X431 v + is a new professional vehicle diagnostic tool

Here I want to say,no matter your X431 tool is X431 idiag series, or X431 Creader series,or X431 diagnostic scanners,if you want to register it, you need to register a cc account on LAUNCH dbscar website.Then log in, after that you can register your X431 products.The serial number and password can be found on the password paper.When registering LAUNCH X431 IV,LAUNCH X431 Diagun iii ,LAUNCH X431 V,LAUNCH X431 V+,LAUNCH X431 GDS, it will ask you to input dealer code, it is 86A/86K,not 86A/86K.
Launch X431 V+ with Bluetooth/Wifi based on Android system,which is a new car malfunction diagnostic device developed by Launch Tech for Internet application. X-431 V+ completely substitutes X431 IV and X431 Diagun III. It passes on Launch advantages in car fault diagnostic technology, such as vast car model coverage, powerful test function, special function and accurate test data, etc.Launch X431 V diagnostic tablet is a substitute of X431 IV and X431 Diagun III, both of whose production is stopped. This Launch product is an easy-carrying tablet that boasts better vehicle support, performance and communication method than others.

Launch X431 V+ PRO3 involves most of Introduction diagnostic software ‘s positive aspects throughout car wrong doing diagnostic technological know-how, just like vast car type insurance, effective check functionality, as well as other unique functionality and also precise check info, and so on. Introduction X431 V+ exclusively encourages gasoline(gasoline) motor vehicles, if you would like analyze diesel motor vehicles, pls pick out INTRODUCTION X431 IV and also INTRODUCTION X431 Diagun iii.

X431 v + is a new professional vehicle diagnostic tool designed and developed by LAUNCH for repair technicians. It’s smart, easy to carry, fully functional and convenient to use, and it’s the standard equipment for garage technicians. It can do ECU coding, Immobilizer, Airbag, Adaptation, Live Data, ABS, and lots of Special Functions.

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