Looking for offer the new DBScar connector for your scanners


I am an automotive technician working for an auto 45 store, every day I need to fix different car models for different car owners. As we all know from 1996 year most American-standard vehicles adopt OBDII protocol and accordingly generate kinds of diagnostic tools to work with OBDI卜protocol vehicles. In general. I use two kinds of OBDII diagnostic tools, one is handheld OBD2 Scanner without working with computer, another one is PC-based diagnostic tool which work with computer and mainly designed for professional auto repairman. My garage life goes on like this day by day, the car owners send me the troubled cars and I help diagnose and repair.

Some notice need to tell you that when you make the order from us , you need tell us the serial number of your equipment to us , we will offer the new dbscar with your serail number .  By the way , as someone who offer us the serial number which from the website not their owns ,so if you need a new dbscar connector , you not only need tell us the serial number , but also need to offer the photos of your equipment including the serial number paper , Launch company need verify the information , then will arrange to make the new dbscar for you .

Until one week ago, my garage life begins to be full of pleasant surprise, I was introduced a new-born OBD2 scan tool developed by Launch, it is LAUNCH DBScar.After trying for one time. I find X431 iDiag has many great advantages superior to the common OBDII scan tools IVe used before.

Dbscar Diagnostic Connector can diagnose the electronic control system of prevailing vehicle models covering Asian, European, American and China. Full range car models and full car system diagnose make it a professional automotive diagnostic tool. Diagnosis functions include: Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, Read datastream, Special functions etc;

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