How to restore launch X431 V to factory settings


he 30-digit injector compensation code must be input into the ECM when an injector is replaced. Here is an instruction on reading and saving diesel injector compensation code with Launch X431 diagnostic tool (original X43 1 WIFI V+ Pro 3 for an example1. This way does not fit Launch X431 V+ and X431 Pro 3 2) Please use this function carefully, improper operation may cause the dead of X431 V, besides, after the factory settings are restored, all user data will be deleted.Following is How to restore Launch X-431 PRO3 to factory settings

Step 1: Make sure power supply is 100% (at least 60% power or above), and shutdown X431 V.
Step 2: Long press the power button and volume up button at the side of X431 V, to open the machine, and then come to the menu as shown in the following Picture.
Step 3: In this menu, power button = Enter key, volume button = up and down key.
Press volume button move to line 5 “wipe data/factory reset”, and press power button to confirm. At this time, come to the next menu shown as following picture, press volume button move to the line
with “Yes”, press power button to confirm. launch-x431-v-factory-setting-3
Step 4: After this step done, it will back to the menu of step 2, then move to “wipe cache partition”.
Step 5: Finally, move to “reboot system”,confirm and reboot the machine, then X431 Pro is restored to factory settings.

Launch X431 V+(X431 Pro3) by using Bluetooth/Wifi contingent on Search engines google android system, is often a fresh car or truck breakdown investigation system produced through Relieve Service with regard to net work with. Release X431 x-431 V+ (X431 Pro3) completely substitutes X431 INTRAVENOUS in addition to Release X431 Diagun III.

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