Launch X431 Icarscan X-431 EasyDiag With 8 Free Softwares Online Update Support Iphone and Andriod

Launch X431 idiag  auto diagnostic scanner stop producing for long time ago, now there is a new product launch x431 icarscan can instead of it, function same as launch x431 idiag/X431 M-Diag and Launch X-431 Easydiag. It also can support for Multi-languages: English/Spanish/Russian/French/Chinese. And X-431 Icarscan can support both Andriod and Iphone system you can download the software both in this two system to diagnose car.

when you use the launch X431 icarscan if you appear the belows this problems you can contact with us for the solution.

when you download the software and the screen was stucked, you can delete all the software files delete the cnlaunch file, then download again the launch icarscan app to downlaod the software, pls note when you download one car software must be let it download finished 100% successfully and don’t do other operate and do not touch the screen, until it finished and install it automaticlly. then that will be ok.

anyway the launch x431 icarscan auto diag scanner we are the only one agent from launch. And all the information and the price are the best. if you have interest, pls feel no hesitate to contact us:

Vpecker Easydiag OBD2 Diagnositic Tool Update to V8.3!

The newest Vpecker Easydiag Version V8.3 has been released, you will get some information in advance here, if you want more details, please visit

Software Version: V8.3
Convenient Update method: Download or upgrade by just one click online!
O.S.: Windows XP ~ Windows 10

New features added
1.Beautiful action testing display interface.
2.Quick testing and connection of WIFI.
3.New addition of Hyundai and Kia system into the ESS.

Why recommend you own a Vpecker Easydiag as your car diagnostic tool?
1.Cheapest: As a full diagnostic tool, it only costs you $159, compare to other full diagnostic tool, it is the cheapest.
2.Unparalleled: Support ALL 5 OBDII protocols and ALL 10 test modes.
3.Easiest to use: Wireless available with touch-screen operation and intuitive operation in the windows.
4.The most extensive coverage vehicles: More than 70 US domestic, European, Asian, Australian and Chinese vehicles makes.
5.Strongest: It works stably in high and low temperature environment, and work well
6.Most intelligent: Automatic connect to Wi-Fi and check out the year and model of the vehicles automatically and quickly.
7.Power function: Battery configuration, ABS Bleeding, EPB, Oil Reset, TPMS, Live data, ECU programming and so many others
8.Support 25 languages: Italian, Chinese (Simplified), English, Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Dutch, Hungarian, Korean, Czech, Arabic, Indonesian, Persian, Thai, Vietnamese, Finnish, Swedish, Romanian, Bosnian

ICarScan user introduction

Following CnAutotool share you ICarScan user introduction

1.User registration and login

Enter your email address to apply for a user account

2.ICarScan device activation

Enter the S/N and A/C (Activation Code) in the password envelope to activate the iCarScan device.

3.M-diag device installation

Step 1: Find the OBDII port, which is usually located underneath the dashboard;
Step 2: Plug the iCarScan into the OBDII port of the vehicle and the LED indicator will light up to show the operating status.

1.Remove the iCarScan device after using. Do not leave it in the OBDII port;

2.Turn off the ignition before plugging or unplugging the iCarScan device.

4.Purchase diagnostic software

Stepl Tap on “Full-System Scan” to enter the car line software list or “Special Tools’ to enter the tool software list;

Step2 Select the software, tap on the vehicle name or tool name to see more software details;

Step3 Tap on “Buy It Now’ to enter the purchase confirmation page;

Step4 Tap on “Pay” and follow the instructions to complete payment.