellow :

Step 1: Sign up with Email

Enter email address to create account

Send a verification E-mail to your address

Retrieve the verification code from your e-mail

Enter email, password and verification code to sign up

Step 2: Register MaxiIM

Now register your device with serial number
Press Register button

Enter serial number and Register

MaxiIM is successfully registered

Step 3: Run Update

In MaxiIM menu, select Update function

Check available software update and download software

It will auto install and update MaxiIM APP
Launch MaxiIM home menu

Open MaxiIM App

MaxiIM is initializing data

Go to Update function again
Check available IMMO or Diagnosis update and run update


Professional Automotive Diagnostic Scanner Autel Maxisys Elite

Autel MaxiSys Elite , the newest addition to the MaxiSys line of highly advanced smart diagnostic tools, is based on the fast and intuitive Android operating system. It designed by an industry-leading brand, it features to be a fully functional OBD2 vehicle scanner. Its a new resolution in Diagnoses. Other than that, it comes with an enhanced wireless connectivity feature.

This Autel Maxisys Elite offers an extensive range of features and functionalities so that you can easily and quickly fix all car-related problems.

For example, it lets you perform advanced ECU coding. Furthermore, it allows you to smoothly perform all of the workshop operations.

Starting from keeping vehicle records and data files to storing customer information, the device will help you organize all the details.

In addition , it is one of the most reliable tools that are currently available on the market. Not only it confers a slew of advanced features, but also it will be a one-stop solution for all your needs.


Compatibility and Vehicle Coverage

This diagnostic scanner code reader offers an extensive vehicle coverage. It is compatible with more than eighty US, European, and Asian makes and models.


Fast and Smart

The device is equipped with the latest 1.8GHz Quad-Core Processor. As a result, it offers you a lightning fast operation speed with a quick diagnosis.


Autel Maxisys Elite is a smart diagnostic can tool with all the functions and services of MS906BT

It is the newest addition to the MaxiSys line of highly advanced diagnostics tool. The difference for elite and ms906BT as bellow :


The best part is — the bootup time of this device is less than 20 seconds. Thus, the product can truly give you a wonderful diagnostic experience.


This smart car diagnostic tool also comes with a bunch of excellent functions. The list of this advanced functions includes One-Click Upgrade, automatically read VIN, and access to Autel Cloud Technology.


Mobility and Ease of Use

This diagnostic scanner has an exceptional OE-Level functionality. It works perfectly on most OBD1 and OBD2 protocols.

This feature lets you connect the device to Android tablets for greater mobility and ultimate ease at work.


Advanced Functionality

This diagnostic scanner will help complete ECU programming on various BMW and Benz vehicle models.It is a diagnostic scanner that will help complete ECU programming on various BMW and Benz vehicle models and supports several advanced functions



Additionally, it offers you “Coding function” so that you can perform coding and programming on the complex control modules of a vehicle.


Other notable functionality of this gadget include anti-theft matching, SAS reset, tire pressure reset, injector programming, DPF reset, and throttle matching etc.


Online Programming

With this powerful tool, you have the provision of performing online ECU programming.


This feature is undoubtedly considered to be one of the most valuable and worthy functions.


Online Programming feature certainly helps professional DIYers and mechanics to troubleshoot and deal with complex vehicle problems.


All you’ll need to carefully follow step-by-step instructions to solve the issues.


Hardware Configuration

The model is powered by the world’s fastest and most efficient mobile processor i.e. NVIDIA’s Tegra” 4.


Also, it comes with a visually stunning, sharp, and bright Retina display of 9.7-inches. This diagnostic scanner is bound to work as fast and effective as possible.


MaxiFix Platform

By purchasing this device, you will have access to the MaxiFix Platform.

Autel Maxisys Elite is a superior product with exceptional functionality

Autel Elite is designed to deliver the most intuitive and integrated diagnostic.

The platform allows you to collaborate with other professional technicians. Additionally, it gives you access to a comprehensive database diagnostic tips, troubleshooting tricks, repairing procedures, and more.


Automatic Software Update

This automotive OBD2 scanner will receive automatic software updates, along with real-time push message notifications. This process will periodically upgrade your device and make it up-to-date and compliant.

For this purpose, you need to make direct contact with the technical assistance team of Autel.


Ergonomic Design

The model features an ergonomic design. It comes with rubberized outer protection for maximum longevity. Also, it has a superior rugged internal housing.


