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How to Register and Update OBDSTAR OdoMaster Mileage Programmer?

To update OBDSTAR Odo Master odometer correction tool software, you need to register device first.  OdoMaster enjoy 1 year free update ( 300USD/year later.) How to Register OdoMaster? Switch on the power before registration Go to Home menu-> Setting->WiFi, connect WiFi Go to main function menu, select Settings->User Information OdoMaster

OBDSTAR OdoMaster Ford Odometer Correction Vehicle List till 2019

Look here: Ford odometer correction software in OBDSTAR Odo Master mileage programmer.   It even covers the latest vehicles, year 2019. Take Focus 2019 Odomaster is user-friendly Help data can be used for newbies. Odometer correction will be easy, esp. thru OBD Just connect the obdstar machine to the car Then

(Solved) Toyota Prius 2005 KM reading & writing digiprog problem

Toyota Prius 2005 KM reading & writing, digiprog has problem, Orange 5 ,Carprog, Digimaster 3 are all ok, go on reading for instruction. Car model and year: Toyota prius 2005y dash Purpose: Read and write KM Tool to test: 1. Digiprog 3: Failed Using soldering points as it is showing in manual.

Land Rover key programmer advice: digimaster3 + Yanhua mini ACDP

Yanhua digimaster3 can program key for Land Rover before 2015 via OBD. Yanhua Mini ACDP with module 9 can program key for Land Rover 2015 – 2018 without dismantling and welding. Therefore, to program all Land Rover (older and newest), you need both. 1. Yanhua digimaster3 covers the following Land

Obdstar X300 DP Plus Configuration A vs Configuration B vs Configuration C

What is OBDSTAR X300DP PLUS Configuration A, B, C? It’s a new OBDSTAR OBD2 tool built with Android-based, used for vehicle diagnosis, coding, programming (key programming and ecu programming) and special functions (incl. odometer correction). It inherits from OBDSTAR advanced diagnosing technology and it is characterized by covering wide range of

Super DSP3 Mileage Programmer Super DSP3 Odometer Correction Tool

Super DSPIII support mileage correction for Audi/Vw/Seat/Skoda/Porsche/Mercedes/Volvo. What VAG Car does the Super DSP3 mileage programmer support? Did the super dsp3 add Vag Group car after 2014.06? Here share Super dsp3 odometer correction FAQ as following, hope it helpful for Super DSP3 mileage correction. 13-1 Super DSPIII OBD Tool Super DSP3

Which tool to correct odometer on Mercedes W212

I want to correct mileage on my W212 2013 year. Is only way to use MB CAN Filter?  I found some tutorial in carprog but doesn’t show steps with the mileage adjust. For example, if install mb can filter, do you still update ezs odometer value or just cluster? Yes

Review on 2016 Original Digimaster 3 Odometer Correction

Recently, I purchased a Yanhua Digimaster 3 odometer correction master, which gave me great help. This is my story. In fact, several days ago, I have been in the trouble that I don’t know how to change the mileage for my lover,Fiat Punto 2003. What even worse is that I’m

Top 9 Reasons to Get Digimaster III

Original Digimaster 3 also is called Digimaster III or shortly D3 1.It works with various types of adapter you can easily achieve odometer correction, Audio decoding, airbag resetting, engine ECU resetting, IMMO, programming key for Benz &BMW etc 2. CAS4+ CPU 1N35H read and write function for BMW year after