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About How to solve these problems when you use the MB Star C3 Car/Truck Diagnostic Tool

MB Star C3 car/truck diagnostic tool there are the solutions for the problems maybe you will meet. and we can offer best technical support for you to solve all kinds of problems you face. After well installed Star software (2021.03) and connect MB Star C3 multiplexer (SP45-C) with E-class W212

My Purchase experience MB STAR Diagnosis System Compact3

I purchased a Chinese MB STAR Diagnosis System (SDS) Compact3 (C3) on the Internet purely  for educational purposes and so that I could experiment with some of the settings in my W220  S500, especially to do with my pet subject, the Automatic Climate Control (ACC). Purchasing, owning, setting up and

Difference between MB Star C3 and MB Star C4

Many times ago, i saw a blog about MB sd connect C4 for benz, the author said he like this tool very much, and make a comparison with Mb Star C3 for a result that Mb Star C4 is much better than c3, I was not too much attention to it. However,