Month: June 2022

Find Audi A3 04-13 AKL 7th Byte via Autel IM508IM608

Audi A3 2004 to 2013 all key lost requires 7th byte CS code via eeprom. Here’s the trick. The work can be done by Autel IM508/Autel MaxiIM IM608 with APB112 emulator directly via OBD without removing the immo box. It’s easy to do as long as nobody touched it and

Yanhua Mini ACDP + Module 13 Clone VW Audi VL381(0AW) Gearbox

Yanhua Mini ACDP Programming Master WIFI For BMW CAS1 CAS2 CAS3 CAS3+ CAS4 CAS4+FEM BDC IMMO Key Programmer and Odometer How to use Yanhua Mini ACDP + Module 13 clone Volkswagen/ Audi VL381(0AW) gearbox?   Module 13 also supports DQ200(0AM/0CW), DQ250(02E/0D9), DL382(0CK), DL501(0B5) models as well. Check full operations

How to Remove the DPF with KESS V2 ?

KESS V2 V5.017 With Red PCB Features 1. With best PCB board. 2. Better performance,function as well as more online protocols supported. 3. Online Operation Supported,No tokens limited. 4. Multi-Languages supported. 5.Perfect for OBD use,Read and write ECU via OBD2 port directly, no need disassemble ECU from the car, easy

Volvo PTT Change Transmission Performance Mode

What is Volvo PTT? Volvo Premium Tech Tool (PTT) is a Windows-based diagnostic application specially designed to test, calibrate and program engine parameters. Volvo PTT Software Vehicle Model Coverage: Volvo Trucks (Older electrical system, Vehicle electrical system ’98); Volvo Trucks (VERSION2, VERSION3 – PARAMETER PROGRAMMING); Volvo Trucks (VERSION4 – FH4/FM4

How to Adjust Keys & Remotes with Autel MaxiIM KM100

Sometimes when you generate a new key, the transponder buttons are out of order. Like the lock button, unlocks the door or opens the trunk. The Autel MaxiIM KM100 Key Tool can quickly correct this deviation. Follow the steps below to learn how to customize keys and remotes. In this

2022 latest Autel IKEY Remotes Work for KM100/IM508/IM608

2022 latest Autel Keys & Remotes IKEY series is in stock and accept pre-order now!!! Working as a universal programmable smart key for more than 700 vehicles, including BMW, Hyundai, Nissan, Chryslers, Ford, Honda, etc. Perfectly compatible with Autel KM100 Key Generator. Features 1. OE-quality to program for over 700

Volvo VOCOM 88890300 Support Models

88890300 Vocom Interface for Volvo/Re-nault/UD/Mack Truck Diagnose Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface is a diagnostics application that covers the whole repair process through the use of plug-ins. With Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface you can diagnose, test, calibrate, and program a product. A product could be a vehicle, engine, or a machine.

How to update the Mercedes-Benz Navigation System?

Update your Mercedes Benz Navigation, Update your Drive Whatever the case, updating the navigation system in your Mercedes-Benz will fix it.Roads change every day, and drivers have to change with them. Maybe you’ve noticed an increase in traffic on your daily commute, or maybe a new overpass is making your

BMW ICOM software ISTA-D ISTA updated to 2022.06

BMW ICOM Software including:   Software Version : V2022.06 ISTA – D: 4.35.21 with SDP Programming Database 4.35.21 ISTA – P: with Engineer Programming,supports the programming of BMW motorcycles and electric vehicles can program F/G/I/K chassis for car (through the ICOM, not other cable ) Vin: V2022.04.29 BMW ETK: 2019.12 BMW KSD: 2019.12  Multilanguage BMW

Best Quality Tech2 Diagnostic Scanner

GM Tech-2 is a very good tester used to diagnose GM vehicles. The GM Tech 2 contains Authentic GM software and provides support for on-board diagnostics on all GM systems 1991 thru 2013. It supports multi-language.With free TIS2000 software,will allow you to do GM programming till 2007 year. Top 5