Autel Maxisys Elite Better than Autel Maxisys Pro 908p

Most of us know about Autel products , but which model of Autel products is the best equipment ? We’d like to recommend Autel Maxisys Elite will be the best one from Autel factory .

AUTEL MaxiSys Elite, its the newest addition to the MaxiSys line of highly advanced smart diagnostic tools, is based on the fast and intuitive Android operating system. Autel maxisys elite has the all the functions of Maxisys pro 908p. Auto diagnostic obd Wifi maxisys elite added ECM function than Maxisys pro 908p.

AUTEL MaxiSys Elite Hardware running speed is twice than Maxisys MS908P and MaxiSys Elite provides extended battery life and intelligent power saving. More differences between these 2 items as bellow :

Autel Model Autel Maxisys Pro Autel Maxisys Elite
Operating System AndroidTM 4.0 Android 4.4.4 KitKat
Processor Samsung Exynos Quad-Core Processor 1.4GHz NVIDIA TegraR 4 (4-PLUS-1 Quad-core Processor) 1.8GHz
Display 9.7 LED with 1024x768P resolution 9.7 Retina display with 2048X1536
Camera Rear: 8.0 Megapixel, Autofocus with Flashlight
Front: 2.0 Megapixel
Rear-facing, 5.0 Mexgapixel, AF with Flashlight
Connectivity 2.0 USB;Ethernet;WIFI;Bluetooth 3.0 USB (2.0 Compatible);HDMI;Ethernet;WIFI;Bluetooth
Internal Battery 11000 mAh 3.7 V lithium-polymer battery 3.7V/13600mAH Lithium-polymer battery


By the way , all these 2 items we offer 2 years free update online service . Any interesting , please dont hesitate to contact us any time .

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K518ISE do Volvo S60 Smart Key half keyless programming

K518ISE Key Programmer Support Volvo S60 Proximity key programming, Smart key programming including half keyless and all key lost. Here is the post teach you how to use Lonsdor k518ISE Program Volvo S60 Smart Key Half keyless programming(PDF Download).

Lonsdor k518ISE Supported Volvo Detail Functions:

1. Add key: please first make sure if the key is a new unused one;

2. All keys lost:please first make sure if the key is a new unused one;

3. Read CEM security data: dismantle & read CEM to backup security data (make sure to backup security data before programming);

4. Key identification and unlocking: to identify if the key is a new unused one. If the remote control is invalid after key programming
(on condition that battery has been installed and the remote control frequency is correct),
try to import the CEM safety data to unlock key, and program again after unlocking successful.


1. For “Plug-in sensor start key (5-button)”, please be sure to dismantle & read the CEM,  please refer to the “Operation Guide” or “Reference”

2.First time to use the adapter, you need to bind it with K518ISE. Go to the K518ISE home page and choose “Settings -> Binding adapter”,
following the direction to finish binding. One Auto key Programmer K518ISE host can bind up to 5 adapters, and the bound adapter can not be bound to other K518ISE hosts. Once bound, no need to bind again.

3. “Plug-in sensor start key (5-button)” only need to dismantle & read CEM in the co-pilot storage box and backup security data;

4. The connection between K518ISE host, adapter and RN-01 board:

5. Read Volvo CEM please use RN-01 board:
6. Connection between K518ISE host, adapter and FS-01 board:
7. Read Volvo KVM please use FS-01 board:


Test report about Chinese Kess V2 FW V5.017

Kess V2 v5.017 is a good sale ECU programmer that it could read and write ECU via OBD II Scanner Tools port directly. how is it perform when testing Navarra 2.5L. Look the below review to know more about kess v5.017.

I tested Kess V2 Firmware V5.017 since 2 weeks…no bad surprise..

edc15/16/17 basics work fine.. Kline an Can ok

lot of denso ok ,tested today on 2016 Navarra 2.5L 144hp (7059) all fine..via OBD of course (check ktag for jtag,tricore and others… )

(The EDC17 made by OBD are Audi, bmw and renault without Tp)

Kess accept virtual read i test on AUDI A5 2.0 TDI 143hp 2013 EDC17CP46. it”s ok by obd

ksuite Sw reset token when open, same as all kess 5.017 or new ktag 7.020/26 Fw.

