Choose a better coverage and supprot one from Xtool x100 pad2 and obdstar

Choose xtool x100 pad2 tablet key programmer or OBDSTAR tool. It seems that many people are confusing about the difference between these two OBD tool. Now share you with a discuss about this topic in the forum. ray-ray (DK Veteran) reply: Story is obdstar and xtool was a joint company

OBDSTAR, Xtool and Autel which to Program Ford EcoSport Smart Key?

What for Ford EcoSport smart key programming? Autel, OBDSTAR, XTOOL– which can make it? Here are the tests: Autel IM100: Failed! Obdstar X300 Pro3: Success! Obdstar X100 Pro: Success! XTOOL X100 PAD2: Success! Test 1: Autel Im100 failed to program Ford EcoSport smart key Security access failed! It’s 2014 Ford