How to use WOYO PDR Light for Auto dent repair

Hot sale body repair tools. It is WOYO PDR007.

WOYO PDR007 is a high-precision equipment, due to regional differences in parameter format, may not be applicable in some areas, please know before buying. Use this equipment only in accordance with local laws.

Q: Can i use WOYO PDR Light for direclty remove the car dent?

A: No, WOYO PDR Light is a WOYO Scannerl for you to easily find out the car dent under any condition of light source. You need use WOYO PDR-007 Auto Car Body Paintless Dent Repair Tool to clear the dent.

Many customers have the misconcept that the WOYO PDR Light can direclty remove the car dent. In this post we will tell you how to use this tool.

Step1: Turn on the light. Stick the strip-shaped sticker to the light.

Step 2. The light will reflect to the car via the strip-shaped sticker. If there is dent on the car, the strip-shaped will varies.
Step 3. Then use WOYO PDR-007 Auto Car Body Paintless Dent Repair Tool  to clear the dent.


Finished, very easy to operate.