If you are looking for some ECU Programmer, you could check ktag or kess by the link:

Original Autel MaxiSys MS906TS Update Online With TPMS Antenna Module

100% Original Autel MaxiSys MS906TS Update Online

Autel MaxiSys MS906TS is an all-in-one industry first combining advanced diagnostics with

complete TPMS functionality.

Now technicians don’t need a second TPMS tool to trigger, relearn, or program Autel MX-Sensors.

Quickly test all vehicle systems with one ultra-fast, lightweight, wireless, touch screen tablet

with the same vehicle coverage and advanced diagnostics as the MS906.

Top 3 Reasons to get Autel Maxisys MS906TS:
1.Wireless TPMS & Advanced Diagnostics System:Operating on the Android navigation system, the

MS906TS provides amazingly fast sensor programming and diagnostic scan functions with its

powerful running speed and large 32 GB solid state hard drive. The system also features the

latest AutoVIN technology to identify vehicles in one touch as well as its exclusive AutoScan

function. These features allow you to easily acquire vehicle information, scan all ECUs and run

diagnostics on selected systems.


2.Optional Compatible Accessories: Featuring the best possible coverage of OE-level diagnostics

and ECU coding capability, the Professional Diagnostic Tools MS906TS also supports add-ons like an oscilloscope and inspection

camera to perform more extensive professional testing.
Autel MS906TS Maxiscop


3.Autel Cloud: By and For the Community:As one of the fastest growing diagnostic companies in

the world, Autel’s innovators are determined to extend the boundaries of wireless evolution.

Supported by superfast 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, big data becomes even more accessible. Autel now

integrates real-time big data into the MaxiSys system using cloud-based innovations:

MaxiFix, Autel’s online community of global professional technicians, offers a constantly

expanding database which includes industrial professionals from around the world offering

thousands of successful Fix & Tips that are shared, discussed and updated every day. This

feature brings essential resources to your desktop in real time, granting quick and easy search

of diagnostic and repair procedures, tips, and advices.

The Support module helps Autel users keep track of their devices by saving product update,

repair and complaint records; it also provides a platform for communicating with support

personnel directly through Data Logging sessions, and with other Autel users through specific

product community channels.

MaxiSys MS906TS Description:

MaxiSys MS906TS is the latest addition to the MaxiSys product line of advanced wireless

diagnostic devices integrated with the TPMS antenna module. The device is based on the Android

operating system featured with the best possible coverage of OE-level diagnostics and TPMS

integration. Utilizing the powerful Exynos 5260 6-core processor (1.3 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-

A7 + 1.7 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A15), an 8” capacitive HD touch screen, and long-distance

wireless communication, the OBD II Scanner Tools MaxiSys MS906TS efficiently provides comprehensive vehicle

diagnostics and analysis along with universal TPMS solutions.

Autel MS906TS Package List:

User Manual
Carrying Case
Adaptor for Chrysler-16 (for NA only)
Light Fuse
MaxiVCI V100
Quick reference guide
Adaptor for GM/Daewoo-12
Adaptor for PSA-2
Adaptor for Fiat-3
Adaptor for BMW-20
Adaptor for Benz-38
Adaptor for Kia-20
Adaptor for Mitsubishi/Hyundai-12+16
Adaptor for Nissan-14
Adaptor for Honda-3
Cigarette Lighter
Compact Disc (CD)
AC/DC External Power Adapter
Adaptor for Benz-14 (for EU only)
Adaptor for VW/AUDI-2+2
Soft Cloth
Packing List
Mini USB Cable

launch CReader Professional 129 Or Launch Creader Viii code reader

Now the Launch products is hotting sale .especially the crp129 and the Launch Creader VIII Code

reader .These two model the function is same .the different is just for the color .one is black

and other one is red .which one do you like you could choose .

