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Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P includes the J-2534 reprogramming box and special MaxiSYS Pro software needed for shops and technicians who demand a comprehensive diagnostic system capable of completing even the most complicated and demanding tasks. We offer 2 years free update, and it’s 100% original. You can get support from the official autel website: The following are some questions and answers for the Autel MS908P:
Q1: Hey everyone :-) , I want to know what is the general steps for matching new key for the supported cars by my maxisys MS908p … I have tried to match a new smart key for a mazda 3 2009 but I didn’t quite understand what should I do when the device asked me for an online codes … any help :-)
A1:Okay so for Mazda PATS you will need to do an Incode/Outcode conversion…they’re 2 types of outcodes single and dual, the tool will give you either type with a code
Example Single Oucode:
Example Dual Outcodes:
Now you need a calculator to convert the outcodes into incodes
Go to and create an account it’s free
Now go under the services tab
Then PATS login calculator
Type in those Outcodes your tool gave you, the calculator will convert them to incodes

Q2:Just purchased maxysys pro, connected to internet, registered, update was available so updated it. now every time i turn it on i get error message ” Unfortunately, Exchange services has stopped”.
any suggestions ?
A2:If you get error message “Unfortunately, Exchange has stopped” on Maxisys series tablet, please try the following steps:
Please press and hold Email icon on the main screen, then move it to the top where you can see App info. Click at “Clear data” and then reconfigure your email. Thanks!

Autel MaxiSys pro MS908P Highlight:

The Autel MaxiSys MS908 PRO is the most comprehensive OBD2 TOOL for the professional technician who performs J-2534 reprogramming on a regular basis. The WIFI Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P supports diagnostic and programming functions for multi-brand vehicle systems. Following are the software register, install and update instruction.

Autel MaxiSys pro MS908P Highlight:
1.Autel Maxisys Pro can do online programming ,at the same time it’s compatiable for diagnosis and online programming for part of the original software.
2. MaxiSys Pro HAVE 6 Kinds of languages for you choose:English,German, French, Spanish,Portuguese
3. Extensive vehicle coverage for more than 40 US, Asian and European vehicle makes
4.MaxiSYS Pro includes the J-2534 reprogramming box and special MaxiSYS Pro software
5.The VCI connects wirelessly to the main unit with ultra-range Bluetooth / WIFI
6.Intelligent memory of vehicles for easy and quick diagnosis of tested vehicles

The ICarScan (vehicle communication interface) can turn your Android smartphone / tablet into a professional automotive diagnosis tool. Users can communication with automotive’s OBDII socket via BlueTooth with an Android smartphone/ tablet, to achieve full systems and full function diagnosis, include reading/ clearing trouble codes, data stream, actuation test, adaptation, ECU coding & programming, oil reset, other special function, etc.

This product transforms your laptop or computer into an automobile analysis system that will verification live facts from the computer system within your automobile. A strong OBD signal target audience is a computer that is connected to your laptop OBD Scanner slot to gain access to technological data concerning ones car’s website. Car diagnostic tool such as elm327 bluetooth obdii scanner stands for On-Board Diagnostic Have a look at. Your resource helps you repair your entire vehicle challenge yourself because doing so can pin number level as well as track record every possibility that was diagnosed from a powerplant it doesn’t matter how smaller or perhaps significant it truly is. It will assist you to save occasion as well as capital that anyone can get spend on your kinetic business in making factors predetermined.

How to update Autel MaxiSys Pro firmware

The internal programming of the MaxiSys Diagnostic System, known as the firmware, can be updated using the Update application. Firmware updates increase the MaxiSys applications’ capabilities, typically by adding new tests, new models, or enhanced applications to the database.

To update the firmware
1.Power up the Autel MS908 PRO tablet and ensure that it is connected to a power source and with steady internet connection

2.Tap the Update application button from the MaxiSys Job Menu; or tap the update notification message when received one. The Update application screen displays.

3.Check all available updates:
If you decide to update all the items, tap the Update All button
If you want to update some individual items, tap the Update button on the right column of the specific item.

4.Tap the Pause button to suspend the updating process. When you tape Continue to renew the update, the updating process will resume from the break point.

5.When the updating process is completed, the firmware will be installed automatically. The new version will replace the original version if thee is one.

As for Honda Accord 2000 ABS not work, finally I noticed that Honda Accord 2000 ABS is through separate 5pin connector only not through Auto Diagnostic tool when I looked the wiring diagram. despite that it was not possible to read out codes from the ABS, not even with jump wire. Assuming that the control unit is faulty I start to measure connections and wheel sensors and found one of them broken. My son replaced it and that fixed the fault.

