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The following are some customers’ reviews on GM Tech 2 Scanner.


Wonderful! All in good packages, fast delivery! Seller send us the OPEL V148 software free download, I am thinking how to put to the card

Tech2 package including TIS2000, no need buy alone!

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Fast Shipping. Tech2 as described, comes with TIS2000, I used tested on my OPEL vehicles, works great. Thanks.

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Thank you. I received the gm tech2 well. Recommended!

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Perfect Tech2, seller also send the TIS2000 with usb keygen,all working fine

goods of high quality everything works. there was only a problem with delivery I asked my neighbour help pick up the package. All ok

Amazingly fast delivery just 9 days from placing order to package in my hands, Seller Use UK Special Line ship the package , NO TAX !. Tech2 is as described, all included!

Works perfect! A lot of choice for card, I choose OPEL English card and does exactly what I espected on my Vauxhall !

This tech2 is good. Work fine, but I ordered wrong card, should be OPEL card, I ordered GM Card. that’s fine, my friend need GM card,I gave my hard to him and bought a new OPEL Card

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Very fast shipping! It took only two weeks to deliver in Saint-Petersburg. Good packing. Tech2 as described. Works fine! Very good seller. Recommend!!!

Working good, seller send the TIS2000 with usb keygen as promised,and also the gift ELM327 they promise me 3 moth ago!Very impressed

Seller shipped with Germany Special Line , package arrival within 9 days, what’s more No Tax. If you are a customer from Germany, ask them ship Germany way or Yanwen express, Never DHL !

Very good seller, very professional. If you have questions, always ready to respond. Finds solutions and provides concrete solutions. Thank you very much.

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Works fine with Psg16, thank you very much will order another one. great seller! quickly and efficiently!

Customer real experience with GM Tech 2 Scanner (Review)

Here is the real experience by our customer on GM Tech 2 Scanner.

Bought the highest quality version as i didn’t want to risk any issues with the device, and it all works fine and i do not regret my purchase.

It arrived pretty fast, but i got a customs charge which i didn’t realise i’d get.
First impression: the carry case is not the one shown in the photo’s, which is annoying as the one in the photo’s looks really good, With the cables and candi module stored underneath 2 flaps, the main unit and adaptors clipping in the top of the case etc.

What i got was a basic plastic case (with sharp metal catches) where everything is squashed in on one level in foam, it does the job i guess, but i’d really have prefered the better case i thought i was paying the extra £30 for.
I’d bought a genuine Ugreen rs232 to usb cable in advance, £10 off amazon, this is one of the few cables listed as working with the tech2, and it did, connects at highest speed with no issues at all.

The house power supply has an american plug on it (psu has a universal voltage of 100 to 250 volts)
i got worried when the tech2 wouldn’t even turn on, then i noticed the plug had slightly pulled out of the adaptor i had to use, something we are not used to in england as our plugs fit the sockets very securely and are hard to accidentally pull out, so changing the plug is one of the first things to do…
The house psu runs pretty warm btw.

I did all the self tests and it passed them all with flying colours (except the usual HBCC test that gets ignored (used on some ford vehicles i believe) and the RS485 that has no loopback adaptor so will always fail)
I took it out to my car (a 2011 vauxhall meriva B) and plugged it in, it connected straight away and i asked it to give me a list of DTC’s, i had been using an op-com before i got the Tech2 and the tech2 listed some old DTC’s the op-com had never picked up, I cleared the DTC’s, then tried the rest of the diagnostics available, i had no problems so far, i was able to move engine actuators (op-com can’t do that on the meriva B) operate things remotely, saw the DPF was at 108% full, so went for a little drive and the tech2 showed the DPF regen in progress, got an exhaust temp of 650 degrees C during it)

However that test drive showed up the universal weakness of the clone tech2’s, the internal power supply cuts out when you start the engine so the tech2 re-boots, this means there are a few diagnostic tests you can never do that involve starting the engine whilst the tech2 monitors things (unless you use external power to the tech2, which is advised against in all service manuals)

There is a solution, replace the internal power supply module with a better quality unit!!

There is also a highly recommended modification of removing the RS232 chip and putting a usb module in it’s place so you have a direct USB connection to the Professional Diagnostic Tool tech2, rather than the 4 connections that are just begging to be caught and pulled apart whilst uploading software to the car.
These mods are on the tech2 wiki (google it)

I then tried to SPS to my car to add a new IPC… one of the reasons i bought the Tech2.