1: Launch X431 Creader VIII Comprehensive OBDII Code Reader
2: launch CReader Professional 129 CRP129 Multi-language Update Online

The two model all update on the line .and support the maulti-languages : English, Spanish,

French, Chinese, German, Italian .

Pls note : Because some customer do not know how to regiested that .so we have registed that

well before the delivery. When you receive the goods .you could directly to update .that is very

easy .if you do not know how to update or you could not success to update .please contact with

us from

Kess V2 Master Truck car and truck list

KESS V2 Master Truck Version With Software V2.22 Firmware V4.036

Top 4 reasons to buy Professional Diagnostic Tools V4.036 Kess V2 Truck Version:
1. Latest firmware with the latest software for this version KESS V2.
2. Covers all the functions of V4.036 car version and V4.024 truck version.
3. Multi-languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French.
4. Token can be reload when it crashed.


Kess V2 Master Truck List:
Kess v2 V4.036 supports truck, motorcycle, car and bikes.
Here is the picture:


Autel maxisys ms908pro VS autel maxisys ms906 VS autel ms906BT VS autel ms906TS

Autel maxisys ms908 pro, autel maxisys Elite, maxisys ms906, , autel maxisys ms906bt, maxisys ms906ts all same manufacturer.  but what’s the difference of them ? Here is the comparison as following:


The main differnce is autel maxisys ms908p with programming function,others without this function

autel maxisys ms908 pro itself has already supported ECU programming function for BENZ and BMW cars, if you need to get support for more car models, you must use J2534 device along with OEM software to implement this function. J2534 DEVICE can not only use with AUTEL MAXISYS Pro , but also can work on other OEM software.


Using additional OEM software, the MaxiFlash Pro can be used as a Pass-Thru diagnostics tool as well, which allows users to read and clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and data log PIDS, collect sensor data and log generic OBDII data etc.

Autel ms908pro, MaxiSYS Elite, autel maxisys ms906, autel ms906bt, ms906ts  in different shapes are all excellent diagnostic tablets with full basic function and a wide range of vehicle coverage

autel maxisys ms908 pro programming steps :


If you have any  question or problems about autel maxisys ms908p, please contact us  we can help you solve it .

MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis Tool Plus Dell D630 Laptop Latest Version 2017.09

MB STAT C4 Plus Dell D630


MB SD Connect Compact 4 supports reading & erasing trouble code,reading the real-time data of sensor and actuator, coding and programming. Auto diagnostic tools suppliers MB SD Connect Compact 4 supports wireless diagnose, support K-line,CAN BUS and UDS protocol, ,with multi-language.this model with the dell630 laptop .
MB SD Connect C4:
1.Support Wireless
2.Software Version: 2017.09
3. Hardware Verison:  V2.2
4. Supported Multi-Language: Bulgarian/Danish/Greek/Spanish/French/Italian/Korean/Polish/Romanuan/Serbo-Croatian/ Turkish/Czech/German/English/Finish/Hyngarian/Japanese/Dutch/Portuguese/Russian/Swedish/Chinese
5. Support Mercedes Benz Cars After Year 2000
6. The quality is the best and it can work stable.

New MB STAR C4 Features
1. New MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis support wireless diagnose;
2. New MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis not only support K line diagnose and CAN BUS,but also UDS diagnose protocol. Because old MB STAR C4 main board do not have UDS chip, so old MB STAR C4 can not support it;
3. Multiplexer now use Lan cable to connect
4. Connector adopt Military quick swap technology, it can support 10,000 times pull plug, more stable;
5. All core accosseries adopt original new packing chip, and 24hours test, guarantee the quality of the products;

MB SD Connect Compact 4 Supported Vehicle List:
MB SD C4 Support Mercedes Benz Cars After Year 2000