The strange thing is that it was not possible to read out codes with the jump wire…
I assuming to receive 5 pin adapter cable next week… will be back with the result.Another problem is I tried software on android tablet, not very good experience. First problem was while I tried to connect ICarScan VCI and got message that Firmware needs to be update but there were no way to do it. I got the update done via phone. After update it works somehow but very often it fails while trying connect to car or while it tries snoop the system of the car.

update firmware of Maxisys Pro is very good

How to update firmware of MaxiSys Pro?
Step 1. Turn on MS908 PRO Pro tablet diagnostic equipment to ensure that equipment witch connect the power hideaway deficit networked communications

Step 2. Select Autel MaxiSys Pro Pro Programs menu Shuqie [update] application; quit click Qie received update notification message, open the “Update” application

program interface.
Step 3. Check all available Qie update of Autel Pro diagnostic tool:
l If you decide to update all Qie are present, then click on the top Qie [Update All] instead of button.
l If you want to update do not update are mourning mesh, then click on the column are Qie history project [update] instead of button.
Step 4. Click [Pause] instead of button to pause updates of Autel MaxiSys Pro Scan Tool. Click [continue] instead of button to continue the update.
Step 5. After the update the system firmware from Mai installation. The new version of the firmware will replace the original version of the firmware

of Autel MaxiSys Pro

MaxiSYS MS908 pro

The Autel MaxiDAS DS708 has been built to offer extreme ease of use, powerful diagnostic performance and much more. A major upgrade has been the addition of an ultra-powerful A9 quad-core processor that offers a 50 percent increase in speed versus competing products, according to the company. This tool features a clear 9.7” LED screen with a high-resolution capacitive touch screen. MaxiSYS has the industry’s first multitasking Android operating system and the comprehensive OE-level vehicle coverage that Autel has become known for.
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AUTOBOSS V30 Elite super

The AUTOBOSS V30 Elite Super Scanner represents the cutting edge of automotive diagnostic technology, providing dealer quality electronic diagnostics for the independent workshop in one simple and affordable unit.AUTOBOSS V30 Elite Super Scanner is your first choice of Auto Diagnostic Scanner.

The AUTOBOSS V30 system covers the full range of vehicle models, making it an essential tool for the independent automotive expert. The AUTOBOSS V30 package will allow your business to expand by providing ready diagnosis of a broad range of systems for all European, US and Asian cars, including Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Vauxhall, Volkswagen, and many more!

All in all, the AUTOBOSS V30 coverage spans over 40 manufacturers with up to 148 systems per vehicle.

Best of all, the AUTOBOSS V30’s vehicle coverage continues to grow, with simple internet-ready updates accessible to you at the click of a button. Unlike other tools and diagnostic equipment, the AUTOBOSS V30 is an investment that actually increases in value as time goes by. The AUTOBOSS internet database features newly added models and diagnostic software functions on an almost daily basis – making this rapidly expanding technology an essential investment for the professional auto technician.

Original SPX Autoboss V30 Elite Super Scanner

AUTOBOSS V30 Elite Super Scanner Function:

Quick test function to diagnose the complete vehicle

Cover more than 57 makes, 40,000 vehicle systems

More than just reading & clearing fault codes – goes far beyond and accesses the complete vehicle, including: drive line, chassis, body, and the networking/communication modules

Live data and graphing, performs actuations and adaptations

Key programming, Electronic parking brake, Service light reset and much more

Cutting edge operation system: Windows CE

European & Asian vehicles with dealer-level power

Read & change ECU coding

Coding of the new control modules

Internet update function

Testing report saving function

Built-in Mini Printer

All necessary cables and adapters included

One universal connector for most vehicles, including all CAN vehicles

AUTOBOSS V30 Elite Super Scanner Specification:


Memory: 64M

Flash card: SD card, 8G

Display: 7” Wide VGA (800×480) Ultra Bright TFT

Power supply: DC 8~15V, AC 110~250V 50Hz

Port: Diagnostic port, COM port, USB port, Power port

Operating system: WINDOWS CE

Storage temperature: -30~85oC

Working temperature: -10~70oC

Humidity: <90%

Package Dimension(mm): L665*W218*H470

Package Gross Weigh: 14KG

AUTOBOSS V30 Elite Super Scanner Adaptor:

Warm prompt:We also have AUTOBOSS V30 Elite Super Scanner for sale.

There are varies car diagnostic tool and car code reader at our vtoolshop are all of high quality.We also supply New SPX AUTOBOSS V30 Auto Scanner.We welcome your inquiry.