By the way , some customers need help when they use this tool , please dont worry , we offer  technical support assistance all life free

Any interesting , welcome to contact us any time

Thank you


Autel Maxisys MS906 VS Maxidas DS708

MaxiSYS Mini is a revolutionary, ultra-mobile solution for automotive diagnostics. The MaxiSYS Mini MS906  comes with a powerful A9 quad-core processor and comprehensive OE-level vehicle coverage
Autel MaxiDAS DS708 can do Asian, European and American cars. For Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Renault, the functions can match with original tool

What is the exact difference between Autel MaxiSYS MS906 and Maxidas DS708?

Autel - Maxisys - Mini - MS906 - Maxidas - DS708-2

Difference Among Maxidas DS808, Maxisys MS906, Maxidas DS708, Maxisys MS908, Maxisys MS908P

AutelStore  provides original Autel brand Tools, there are different Autel Maxisys tools, and new arrival Maxidas DS808 which could take replace of Maxidas DS708. But many clients will wonder what are the main different among those devices?

Here we show you what is the different among Maxidas DS808,MaxiSYS MS906, Maxidas DS708, Maxisys MS908, Maxisys MS908P


How to Install & Program Mazda TPMS Sensors with Autel MX-Sensor

This problem is familiar to many owners of new cars equipped with a regular tire pressure monitoring system – TPMS . Battery life in the sensors of the system is about 5-7 years . Therefore, if your car is older, then this problem will either annoy you or start annoying soon.

When the system cannot find a sensor in the wheel, it happily notifies about this by a flashing indicator on the dashboard:

Lonsdor K518ise Subscribed menus 180 days for free-00

It is not surprising if we recall the battery life of 5-7 years: the sensors I bought were obviously older.

Began to look for alternatives to native sensors, only new ones.  But then I found a solution that I liked right away: universal programmable sensors.

These sensors pretend to be regular, and the car sees them as original.
Their cost is low compared to the original.

Their essence is that you can sew up any ID and algorithm of operation for any car with regular tpms into this sensor.
The restriction is only in frequency, because for American vehicles tpms works at a frequency of 315 MHz, and for all others – 433 MHz. The choice fell on the Autel tech – it produces a bunch of equipment for auto diagnostics, including tpms universal sensors.

Since I have an American model Mazda, a set of sensors to 315MHz and programmer for them was purchased (it is universal, have both 315, and 433)
You need:
Sensors The Autel MX Sensor 315mhz – 4pcs
programmer Autel MaxiTPMS Pad
Here is a list of supported cars, it is very extensive :
A few comparative photos with dead original sensors:
Above: original sensor. Bottom: Autel MX-sensor

orig sensor
Autel MX 315mhz

Install the tpms software for the programmer TPMS PAD

It is necessary to choose a car, model, year.
And further 3 options:

1) test – read data from sensors – go, pressure, temperature charge (if available). You can read not only Autel sensors, but also standard, OEM sensors in wheels! For example, in order to view the ID of the standard sensors or look at the charge level (not all OEM sensors support this)

2) clone regular. If there is a set of live native sensors, then clones can be made – for a winter set of wheels, for example, then you will not have to reassign the sensors to the car.

3) generate new IDs – then the car will require you to attach new sensors – on most cars this procedure happens automatically, you have to go a little and the car will determine everything itself.

Since I didn’t have my own registered sensors from the car, my third option is to generate new ones.

Put Autel MX-sensors into car


I drove to the office and smart guys help install the sensors


In an hour and a half, slowly put all 4 sensors and reinstall the wheels:

install-autel-tpms-sensor-8 install-autel-tpms-sensor-9

New sensors for 15g are lighter than standard ones, so everything was installed perfectly.

There is an instruction on how to register new sensors, there is a whole procedure there.

Some time later, ObdLink + Forscan connected, saw that the car sees new sensors, 4 pressures and 4 temperatures. By the way, only FORScan sees, in addition to the control modules of the motor, also tpms, abs, dsc, srs, electric booster, etc.


Wheels pumped up to 2.6, the lamp went out.
The system works!)

install-autel-tpms-sensor-12 install-autel-tpms-sensor-13
In fact, this scanner can read sensors right on the machine!

Autel Maxisys MS906 Diagnostic System Part Of Customer

Autel MaxiSYS MS906 is an updated version of Maxidas DS708. It has better configuration but same good function.Here is some customer feedback for this device.

1: I love this tool, it performs as well as or even better than my Snap-on 2500. The help feature is awesome the information it provides makes finding the problems and fixing them with ease. It not only read the codes, but also allows you to perform certain active test while the vehicle is running.
Any DIYer can use this machine and make repairs with very little effort. Well worth the price.

2: Best bang for your buck hands down, I’m a master technician with ten years experience as a professional tech. For the money this scanner does more than any of its competitors for a fraction of the price. It puts my snap on scanner to shame! Does almost every make and model I program keys with it, reset adaption and service lights, look at live data,run tests, etc can’t go wrong.