Passenger Car Support List:
A(176),  A(169),  A(168),  B(246),  B(245),  CLC(117),  C(204)  C(203),  C(202),  190(201),  E(212),  E(211),  E(210),  124(124),  S(222),  S(221),  S(220),  S(140),  S(126),
E(207),  CLK(209),  CLK(208),  CLS(218),  CLS(219),  CL(216),  CL(215),  CL(140)  SLK(172),  SLK(171),  SLK(170),  SL(231),  SL(230),  SL(129),  SL(107),  SLS(197),
M(166),  M(164),  M(163),  G(463),  G(461),  E(212),  E(211),  E(210),  124(124),  S(222),  S(221),S(220),  S(140),  CLK(209),  CLK(208),  CLS(218),  CLS(219),  CL(216),
CL(215),  CL(140),  SLK(172),  SL(231),  SL(230),  SL(129),  SL(107),SLS(197),  M(166),  M(164),  M(163),  G(460),  GL(164),  GLK(204),  R(251)

Van Support List:
MB 100(631),  T1,  SprinterIII,  SprinterII,  SprinterI,  Sprinter900,  Citan,  Vito(639),  Vito(638), V(638),   Viano(639),  T2,  Vario,  Vaneo(414)

Truck Support List:
Actros963/4,  Actros2,3,  AtegoIII,  AtegoII,  AxorII,  Eonic,  Zetros,  Actros,  Atego Light,  Atego Heavey,  HPN M96,  Atron,  HPN M2000,  SKL,  FSK,  Further model series

Unimog Support List:
U20,  UGN,  UHN

Bus Support List:
Minibus,  OC500,  TOURO,  TOURINO,  MBC,  MULITEGO,  O500,  O500/OH,  OH,  OH368,  OF,  OF384,  LO,  O400,

Super Sports Car Support List:

1.Basis: Windows XP Professional.
2.DAS Diagnosis Assistance System: Supports vehicle diagnostics by means of decision trees.
3.WIS net Workshop Information System: Provides wiring diagrams, installation instructions, detailed technical information and repair information.
4.Star Utilities: Auxiliary and maintenance program used for self-diagnosis of various components, word processing, and other functions.
5.Optionally available: ASRA net (Information concerning operation and standard texts, flat rates and work units).

1.Faulty components are replaced in the 1-year service life
2.In certain cases , complete systems are replaced

Update Service:
1.Regular updates for applications and data
2.Update by HDD.

Help and Support:
1.The Star Diagnosis User Help Desk consults on software and hardware
2.Knowledgeable advice in several languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese

Kess v2 fw v4.036 Add Tokens Manual

This is a user manual of how to add tokens to Kess V2 Firmware V4.036; also with how to fix “NO VALID TOKEN FILE” error when fail to add tokens.


1- this manual is used for Kess v2 tuning kit firmware v4.036

2- must be used for Kess v2 without a token reset button


3- Disable all local area connection and wireless network connection, otherwise the
Professional Diagnostic Tools KESS V2 hardware would be damaged.
Process of adding tokens:
Extract “Tool” Zip File;
Copy all the files under “Tool” Folder to the desktop;
Copy “K-Suite_tokens” zip File into Local Dick C and unzip the file;
Run “K10033818 K2-TR ECU TUNERS”;
Click “OK” to continue;


Browse the folder to C:\\KSuite tokens\KSuite;
Click OK;

Click “Rest Token Count” button;


Click OK and then wait for loading;
Next close the window;
Delete previously unzipped “K-Suite_tokens” Folder in C:\\;
Re-extract “K-Suite_tokens” Zip File again;
Re-name “Token1.tok” on the desktop as “Token2.tok”;
Copy “Token2.tok” to the “Tokens” Folder;


Open “K10033818 K2-TR ECU TUNERS” again;
Select location as C:\KSuite tokens\KSuite again;
Click “Rest Token Count”;
Wait until the KESS V2 main menu window displays;

kess v2 v4.036 adds tokens SUCCESS!

How to solve “Add Tokens Failed:NO VALID TOKEN FILE”

Tokens for Kess v2 Chip Tuning Tool is used out. Open the file “K10033818” and meet the following situation.


