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GM Scan Tools & Software IT Guidelines

GM’s hardware (Tech 2, MDI, MDI2, VXdiag vcx nano gm, etc.) and software (Tech2win, GlobalTis, TIS2000, GDS2, etc) are designed and validated to work within specified hardware and software versions. This document details the ideal computer scenarios with which GM hardware and software will function as designed. Non-compliance could result

GM MDI Tech2Win “No communication with vehicle” solution

Tech2Win is a Windows application which can be loaded onto a service PC or laptop via TIS2Web. It provides much convenience to the operation of GM MDI Diagnostic Tool. But improper operation may leads to system errors. Here provides the MDI Tech2Win no communication error and solution. Problem: After install

How to update GM MDI Hardware

Here we share the method to update GM MDI Hardware. item: New Wifi GM MDI Scan Tool Multiple Diagnostic Interface with SPS Software with WIFI Card 1. firstly press this button like the picture showed, and then connect to power adapter, unloose the button until all the five leds are flashing.