Xtool X100 Pad tablet can’t start after update (Fixed)


After update XTool X100 PAD tablet key programmer, it stopped booting and didn’t start.

Before that the screen displayed system update I download, then the tablet had self reset and turn on. Then the screen displayed only

Xtool logo and don’t run Android system.
screen - displ-ayed -only-1 screen - displ-ayed -only-2

xtool x100 pad error after update

xtool pad2 error can not start

Solution provided by xtooleshop.com:

Donwload the Xtool X100 pad tablet firmware reflash file

Paste the above file on the desktop, plug the X100 Pad to the computer.

Contact Xtool factory engineer for remote assistance via Teamviwer

The engineer will help reflash the firmware.

Good luck

Key programmers for Toyota Honda Suzuki, which tool?

I have some question about key programming and will only focus Toyota, Honda and Suzuki.

To reset the immobilizer, how we know from where we need to copy data, ECU or immobilizer box in Toyota and is smart key box is a different component.

What is the ORI, is that same dump which we copy from 93xxx from above places?

What is the difference between Key programmer such as X100 Pro/X 100 PADCN900 transponder programmer?

Now want to know how to reset or read dump means make sense of data inside.

and what is the P1 or explain to me the attach picture.

Q1 – not sure as i have never had to reset Toyota immobilizer, just made keys from dump(information on where to find the module with chip for reading can be found in the software you are using I.E zed bull/ad900

Q2 – the ORI file is the dump which you originally read from the unit, before you make any modifications, always save the original if you mess up you can always put it back to how it was.

Q3 – the Xtool x100 PAD is a tablet based programmer for physically programming the keys to cars by OBD, it has some eeprom functions for reading pin codes, initializing ecu’s etc.

the TJECU cn900 clone machine is a transponder machine, it can read and identify what chip is in a key, it can clone some types of transponder chip, it can prepare certain types of transponder for OBD Programming and i believe there are some eeprom applications for making keys from immobilizer/ecu/bsi/antenna(but not 100% on that)


So In your pic you have the Id of the Transponder, then p1 is page one, it shows the information for page one of the Transponder, p2 is Page 2 and so on

More information may be visible if the cn900 has pc software and it is read with that.

How to program key fob for Dodge Challenger 2011 by XTOOL X100 PAD?

Here is a guide to show you: How to program key fob for Dodge Challenger 2011 using XTool X100 PAD? Steps are easy as below:

First, connect XTOOL X100 PAD Car Key Programmer with Dodge Challenger via the Bluetooth VCI Box plugging into car OBD port.


Next, turn on car ignition, power on XTOOL X100 PAD and open main menu.

Go to “Immobilization”, find “Dodge” then select “Dodge 08-12”.


Choose “Read security code” to calculate the pin code firstly.

Soon you get the Dodge Challenger pin code “1069” as below:

Then, back to choose “Program new key”.

Follow the instructions: turn off car ignition, insert the new key you want to program then turn ignition on.

And you need to enter the pin code “1069”.


It starts to program the new key, be patient to wait the process complete.

When you see the message “Program success”, it means XTOOL X-100 Pad Key Programmer successfully make a new key fob for Dodge Challenger!


Tested XTOOL X100 Pad read 2015 Ford Fusion pin code make key OK

It’s tested OK to read pin code and make new remote key for 2015 Ford Fusion by using XTool X100 PAD Tablet Key Programmer. Steps are as follows. Hope it helps!
Step1. Connect X100 PAD with car via OBD port then open main menu, choose “Immobilizer” to “Ford” to “China Ford” to “Smart Key System”. Since Ford Fusion (US) is same with Ford Mondeo (EU) now, you choose “Mondeo 2013-”.
Step2. Choose “Read Security Code” and wait it complete.

XTOOL X-100 Pad key programmer read Ford Fusion pin code done! Hit “OK” to continue other operations.

Step3. Now you choose “Add a key” and follow the tips. It will need you to open and close the driver door then turn off ignition, after that hit “OK”.

Put the new key you are going to program into the card slot (slot in hand box), turn on ignition then hit “OK”.

Step4. XTOOL X100 Pad program Ford Fusion a new remote key successfully! You can check the key number now is 1 and car dashboard will show you “Key Program Successful”.