3: It is an amazing tool. I can independently slave individual component to a manual operation. It is touch screen and has SD cards to save information so that an internal power source isn’t required to save memory.This has came in great use several times already.

4: I got the scanner in today. Overall I am very very happy with the unit. It does about 90% of what factory scanners do. And for the price its the best bang for the buck. It puts Snap on and others to shame for the cost. It provides many live data streams from the vehicle. I would buy it again.

5: This is a phenomenon , the best Autel Scanner, I love it to bits , the updates are free for one year, easy to download, well done Autel, I can’t believe how easy it is to use ….
I highly recommend this to anyone who is a serious Tech . .

How to do Autel J2534 pass thru CIP programming for all Vehicles

How to do Autel J2534 pass thru CIP programming for all Vehicles

How to solve: Autel J2534 pass thru FOR EVERY YEAR, MAKE AND MODEL

Man! I finally figured it out!


CIP (Coding Individualization and Programming), using Autel Maxisys J2534 pass thru FOR EVERY YEAR, MAKE AND MODEL — can be done!
First, my bad experience with Autel customer service. I messaged Autel by email, and I was surprised on how fasted there responded, but they didn’t even help me out. A 10/10 for customer reply but a 0/10 for help!  But anyways here their first email I sent them and here what they said

“Dear customer,

Thanks for your feedback!

Please kindly be noted that programming ECU on Japanese cars is not developed yet. ”

Then I ask them when will  the Japanese cars be available they said “No plan to develop programming ECU for Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Acura, Etc.”

Then I ask them what cars are available they said “Most of the Bmw and Benz cars.”

So basically I felt like I got rip off because them calm they can do programming, CIP, etc. on all most every car that is stated in their youtube videos. They should have a list of all the cars, and manufacturers who Autel supports.

So with the  MaxiSys Elite and  MaxiSys Pro if you have the J2534 ECU Programming Device you can program or do the ECU update. (BUT NOT THROUGH AUTEL ON ALL CARS ECU) you will have to contact the manufacturer site of that vehicle that you plan to do the Flashing.


AUTEL J2534 ECU Programming Device
AUTEL J2534 ECU Programming Device Cable to connect to a Laptop to the J2534 ECU Programming Device Via the USB port
a “WINDOWS” laptop. because none of the automotive manufacturers makes software for Apple Computer ( P.S you can run Boot camp on your mac to install windwows 10. but windows 7 and windows XP isn’t supported on boot camp)
Many automotive manufacturers programs run on Windows 10 (MANY BUT NOT ALL). If the program fails or isn’t working correctly, you need a (WINDOWS 7 OR WINDOWS XP operating system it’s usually stated in their requirements what is supported and what is not).   (the automotive manufacturers try to make the most money they can get so that why SOME automotive manufacturers company don’t update their flashing programs to the latest operation system like Windows 10 etc. beacuse they don’t want to spend thousand if not even millions to updated everything and testing and debugging)
The Internet with excellent wifi connection ( if your wifi goes out due to a bad or weak internet connection while updating, programming, etc. a car ECU you can fry, brick the ECU) so make sure you have an excellent internet connection.
Jump box or anything to charge the vehicle battery while updating, (if the car battery  dies while an ECU updated you can fry, brick, break, etc. the ECU)
You will need to “BUY A SUBSRCITION” from the manufacturer website of that vehicle you’re going to do to have access to the flashing software, and from there you can download their software.(EACH MANIFUACTURE has their own website with their own flashing software. So yes you need to buy a subscription for every different car year and model. For every manufacturer out there to be able to do different vehicles) Don’t worry they all offer different plans so lets so your woking on a car for a one time use they offer different plans pick whatever plans suits you. They have one day from $10-$25 to a year from $1,250-$1,800+.


“Acura, Honda” :

“Audi” :


“Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Eagle, Plymouth”:

“Ferrari” :

“Ford, Lincoln, Mercury” :

“GM – Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, GEO, Hummer, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn” :

“Hyundai” :

“Infiniti” :

“Isuzu” :

“Jaguar” :

“Kia” :

“Land Rover” :

“Lexus” :

“Maserati” :

“Mazda” :

“Mercedes-Benz”  :

“Mini” :

“Mitsubishi” :

“Nissan” :

“Porsche” :

“Saab” :

“Subaru” :

“Suzuki” :

“Toyota, Scion ” :

“Volkswagen” :

“Volvo ”  :




WEBSITE FLASHING SOFTWARE THAT IS COMPATIBLE WITH  AUTEL J2534 ECU PROGRAMING DEVICE CONFIRMED (I will try to post the websites flashing software that worked with Autel if not please post down below that it did work.