Questions and Answers for Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P

Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P includes the J-2534 reprogramming box and special MaxiSYS Pro software needed for shops and technicians who demand a comprehensive diagnostic system capable of completing even the most complicated and demanding tasks. We offer 2 years free… Continue Reading


Autel MaxiSys pro MS908P Highlight:

The Autel MaxiSys MS908 PRO is the most comprehensive OBD2 TOOL for the professional technician who performs J-2534 reprogramming on a regular basis. The WIFI Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P supports diagnostic and programming functions for multi-brand vehicle systems. Following are the… Continue Reading


How to update Autel MaxiSys Pro firmware

The internal programming of the MaxiSys Diagnostic System, known as the firmware, can be updated using the Update application. Firmware updates increase the MaxiSys applications’ capabilities, typically by adding new tests, new models, or enhanced applications to the database. To… Continue Reading


update firmware of Maxisys Pro is very good

How to update firmware of MaxiSys Pro? Step 1. Turn on MS908 PRO Pro tablet diagnostic equipment to ensure that equipment witch connect the power hideaway deficit networked communications stability. Step 2. Select Autel MaxiSys Pro Pro Programs menu Shuqie [update] application; quit click Qie received update notification message, open the “Update” application program interface. Step 3. Check all available Qie update of Autel Pro diagnostic tool: l If you decide to update all Qie are present, then click on the top Qie [Update All] instead of button. l If you want to update do not update are mourning mesh, then click on the column are Qie history project [update] instead of button. Step 4. Click [Pause] instead of button to pause updates of Autel MaxiSys Pro Scan Tool. Click [continue] instead of button to continue the update. Step 5. After the update the system firmware from Mai installation. The new version of the firmware will replace the original version of the firmware of Autel MaxiSys Pro


AUTOBOSS V30 Elite super

The AUTOBOSS V30 Elite Super Scanner represents the cutting edge of automotive diagnostic technology, providing dealer quality electronic diagnostics for the independent workshop in one simple and affordable unit.AUTOBOSS V30 Elite Super Scanner is your first choice of Auto Diagnostic Scanner.… Continue Reading


Autel MaxiSys Pro Hardware

* Extraordinarily powerful Cortex-A9 quad-core processor * 9.7” 1,024×768 LED-backlit glossy Multi Touch capacitive display with IPS technology * Internal reliable and fast 32GB Solid State Drive for better performance * Built-in 5-megapixel rear camera with autofocus and flashlight * Dual-band (2.4 GHz & 5.0… Continue Reading