That’s when discovered my car is not in the list of cars you use the tech2 to service program directly (the: connect tech2 to car, download data, take tech2 to computer, upload data, download software update, take tech2 back to car and upload the software method)

But i figured i could SPS using the tech2 in the J2534 pass thru mode… only my computer couldn’t connect to the tech2 in that mode… remote view of the unit worked but not SPS… i figured the issue out tho…
The rs232 to usb adapter had been assigned to com port 7 when i plugged it in, i changed the com port to COM1
~windows / computer / device manager / ports (COM & LPT) and find the relevant port your rs232 adapter is on (it wont be listed as ‘Tech2′) and change it to port 1~
Now SPS in pass thru mode works perfectly, i updated the software in a few of the modules (i use GlobalTis 32b, the last offline version with full SPS capability, was released in 2012 i believe, and it had newer software than my 2011 car had in it)

Then i did an update of the BCM and IPC to allow the rain sensor i’d just wired in to be seen by the systems, I tried to add a new immobilizer key, but it refused the accept the new key, most likely the key is at fault.. as part of learning new keys is to delete the old ones from the system, and the tech2 added them back no problem.

I’ve also used the tech2 to connect to ford vehicles using some software called ‘ForScan’ it has the Tech2 listed as a J2534 pass thru devise and works fine with it, The pcmcia card that came with the Tech2 allowed it’s self to be re-written (some people buying from other places find the card is locked and can’t be re-written)
i used GlobalTis’s card writer feature, it takes 40 minutes to write the card, but it works fine.

I’m very pleased with my Tech2 so far, the only thing that would make it perfect would be the carry case that’s shown in the photo’s, but that dosent affect how the actual devise works.

I’d recommend anyone buy their Tech2 from CnAutotool, and i have pointed a few people who were interested in buying one here.

Corvette C6 service programming in 2 methods

Corvette C6 service programming in 2 methods:
1. TIS2000 running with GM Tech2
2. went to the website, downloaded the java app they supply (that contains your paid subscription information so it’ll run), and ran it. All I used was a web browser and I re-initialized PCMs.

In details…
1. TIS2000 running with GM Tech2 for Corvette C6 SPS programming
Tis2000 is only used for SPS programming, and the Tech II is put into pass-through mode when using such.
On export vets, you have to use SPS programming for programming in fobs, since the key in the cylinder does not work on them.
Op. You can always call ACDelcoTDS and ask them pre-sales questions on what you really need. There’s no cost to ask and they do have real humans answering the phones who know what’s up.

How to install Crack TIS2000 on XP?
As for Tis2000, need to run under XP,.
So the short version, build a VM shell in XP with something like VM work station on your win 10 machine, load the three discs to the VM shell, install the crack, then build the driver.

If your laptop does not have an RS232 port, then will need to buy the needed usb cable to connect the Tech II to the laptop, and make sure to install the needed USB driver into the XP shell as well.
Drivers are listed about half way down on the page.

As for the cracked Tis2000 (all three disc’s and dongle crack), pretty easy to find for free on the web with a search to download it for free.

As for what came with the clone, some users consider it is just a PDF file, actually it is a file that needs to be decompressed with something like 7-zip to produce the three iso’s and the dongle crack folder with instructions.

A/C Delco TDS online is not a bad thing, and only $40 per vin/car for two year period.
On the other hand, Tis2000 cracked can be mod’d to do SPS programming on any car up to 2013 for free instead.


(Solved) 2015 Chevy Express 4500 – no start

Car models: 2015 Chevy Express 4500 with a little over 18,000 miles.

Symptom – When trying to start engine, turn key , dash goes dark and nothing happens, the engine does not turn over. Stop turning key and “SERVICE AIRBAG” is displayed and dash chimes 33 times. I used a Snap-on Solus Ultra to read the codes.

Current Codes that are showing up:U0100,U0140,U0073,C0055

Troubleshooting so far:
Battery is good. Checked all fuses in engine compartment and under drivers seat. All test good. Looking for ideas on what to check next.

Analysis 1:

– No EBCM fault will cause no start condition, so you can safely ignore the C0055 for now.
The three U codes are important and most likely have one common cause. The ECM, BCM, TCM modules are unable to communicate with each other. Finding the reason could be tricky, time to study that electrical diagram posted above and verify power, ground to the modules, disconnect those C100 and C101 connectors and check for continuity on the data wires. Automotive electrical troubleshooting experience required.
As a side effect, PRNDM1 indicator on the instrument cluster will not be illuminated while no communication is present. So when it lights up you know you found the problem.