Autel MaxiSys Pro Hardware

* Extraordinarily powerful Cortex-A9 quad-core processor

* 9.7” 1,024×768 LED-backlit glossy Multi Touch capacitive display with IPS technology

* Internal reliable and fast 32GB Solid State Drive for better performance

* Built-in 5-megapixel rear camera with autofocus and flashlight

* Dual-band (2.4 GHz & 5.0 GHz) 802.11n Wi-Fi to access your favorite web resources

* Unique shop tough ergonomic design features strong rubber protection and housing;

* Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery for up to 8 hours of continuous operation

* USB, audio and auxiliary ports make it easy to connect accessories

* The VCI connects wirelessly to the main unit with Long-Range Class 1 Bluetooth

Autel MaxiSys Pro

I have owned my Autel MaxiSys Pro for more than two months, and think I would go on a brief review about it.

OK, the tool was ordered from youobd2 in early March for around USD3, 080, shipping cost included. It was delivered the next day and arrived at my door 5 days later by DHL. I read and erased DTCs with it on a 08 Ford Fusion AWD. I have used an Autel diagnostic tool before, so I found no problem using the tool. The diagnosing took less than 5 minutes.
Original Autel MaxiSYS Pro MS908 Pro Diagnostic System with WiFi Free Shipping

Autel MaxiSys Pro Scan Tool  support lauange both English and Chinese, you can update Method: Online(1 year free)and it can Warrant year.

Recently I have also tried it to program some ECU, and it works also. It seems the tool is smarter than most of the already-existed Autel diagnostic tools C it supports multitask while others do not.

The Highlight of Autel MaxiSys Pro Scan Tool

Designed with your DNA associated with Autel’s diagnostics friends and family, your MaxiSys is built to provide a lot of the esteemed qualities on the Autel MaxiSys Pro having serious easy utilize and powerful analysis perfo. Nowdays, the majority of our own purchaser prefer to chose the autel merchandise, but that they could not learn how to select. As the vast majority of autel object hold the exact operate and have, but have got various. In addition they mail us contact in order to require just what exactly various on the object, and so these days i’ve produce a image to show just what exactly various analysts, hopefully the item may help you.

The description of Autel MaxiSys pro MS908P

The description of Autel MaxiSys pro MS908P
When using the world economy, there are many companies associated with instruments, they usually are comparative we know, but you will see even now tons associated with positive change, an individual identify, or perhaps will not realize, as you can imagine, this is undoubtedly inside look at as being a popular manager. Motor vehicle restore tools is not correctly exactly the same phone number adapters and chargers, every single brand name demands their very own vent, it’s nada substantially applied.

Autel MaxiSys Pro Scan Tool is surely an evolutionary smart resolution to get specific auto analysis and ECU encoding. Designed with your DNA associated with Autel’s diagnostics friends and family, your MaxiSys is built to provide a lot of the esteemed qualities on the MaxiDAS DS708 having serious easy utilize and powerful analysis operation. Autel MaxiSys expert MS908P is definitely unique via Autel, could redesign online, may be designed to often be your go-to tool for your qualified technical assistant exactly who functions J-2534 reprogramming frequently.

Your much likely AUTEL MaxiSYS Expert MS908 PRO may be presented not too long ago. Autel MaxiSys expert MS908P is surely an evolutionary smart resolution to get specific auto analysis and ECU encoding. Designed with your DNA associated with Autel’s diagnostics friends and family, your MaxiSys is built to provide a lot of the esteemed qualities on the Maxidas DS708 having serious easy utilize and powerful analysis operation.

Your MaxiSYS? Expert may be designed to often be your autonumen for your qualified technical assistant exactly who functions J-2534 reprogramming frequently. MaxiSYS? Expert makes use of a ultra-powerful A9 quad-core, you. 40GHz processor chip that gives a 50% raise around rate vs competing merchandise, a being unfaithful. 7” CONTRIBUTED filter that has a you, 024 a 768 quality capacitive hint filter, a 32 GB Good Condition harddrive, the popular multitasking Bot Os and detailed OE-level motor vehicle protection. Your MaxiSYS? Expert comprises your J-2534 reprogramming field and specific MaxiSYS? Expert program needed for merchants and experts exactly who requirement a comprehensive analysis method capable of setting up sometimes the best complex and strenuous responsibilities. Your MaxiSYS? Expert contains most of important adaptors to get 1996 & more sophisticated automobiles, program to get Every day, Wok cookware, & Western automobiles (Autel Pro diagnostic tool) and converter cables necessary to get the job done, and 12 months associated with MaxiSys Pro messages.

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