How to Change Autel MK808 Language after Authorization?



How to Change Autel MK808 Language after Authorization?

Here show the right way to change Autel Automotive Diagnostic System scanner language after authorization. Hope help you!Since small language users may meet below problems such as car models missing after misoperation. We are here to talk about the correct operation steps and solution.



The Autel MaxiCOM MK808 diagnostic tablet is not allowed to access any car models after changing language. It only appears with the screen “Si el modelo de vehiculo requerido no esta disponible en este dispositivo, descarguelo de la Pagina de Actualizacion(If the required vehicle model is not available in this device, download it from the Update Page)”.


After switching language, Autel MK808 gives me a blank page for any options. I can’t do anything. Please help.


Right way to solve problems

Go to System Settings >> Reset (selected “Erase SD Card”) to format the device;
Go to Update to upgrade all software;
Go to Settings >> Language to change.

This method applies to all Autel Professional Scan Tools.


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