I do not see a C100 or C101 connector in the Body Builders service manual.

The PRNDM1 indicator is illuminated and seems to work when shifted. The head lights and FTP and brakes lights all seem to function properly as well.

Troubleshooting 1/18/19:
I disconnected the connector to the Airbag control module under the drivers seat. I got different symptoms when I tried to start the vehicle. I then reconnected it and disconnected the EBCM on the drivers side rail under the vehicle. When I tried to start the vehicle, I got the same exact symptoms as when it is connected. I measured 12 volts on both pins 1 and 11 and 18 and 28 on the EBCM connector K17. The ground was good to the ECBM as well.

I am going to hook a oscilloscope up to the CAN bus data pins and see if the correct signal voltages for proper bus communications are present.

Troubleshooting 1/19/19:
I hooked the scope to pins 6 and 14 on the OBD2 interface under the drivers side dash. I turned the ignition on. I saw the expected wave forms with no strenuous signals. I tried to start the vehicle and this time the started engaged and the engine turned over but it still did not start. The “Service Airbag” message was no longer displaying. I disconnected the connection to the OBD2 connector. I tried to start the engine again and it turns over but did not start. I tried again and the “Service Airbag” message re-displayed. I reconnected the OBD2 connector to the scope and was able to get the “Service Airbag” message to go away again.

With the engine wanting to turn over, I disconnected the EBCM connector again. I got the same exact symptom as when it is connected, engine turns over but does not start.

Next step, I am going to try to see if there is any data on the SAE J1850 bus pins on the OBD2 connector.

Troubleshooting 1/20/19:
I connected the scope to pis 2 and 10 on the OBD2 connector to measure data. I did not see any signals on those pins.

I disconnected the battery so I could measure the resistance of the High speed bus, pins 6 and 14 on the OBD2 connector. I read 60.4 ohms which is the correct resistance.

Analysis 2:

DTC U0100: Lost Communication With ECM/PCM “A”
DTC U0140: Lost Communication With Body Control Module (not Brake Control)

Check continuity to them.


I started to look at the BCM. The BCM for my vehicle is NOT located behind the right driver side knee like the documentation states. It was located in front middle of the passenger knee bottom plastic plate. I took the BCM out of the holder. I pulled the X3 connector that has the data bus connections on it. Tried to start the vehicle with the connector removed. No PRNDM1 indicator and no crank. I plugged X3 back in, cycled the key and now it starts! I reinstalled all of the things I disassembled. It starts up every time. No codes are on the ECU now. I am kind of worried that this issue is going to come back to haunt me one day, but at least I know where to start looking. Thanks again for everyone’s help!

Not fixed yet! Ugh!
This Chevy Express 4500 is a RV cutaway for a Coachmen Freelander 21QB. During the troubleshooting I accidentally stripped the brass positive cable screw. I replaced the stripped battery terminal yesterday and connected the house battery’s back in and hooked back up the RV charging relay. The problem reappeared. It failed to turnover and the service airbag message appeared again. I unhooked the relay and after many tries was able to get it to start again. Seems to be very intermittent. I am looking back at the pictures of the scope screen for the CAN- low level. I noticed interesting voltage levels on the CAN Low bus line. Not sure if that is impacting the bus or not. I attached the picture so you can see that the low part of the CAN-Low line signal has a couple of different voltage levels. The CAN-High signaling seems to look fine. I will attempt more troubleshooting again tonight to see if I can create a fail/good start scenario to help a little more in finding the source of the issue. I wish I had a digital scope with 2 inputs and CAN bus decode, but I only have an older analog one right now with a single input.


CAN – low signal

Advise continue to check:

You’re goanna have to probe deeper. Use continuity mode on your DMM. Probe the data bus pins between module and module to make sure they have a good connection. Check power supply and ground connections too.

What to do:

I measured the resistance between the CAN-H and CAN-L pins on the OBD2 port below the driver knee. I measured 60 ohms. If the data bus was open anywhere, I thought that I would get a different resistance but this is all new to me. All of the dash lights seem to function properly even during the no crank situation. The PRNDM1 seems to always work unless I disconnect the X3 connector. The battery is good and not a source of problem.

