BMW ICOM A2 Wifi solution comes with Dell E6420 laptop

BMW ICOM with Expert Mode/ Developer Mode enables BMW users and technician much more coding and programming possibilities, like self-leveling suspension, side airbags for rear passengers, automatic operation of tailgate, remote closing windows etc functions. The ICOM Rheingold software is compatible BMW ICOM A1, ICOM A2 and BMW ICOM A3.
BMW ICOM A2 Wifi solution comes with Dell E6420 laptop, software preinstalled ready to work, software version will be 09/2014. ISTA/P Expert mode for single module programming is added in this order for Free. I have installed BMW Rheingold to my computer and I am trying to do a diagnosis through ista – d. I have connected Icom A2 and managed to see the module as long as it’s IP through IToolRadar. When i am at the step of connection the status of the header says firmware and i cannot connect with the vehicle.

Use Network cable to connect Super version BMW ICOM A2 with computer, charge Super version BMW ICOM A2 with 12V power adapter or connect Super versionICOM A2 with the BMW vehicle. When it pops up “The SYSTEM IMAGE update was successfully”, click “Update Firmware”.

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