MAN Truck Euro 5 real test with CAT T200

Today we troubleshot a new MAN Bus Euro 5 2016 model. This is test MAN Euro 5 Real test.

Device used:

MAN CAT 200 truck diagnostic scan tool (for MAN brand only)


Our shop has ordered the brand new Dell laptop with Heavy Duty Diagnostic tool MAN CAT 200 diagnostic system. Package includes T200 communication interface main unit, main cable,OBDII cable,USB cable and 12-pin round cable.







MAN CAT 200 scanner is able to access following systems (have been tested by our mechanic):

• Electronic brake systems (EBS).
• Electronically controlled air suspension (ECAS).
• Engine regulation (EDC).
• Retarder.
• Gearbox.
• Air-conditioning systems.
• Central computer.
• Instrumentation.
• Door module.
• Airbag.
• And much more

CAT will also programming some basic modules offline.

Display full truck information and quickly erase fault


Module and function selection menu



Truck diagnostic tool Gentleman Cats T200 by Teradyne

Truck diagnostic tool Gentleman Cats T200 by Teradyne will be the newest 2017 calendar year scanner suitable for Male vehicles and also other autos with Person engines. It works effectively with any more recent Guy car thanks to its ability to guidance CAN kind diagnostic applications. Right here lies the primary gain about Guy Cats II, which can only support the older trucks (no aid of CAN units). Alternatively, T200 supports both most recent and more mature vehicles’ devices and protocols. This truck diagnostic tool is really an best assistant for virtually any kind of Guy providers, experienced dealers or community mechanics.

Examples of MAN Diagnostic Tool MAN CAT T200scanner diagnosable systems: EBS, ECAS (electronically managed air suspension), EDC (motor regulation), retarder, gearbox, air-conditioning procedure, central personal computer, airbag, instrumentation, doorway module, and many others.

Male CATS T200 (Code: 0)
guy cats interface
zoom Zoom impression
guy cats interface male cats OBD cable male cats spherical cable connector usb for gentleman interface Guy CATS T200

Gentleman CATS T200 – dealer scan tool techniques for trucks and Gentleman, Gentleman CATS T200 (male cats 3 ) – for diagnostics and programming trucks brand names of Man.
It is actually made use of for vans along with other industrial autos created after 2001 .
Functions along side the diagnostic program gentleman cats

Options Guy CATS T200

Control device identification
Reading , erasing glitches
Testing with the actuators
Monitoring (visualization and interpretation of sensor indicators )
Guided Fault Finding
Ailment checking and service functions .
Programming and Control Module Alternative

Supported techniques :

Digital braking procedure (EBS)
Engine administration technique (EDC)
Air suspension regulate (ESAC)
Air-con devices
The central computer
door module
plus more
Gentleman T200 is transportable and strong. It allows workshops specially scaled-down ones – to inexpensively sustain while using the new Trucknology technologies in the motor vehicles.

Gentleman T200 can be an external analysis procedure while using the most extensive test depth for electrical devices in Gentleman professional cars. This diagnosis program is preferably suited to implement within a workshop as well as cellular utilization.

What do you know about MAN DIAGNOSTIC KIT (T200)

T200 is an expanded vehicle communication interface with ISO22900-1 compliance. VCI also supports the interfaces SAE J2534-1 and J2534-2. It can be optimally configured for applications such as vehicle function test, bus monitoring, measurement value recording/data recorders, diagnostics, calibration, script-based production checks, control unit reprogramming, control unit simulation and much more.

MAN-cats III – MAN-computer assisted testing and diagnostic system. This special tool gives user the greatest possible test depth for vehicles, bus/coach chassis and engines for installation. The compact system is ideal for workshop use and mobile use. MAN-cats is mobile, easy to use and has durable components.

Supported all MAN and Neoplan vehicles for:

5.Parameter programming.

Supported languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Turkish, Czech, Portuguese, Romanian, Norwegian.