How to Use JPRO Professional to Perform DPF Regeneration

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JPRO Professional truck scanner is the most comprehensive and powerful all makes, all models diagnostic tool available in the industry today. In one, easy annual subscription, JPRO provides a complete & unparalleled diagnostic service & repair solution with bi-directional functionality.

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Noergon’s DLA+ 2.0 adapter is a diagnostic communication device designed to interface between a vehicle and PC via USB cable for diagnostic and vehicle information, re-programming or parameter adjustments.
JPRO Professional can support DPF Regeneration for Cummins,Detroit,International,MACK,Paccar,Volvo and more. So here show you guide on how to use JPRO Professional to perform DPF Regen.


JPRO Professional

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Note:Please ensure you have followed all necessary safety precautions BEFORE performing a forced regen.


In the top left corner,vehicle health indicators may alert that you need to perform a DPF regen.

Click the “DPF Regen Needed” button

Then it will show the Aftertreatment Diagnostics screen.Notice in the top right,buttons indicate a needed OR inhibited regen.To initiate a DPF regen,simply click the “Start DPF Regen” button

Alternatively,click the “Aftertreatment Diagnostics” button from the toolbar will also launch the Aftertreatment screen

Additionally,you can access a DPF Regen from the Bi-Directional Test screen.Click the “Bi-Directional” button from the main toolbar.

Select the “DPF service Regen” test and click the “Start” button to launch the Aftertreatment screen

And for those who hold NextStep can access a DPF regen from the NextStep screen.

Click the “Bi-Directional” button on the right hand side.