How to Solve Renault CAN Clip Firmware Update 20% Error

Many Renault can clip users feedback that they got the firmware update stop at 20% error,so here I collection some solutions for this problem.Hope it helps!

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Solutions for Renault CAN CLIP Firmware Update Error:

Solution 1:

This method work for most Renault CAN CLIP said by members from forum.

Must rename the following files:

C: \ CLIP \ DATA \ APPLI \ PARAMS \ appliiso.s19 in appliiso.bak

C: \ CLIP \ DATA \ APPLI \ PARAMS \ applican.s19 in applican.bak

Solution 2:

if firmware update stops at 20% the solution is very easy

Exist some problems in hardware … ISO pcb or CAN pcb

For bypass that error search for 2 files APLIISO.S19 and APLIICAN.S19 and rename this files to .bak one time ISO …start the soft and ceck …. and one time CAN and restrt the soft and ceck…and you see where is the problem CAN hardware or ISO hardware….

The files is located here :

If you have renamed the right file no more firmware stop at 20% but the problem on hardware remain and is possible use the interface only for ISO or only for CAN vehicles…..or put the interface in trash !!!!

BUT, some say the exactly reasons for 20% update problem is not the software problem! It’s HARDWARE problem with your clone CLIP sonde. You probably have bad flash chip or bad soldering, or bad oscillator, or, … you name it, but anyway as I said it’s pure hardware problem. You can avoid firmware update for ISO or CAN board with renaming few files, but that is not solution because if you can’t update firmware, your CLIP will not work properly.

Solution 3:

Besides two pcb’s inside Clip (can and iso) there is small thrid pcb where is round connector for car cable . When this cable is plugged and unplugged to Clip very often ( which needs a little force ), then solderings on metal pins which links this small pcb with rest of clip are breaking with the time.
You just need to resolder connections of these pins.

I did it and it solve update 20% problem

Renault can clip “No Sensor Detected” solution – 100% working

This is the best solution from pros of Renault can clip error “No Sensor Detected, check the sensor connections and ensure that the supply to the vehicle is correct, then try again.”

Reasons for “No Sensor Detected”:

The error message pops up usually when run CLIP at the beginning, which means the the software cannot recognize the Renault CAN CLIP diagnostic interface

Solved by pros!

First, please check the Renault CLIP driver installation:

CLIP driver installation completes after running Crack Renault CLIP, installing Renault CLIP software, setting up CLIP properties, registering CLIP.

Here goes to install CAN CLIP v163/v162driver software….

The driver software is automatically installed

Open computer management

select Device manager->Bosch automotive service solution device->18-alliance vehicle communication interface

close Computer management

Open Display properties

Go to screen saver->power and setup:

power scheme: Always on

Turn off monitor: never, never

Turn off hard disk: never, never

System standby: never, never

Click on Apply, then OK to exit

if the driver has been set up as above, try run Professional Diagnostic Tool CLIP again. If the error message remains, please try the solutions below.

Second, check the connection of the renault can clip diagnostic tool and the car.

Using the OBD2 Tool to connect the can clip unit to the obd port on the car

And if all is well connected, the four LEDs should be lighted.

Good luck and enjoy clipping!

How Renault Can Clip reprogram a fuel injection ECU?

Renault can clip is not only a scanner and diagnostic tool, but it also has some special functions like reprogram Renault ECU. This blog will show you how Renault clip reprograms a fuel injection ECU step by step.

How Renault CAN Clip diagnostic interface re-flash/code Renault injector ECU?

Step1. Install Renault CAN Clip diagnostic software. CAN Clip V168 at CnAutotool is the newest version now.

Step2. Connect CAN CLIP interface with vehicle via OBD socket. Select the reprogramming page. Obtain the VIN of the vehicle automatically. Select the reprogramming button.

Step2. Click “SELECT THE COMPUTER TO BE PROGRAMMED” then “SELECTION” then click validate.

Step3. Input the Repair Order and the vehicle Technical Specification code then click validate. After that make sure two things done: 1. Connect battery charger to the car. 2. Plug Can Clip Renault into the mains.

Step4. There will be a tip “Select programming mode”, choose “CD-ROM”.
Step5. Select the number for the software to download depending on the recorded operation commons, then confirm, then click “Software reference” and press Validate

Step6. Input vehicle AFTER SALES REPROGRAMMING CODE then press Validate.

Here you need use Renault Pin Extractor to calculate AFTER SALES REPROGRAMMING CODE by request code. Here is the Renault Pin Extractor Zip file for you:

Now it is programming. Please remember no operation on the vehicle or on the tool. This procedure will last for 5 minutes. Wait until the procedure is complete
Then reprogramming is done! Return to the home page and save result. Next exit the Professional Diagnostic Tool CAN Clip software.

How to add a new language to Renault clip diagnostic software

This is how to add a new language to Renault clip software (newest version: CLIP V168). Renault clip diagnostic software needs the Serbian or Croatian language.

This is installation of renault clip on the Serbian or Croatian language.

In Renualt CLIP program, the description has Serbian Croatian Russian….. etc languages, and there are the Serbian or Croatian language files on the disc

So, how to installrenault clip on the Serbian or Croatian language?

The solution is in XP, Control Panel, Region and Language options, Regio Format set to Croatian, Home Location set to Croatian, at Tab Administrative, set Current system locale to Croatia, restart your PC and try install and you will see you have now Croatian language for choosing at installation

If you have the next message: “The current clip language is not supported by this version of the CD. To install this CD you must first uninstall the current version.
End of processing.”

The solution is- Try to make system restore before you tryed to install CAN Clip for Renault
Than, make a region and language settings to Croatian and after that try to install, If you cant do that,install on language that it asks,probably EN, than uninstall, CHANGE REGIONAL SETTINGS to Croatian and than try again.

That is, just change your settings in your PC to local language. (Croation or Serbian)

Now, Renaultcan clip diagnostic interface can be used in English, German, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Romania, Swedish, Croation andSerbian.

Renault Can Clip V127 Best Quality Only 145USD on cnautotool

When clients asked us what’s the best diagnostic tool for Renault, we usually highly recommend  Renault Can Clip. It can diagnose most of Renault, also can reprogramming, airbag test.The latest version is V127. has different quality with different prices in the market. The best quality is with brand new chip inside of can clip interface and also added bluetooth function. The other quality is the modified version with second hand chip inside. Both quality can work very stable. You can buy both quality from cnautotool. But now it’s better to buy the one with best quality. Because it’s on great promotion on our online store. FOB price is only 145USD.
Renault Can Clip V127 supports full functions as the following:
1. See all the information relating to the vehicle
2. Computer test
3. Automatic test of all computers
4. Airbag test
5. Ccantool (OBD tests)
6. Base Doc (access to Technical Notes)
7. Physical measurements
8. Antipollution
9. Multimeter
You know Can Clip was very expensive before, even needed 198USD. Now since the price is so lowest, hope you won’t miss this chance. One year’s warranty. It can be installed in any laptop or pc with XP system. For details, welcome to visit our online store.
The package includes :
Renault CAN Clip Diagnostic Interface
2 cables for CAN Clip <-> Car connection
1 cable for CAN Clip <-> PC connection
1 software CD (CLIP V127 can be installed on ANY PC)