LEXUS UX300E 8A-AA AKL Programmed by OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Bypass Passcode

How to use OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus with OBDSTAR CAN Direct Kit and OBDSTAR Key SIM to make a simulated key (8A-AA proximity) on 2020 LEXUS UX300E via IMMO data files bypass passcode. No need to remove the ECU from the car to the workbench to read data.



Add keys (free pincode) or all keys lost can be programmed by X300 DP Plus via IMMO data files as well.



OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus (Key Master DP Plus)

Main cable

OBDSTAR CAN Direct Kit (CAN Direct+ TOYOTA-27)

OBDSTAR Key SIM 5 in 1 Key Simulator


The test:

Connect Toyota-27 with IMMO smart box

Connect CAN Direct to the vehicle OBD and X300 DP Plus

Connect device to internet and make sure the internet connection is normal during the whole process


OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus menu function path:

CAR IMMO>> Asia>> TOYOTA LEXUS SCION>> TOYOTA LEXUS SCION V32.72 (newest software version)>> Manual Select System>> PROXIMITY>>TYPE 9 (8A-AA)


Step 1: Read Immo Data

Select Operation In the Car (CAN DIRECT KIT)

Confirm the internet communication and device connection are good

Read Immo data automatically

Save the data and confirm the value input

Operation success


Step 2: Make Simulated Card (Key SIM)

This function can make simulated key when all the keys are lost (Note: simulated key needs to be kept charged, and it needs to be made again after the power is off);
The simulated key can replace the original car key to add keys, erase keys and other operations;
Has the current vehicle immo data been read? If the immo data is not read, please execute the immo data reading function first.

Press Enter to continue

Select the original immo data just saved to get key information

Connect Key SIM simulator

Generate simulated card successfully

Then move the simulated card close to the start button and try to light the meter. If you can light up the meter normally, use the simulated card instead of the original key for the (Add smart key) operation.

Restore the IMMO smart box cable

The simulated key makes engine started successfully


Test result:

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus C Package with CAN Direct Kit successfully makes simulated card (8A-AA proximity), adds a new key and does all keys lost bypass Passcode on 2020 LEXUS UX300E.


X300 DP plus also has been confirmed can program 2020 Toyota Avalon 8A- AA smart key with no issues.