How to swith to developer mode from dealer mode for piwis tester 3 software?

Porsche Piwis Tester III¬†with latest V40.6 software installed at Lenovo Yoga S1 touch screen laptop, ready to use. Fixed piwis tester 2 could not work on Porsche vehicles after 2017, comes with dual system V38.200 + V40.6 software, supports diagnosis… Continue Reading

What is Porsche PPN

What is Porsche PPN, Porsche PPN certificate, Importing PPN certificate Porsche PPN is a Porsche dealer network, which can be used as a VPN for Porsche dealers The Porsche PPN certificate is an authorization certificate for Porsche dealers Importing PPN… Continue Reading

What is Porsche Piwis 3?

Porsche Integrated Workshop Infomation System (PIWIS) / KTS-650. The PIWIS 3 is the latest Porsche diagnostic tool, and is similar to the Porsche System Tester 2 but also supports CAN-BUS vehicles. PIWIS 3 also integrates repair manual information into the… Continue Reading

Porsche PIWIS III Piwis 3 Newest Software in here

PIWIS III is the third generation of Porsche diagnostic tool which will definitely grow your business to the new highest level of services. This masterpiece is created by Porsche engineers, provides to its user a plenty of possibilities for providing… Continue Reading

Porsche Piwis III software Update V40.600

Porsche Piwis III is the new third-generation Porsche diagnostic tool, which is good at maintenance, repair, control units change and programming & setting codes, can read/clear trouble code and show ECU information. Here share the latest update info and car… Continue Reading