1. rename the token file(“token1.tok”) as “token3.tok” or “token5.tok”


2.copy the file you renamed just (“token3.tok” or “token5.tok” ) now to the folder “Tokens”Ksuite-3


note: make sure that there is only one file (“token3.tok” or “token5.tok” ) in the folder “Token”


normally, the first 10 tokens in “token1.tok” “token2.tok” will be used, you may use tokens from 11th token to the 100th.
it is limited to 100 tokens. so when you use all 100 tokens, you can change the laptop or restore the system and then use tokens from 11th token.

if you follow the 2 steps above but it doesn’t work, please try to install our windows XP

4. If you cannot add tokens according to the instruction above, change the TF card and follow step 1 & 2.

How to register and update Launch CRP123 (most detail)


Launch CReader Professional 123 (CRP123) is a new generation of core diagnostic product for professional and individual users released by LAUNCH. CRP123 is DIY diagnostic product that not only includes OBD / EOBD standard protocol diagnosis, but also covers professional diagnostic software for multiple models which can perform comprehensive diagnosis on four main ECU’s (ENG\ABS\SRS\AT) of vehicle.

Here is the step-by-step instruction on how to register and update Launch CRP123. The procedure can be applied to Launch X431 Creader VIII CRP129 as well.

Language: English/ French/ Spanish

Register & Update Launch CRP123 instructions:

Register Launch CRP123:

1. Go to and click the CRP123 or 129 once click update icon. (Figure 1)

2. Download and install the CRP123 or 129 update tool and launch the program when installed.
3. You will be prompted to type in the serial number (located on the back of the tool) (Figure 2)

4. After the Serial # is entered select update and enter the following information. Click Submit (Figure 3)

(If you need the Register Code proceed to the steps 5‐8)
(If you have the Register Code proceed to step 9)

5. The Register code can be found by connecting the supplied USB cord to the CRP12X and inserted into the computer.
6. When the tool has powered up, place curser on the Help icon and press the OK button. (Figure 4)

7. Select Tool Information press OK. (Figure 5)

8. This is the Register Code number for inputting into step 4 (Figure 6)

(Return to step 4 and input the code and then proceed)

9. Install the TF card from the tool into the supplied USB TF card adapter and insert into USB port of CPU.

10. Reopen the CRP update Suite and select the updates you would like to perform or click select all and click Download. (Figure 7)

11. Once all steps are complete, reinsert the TF card into the tool and power the tool via USB in computer or via OBD2 port in vehicle. The tool will prompt you to upgrade, select OK button on tool to proceed. (Figure 8)

12. The registration process is now complete!

Update Launch CRP123

Step 1: visit and click icon “Update Tool Download”.

Step 2: Download and install “Launch Creader Update Tool “, after installation is complete, run it.

Step 3: Select Language (English, Chinese, French and Spanish available) and input product Serial Number (the serial number is in the back of Creader VII+ /Creader VIII)

Step 4: click “Update” to enter the registration page, input Email and Register Code, click “Submit”.

(Note: if you need Register Code, please refer to step 5 to step 8; if you already have Register Code, after submit, skip to step 9.)

Step 5: The register code can be found in the Creader VII+ / Creader VIII. Connect one end of the USB cable to Creader VII+ / Creader VIII, and another end to the computer.

Step 6: Wait until Launch Creader enter the main menu, then Move the mouse pointer to the “Help” icon, finally press the “OK button.

Step 7: select “Tool Information”, then press button “OK”.

Step 8: the register code shown below is the one needed to enter in the step 4.
(Back to step 4 to input register code and continue)

Step 9: insert TF card into TF card reader, then insert the TF card into the computer.

Step 10: restart the “Launch Creader Update Tool “, select the file you need or click “All”, then click “Download” to start the download.

Step 11: After complete download, take out TF card from TF card reader and insert it into the slot of Creader VII+ / Creader VIII, then supply power for Creader VII+ / Creader VIII by the USB cable (one end of the USB cable connect to Creader VII+ / Creader VIII and another end to the computer) or by the vehicle diagnostic socket (connect the OBDII connector of Creader VII+ / Creader VIII to vehicle diagnostic socket ), after the Creader starts, it popup a window prompting ” System Upgrade- Sure Upgrade?”, select ” OK” to upgrade.

Step 12: Update complete!