Notice with LAUNCH X431 5C

Original LAUNCH X431 5C / LAUNCH X431 5C Pro Wifi and Bluetooth tablet diagnostic tool is designed to replace the previous Launch X431 V (PRO). as follow is Notice with LAUNCH X431 5C
1. X431 5C Wifi/Bluetooth Table Diagnostic Tool has same function as X431 V, but it do not contain OBD1 connectors. Whole set device more light, easy to carry
2. When you receive the device, please pass us Serial Number, Country and Language you want, we will get you auth

Autel DS708 is Windows CE system, While Autel 908P is Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich system. Autel DS708 has no SSD hard drive,While Autel 908P has 32GB SSD hard drive. Autel DS708 Just Support Ethernet WIFI connection.While Autel 908p Support both Ethernet Wifi connection and bluetooth connection.

Autel DS708 has no camera,Wihle Autel 908P 5.1 ,ega[oxel,AF with Flashlight camera.Autel DS708 boot up time is 40 seconds,While the autel 908P boot up time is 20 seconds, Autel DS708. Autel MaxiDAS DS708 fault code reader assists you in repairing your car, and Diagnostic and repair your car DIY, by telling you what the vehicle’s self-diagnostic system “thinks” is wrong. Since 1996,

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