About How to solve these problems when you use the MB Star C3 Car/Truck Diagnostic Tool

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After well installed Star software (2021.03) and connect MB Star C3 multiplexer (SP45-C) with E-class W212 , the XENTRY software reported an error message reading “Unknown Communication Error”.

it shows: Unknown communication error
possible causes and remedies:
Xentry diagnostics data sectors are incomplete or faulty.
you must contact the user help desk.
1. Test other Mercedes models, because Star C3 is not able to diagnose new Mercedes-Benz cars, e.g newer W212. You need go for MB SD Connect C4 or Xentry C5
2. If the Star C3 Multiplexer failed to do other models, then
1) Run a Star diagnosis self test, if passed the self test, the device is in good condition
2) If MB Star C3 failed to run a self test, the diagnostic system is broken/damaged


now this is the latest version 2021.03 for MB Star C3 for car/truck diagnostic tool, if you have any more other question pls feel free to contact us: sale@cnautotool.com