The issue seems to be intermittent. I can recreate a no start / service airbag display if I let the vehicle sit for a long period of time (so far I have only tried 24 hours); put the key in; turn the ignition to run; wait 1 sec; turn key to crank. The starter will engage for .5 seconds and the stop. All lights on dash go out. When I release the key back to run, the dash lights reappear and chimes 5 times and then I get 33 fast chimes with the service airbad message.

The engine will not start until I do the following. It I take the key out, open the drivers door, wait 10 seconds, put key in and turn to run; wait 4 seconds; then turn to start. The engine will then start and no messages are displayed. The engine will continue to start (most of the time) with any attempt after this and seems to function normally.

I need to figure out what sequences/sensor conditions in the computers will cause the “service airbag” message to appear with 33 chimes.


Can someone help me understand the CAN bus layout for my vehicle? The diagram show 3 x 120 ohm resisters instead of 2. Also, why do most of the modules have 2 connections to the CAN bus? I would think that it would only be one if the module was a node on the bus.



I have an digital oscilloscope with CAN bus decode on order and will be posting captures hopefully soon.


I really think you are barking down the wrong rabbit hole. Analyzing the signals will be very time consuming, and ultimately unproductive towards solving your no-start.

If you checked to make sure the modules have good solid connections to each other, power, and ground, then the next step is to start swapping modules.


I think I understand, 2 different transmission configurations with terminating resistors shown in the diagram. Thanks. Scope is due to arrive next Thursday. I will be able to plot voltages to the BCM while cranking as well as do a detailed signal inspection of the CAN bus. More to come.

Go on….

Based on my older scope analysis, I believe that I have a module that is corrupting the bus. Instead of randomly replacing modules, my goal is to capture the data of the offending module and gather the ID field of it. Then I will know what module is bad and replace it. I have seen others troubleshoot it by pulling fuses to the modules one at a time until the bus looks clean, but I am going to try this method first.

GM Tech2 needed:

if you really believe you have a module issue you need to borrow a GM MDI / GDS tech tool, it will allow you to determine/test the health of each system. Your van is too new to use the older Tech2 which is pretty common at local service shops (I have one myself and they are invaluable but my van is an 06).

What to do next:

Just a quick update. The engine starts every time I try now, I can no longer make it fail. I did not do anything to fix it that I know of. For additional troubleshooting, I purchased a “CANable” CAN to USB adapter. I was able to configure the adapter and connect it to a Raspberry PI 3 and run Wireshark to capture raw CAN bus packets. I was specifically looking for packets with the “error” bit set in the CAN header which would represent bus errors. I captured packets for an extended period of time and did not see a single error. I guess I will have to wait till this problem reoccurs to troubleshoot further.

Till next time…….

Finally solved.

Problem back. My vehicle is an RV so I went to use the vehicle last weekend for the first time since December and the same thing happened again. Turn key , dash goes dark and nothing happens, the engine does not turn over. Stop turning key and “SERVICE AIRBAG” is displayed and dash chimes 33 times. I then used the same method of getting it to start as before. Opened the drivers door and closed it. Waited for the mileage to disappear, turn the key to on, wait for 4 seconds and then start. It has started ever time after that. At least I think I have a work around and hoping it does not stick me on the road in some distant city.

Original & Crack GM Tech2Win Software Installation Guide

Here share the procedures on how to install original & crack GM Tech 2 software.And the cost-effective hardware you can choose for the Tech2Win:VXDIAG GM/Opel NANO,GM GDI Interface


GM Tech2Win Software Free Download

Part 1:Install Original GM Tech2Win Software

Part 2:Install Crack GM Tech2Win on VXDIAG GM

Part 3:GM MDI GDS2 Tech2Win Software Installation Steps

Part 1:Install Original GM Tech2Win Software

Install GM Tech2Win Driver:

Download Tech2Win Driver on above preparation article.

After download completing,click it to begin install driver

Follow the on screen installation prompts to complete the installation.

Click “Next” to continue

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -1

Select “I accept the terms in the License Agreement”,then click “Next” to continue
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -2

Click Next to install to default folder or click change to choose another.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -3

Click Install to begin the installation.You also can click “Back” to review or change any of your installation settings.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -4

Now click “Finish” to end driver installation.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -5

Once the driver is installed process to the Tech2Win software installation.

Install GM Tech2Win Software:

Visit,and login into your GM account.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -6

Agree to the terms and click “continue”

Choose “Service and Programming Information.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -7
Choose “Access Your Subscription” if you do not currently have a subscription, choose “Subscribe

Now” button
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -8

You will want to choose the (SWDL) Icon for the software download. See below

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -9

Click the “Start Software Download” Button. This will open Java. Choose “Run” to open the software download.

