EEPROM Adapter Use Guide: Read Pin Code, Initialize Data, Read-Write Chip

EEPROM which developed by XTOOL is a tool which could use to read chip that needs to be removed when reading IMMO pin code. User could remove the chip from Immobiliser or dashboard and then read pin code via EEPROM.

XTOOL EEPROM Adapter is designed for X100 PRO /X200S /X300 Plus/X100 PAD

Chip socket has 3 chip types: 3XXX, 25 (95) XXX and 24XXX

Read - Write - Chip - 1

How to connect EEPROM with chip and X100 PRO /X200S /X300 PLUS:

Read - Write - Chip - 2

The following will share the EEPROM function like reading pin code, initialization data and read- write chip.

Take Changan CX20 for example to show how to read IMMO pin code:

Take apart the EEPROM chip from the vehicle control unit.
Find the correct chip socket according to chip type (pay attention: both directions of chip and chip socket should be the same, otherwise password will fail to be read).
Connect EEPROM chip with XTOOL X100 PRO or XTOOL X300 PLUS.
Choose “EEPROM Adapter” and “Read Pin Code” function.

Read - Write - Chip - 3

Select car model “Changan”->”C20”

Read - Write - Chip - 4

Choose ECU type ”ECU(93C46)’

Read - Write - Chip - 5

And the pin code of Changan C30 could be read out

Read - Write - Chip - 6

Next, share the guide to initialize data by taking Toyota for example.

Choose “initialize data”-> car model “Toyota”

Read - Write - Chip - 7

Chose the initialization type “Smart system initialization”

Read - Write - Chip - 8

Then select the detail car model “HIGHLANDER”

Read - Write - Chip - 9
Choose the initialization type, pay attention to Immobiliser and ECU type.

Read - Write - Chip - 10

Save the file and the xtool will remind you to initialize. Choose yes and initialization will be done.

Read - Write - Chip - 11

How EEPROM read-write chip

Before reading or writing chip, please remove the chip from car and connect it with chip holer

Choose ”EEPROM chip read/write” function
Read - Write - Chip - 12

Choose the right chip type

Read - Write - Chip - 13

Select the file name to save

Read - Write - Chip - 14
Choose the file to recover.
Read - Write - Chip - 15

After confirming the right file, the chip is successful read and write.

Read - Write - Chip - 16

If you buy xtool x100 pro on CnAutotool, you could get one EEPROM adapter with your package.

Key programmers for Toyota Honda Suzuki, which tool?

I have some question about key programming and will only focus Toyota, Honda and Suzuki.

To reset the immobilizer, how we know from where we need to copy data, ECU or immobilizer box in Toyota and is smart key box is a different component.

What is the ORI, is that same dump which we copy from 93xxx from above places?

What is the difference between Key programmer such as X100 Pro/X 100 PADCN900 transponder programmer?

Now want to know how to reset or read dump means make sense of data inside.

and what is the P1 or explain to me the attach picture.

Q1 – not sure as i have never had to reset Toyota immobilizer, just made keys from dump(information on where to find the module with chip for reading can be found in the software you are using I.E zed bull/ad900

Q2 – the ORI file is the dump which you originally read from the unit, before you make any modifications, always save the original if you mess up you can always put it back to how it was.

Q3 – the Xtool x100 PAD is a tablet based programmer for physically programming the keys to cars by OBD, it has some eeprom functions for reading pin codes, initializing ecu’s etc.

the TJECU cn900 clone machine is a transponder machine, it can read and identify what chip is in a key, it can clone some types of transponder chip, it can prepare certain types of transponder for OBD Programming and i believe there are some eeprom applications for making keys from immobilizer/ecu/bsi/antenna(but not 100% on that)


So In your pic you have the Id of the Transponder, then p1 is page one, it shows the information for page one of the Transponder, p2 is Page 2 and so on

More information may be visible if the cn900 has pc software and it is read with that.