Once the Software download window opens, you will see the following screen.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -10

BE SURE TO CLICK “Custom” and Then “Next”

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -11

The software installation window will open. Click the “Install Button”

After the Java program locates the installer file, the Tech2Win Setup window will open. Click “Next” and follow the on screen prompts to install Tech2Win. Allow the program to install in its default locations. DO NOT MODIFY THE INSTALL PATH in any way, otherwise Tech2Win may not

function properly.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -12

Proceed with the setup by clicking “Next”
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -13

Accept the License Agreement, and click next.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -14

Follow all the onscreen prompts leaving everything to the default settings.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -15

Click “Install” to start the installation.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -16

Click “Finish” to complete the installation.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -17

The “Installation Summary” window will come up stating that the Install was Successful.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -18

Another “Software Download window will come up.

STOP and leave this window as is UNTIL YOU OPEN THE Tech2Win Program.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -19

Plug the J2534 device into your laptop and a Vehicle DLC so the tooling is powered up. You should

now have 2 Tech2Win icons on you desktop. Open the one that is named “Tech2Win”
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -20

Choose the “Default” button.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -21

The following warning message may come up. DO NOT PANIC, click “Next” and we will update the

licensing for Tech2win.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -22

Choose your J2534 device in the “Select Vehicle Communication Interface” Window and click ok.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -23

The following message will appear. DO NOT PANIC! This is normal; Tech2win is looking for the MDI. Click “OK” to proceed.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -24

Your Tech2Win should now be opened and look like this. Now we need to update the software level to the latest North American version to install your License.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -25

Come back to the “Software Download” window LEAVING Tech2Win OPEN. And perform the following steps. Choose “Custom” and hit “Next”.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -26

The software will start to download, you will notice the Tech2Win Screen starting to blink and flash,this is normal. Once the level of software has been read, you will be presented with the following screen to choose your application to download. We want to choose the following

North American Operations

Double Click “English” to add it to the Right Side window and click “Download”

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -27

The software will start to download. The Tech2Win screen will again start to flash and blink. This is Normal.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -29

When the download has finished you will see the following screen. Click Close.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -30

You will now see on your Tech2Win screen with your New Software level and your Subscription Days.

You are now ready to use Tech2Win.

Part 2:Install Crack GM Tech2Win on VXDIAG GM

Compatible Hardware:VXDIAG GM NANO

Compatible OS:xp, win7 64bit or win8 64bit
1.Open DVD, unzip “Tech2Win11.27” file to the desktop, copy “VX Manager” to the desktop.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -32

2.Open “Tech2Win11.27” file on the desktop, open “AutoInstall” to install GM MDI and Tech2Win.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -33

3.Open “VX Manager” on the desktop to install VCX SDK Driver.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -34

4.Go to the right corner of the desktop, click “JS” to connect to the network, then select “Work network”.– Diagnose GM vehicles via USB procedure Connect device to the computer by USB5) 5Open “VX Manager”, check VCX NANO device information.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -35
5.Click incon “Diagnostc Apps”- “GM GDS2/Tech3”, click “Install”
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -36

Now open Tech2Win to configure the market–choose your country area,here select “North American”

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -37


Part 3:GM MDI GDS2 Tech2Win Software Installation Steps

Compatible Interface:GM MDI Interface

1.Run Setup.exe→ I accept… → Select language ” nao en”, “opel en”→ Install Global TIS
2.Global TIS Registration→ Edit dealership data→ Email registration→ Save “Registration PDF” file to seller for GM MDI software activation→ Complete Subscriber ID and License Key
Tips: NO need activation GM MDI GDS2 software available here:
3.Install Adobe Reader→ Install Java→ Install GDS2 GM MDI Software→ Install Tech2win→ Set Tech2win language
4.Install wizard for RNDIS/ Ethernet Gadget
5.Set Local Area Connection 2 Properties→ Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
6.Open GM MDI Manager→ Connect→ Open Global TIS→ Yes→ OK
7.Open Tech2win→ Choose Configuration: nao en→ “Security” tab→ Download then run Security Access Service Client
Choose Configuration: opel en→ “Security” tab→ Download then run Security Access Service Client
8.Go to “GDS2” tab→ Start GDS2→ Select language