Test report about Chinese Kess V2 FW V5.017

Kess V2 v5.017 is a good sale ECU programmer that it could read and write ECU via OBD II Scanner Tools port directly. how is it perform when testing Navarra 2.5L. Look the below review to know more about kess v5.017.

I tested Kess V2 Firmware V5.017 since 2 weeks…no bad surprise..

edc15/16/17 basics work fine.. Kline an Can ok

lot of denso ok ,tested today on 2016 Navarra 2.5L 144hp (7059) all fine..via OBD of course (check ktag for jtag,tricore and others… )

(The EDC17 made by OBD are Audi, bmw and renault without Tp)

Kess accept virtual read i test on AUDI A5 2.0 TDI 143hp 2013 EDC17CP46. it”s ok by obd

ksuite Sw reset token when open, same as all kess 5.017 or new ktag 7.020/26 Fw.

If you are looking for some ECU Programmer, you could check ktag or kess by the link:


Kess V2 Master Truck car and truck list

KESS V2 Master Truck Version With Software V2.22 Firmware V4.036

Top 4 reasons to buy Professional Diagnostic Tools V4.036 Kess V2 Truck Version:
1. Latest firmware with the latest software for this version KESS V2.
2. Covers all the functions of V4.036 car version and V4.024 truck version.
3. Multi-languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French.
4. Token can be reload when it crashed.


Kess V2 Master Truck List:
Kess v2 V4.036 supports truck, motorcycle, car and bikes.
Here is the picture:


Kess v2 fw v4.036 Add Tokens Manual

This is a user manual of how to add tokens to Kess V2 Firmware V4.036; also with how to fix “NO VALID TOKEN FILE” error when fail to add tokens.


1- this manual is used for Kess v2 tuning kit firmware v4.036

2- must be used for Kess v2 without a token reset button


3- Disable all local area connection and wireless network connection, otherwise the
Professional Diagnostic Tools KESS V2 hardware would be damaged.
Process of adding tokens:
Extract “Tool” Zip File;
Copy all the files under “Tool” Folder to the desktop;
Copy “K-Suite_tokens” zip File into Local Dick C and unzip the file;
Run “K10033818 K2-TR ECU TUNERS”;
Click “OK” to continue;


Browse the folder to C:\\KSuite tokens\KSuite;
Click OK;

Click “Rest Token Count” button;


Click OK and then wait for loading;
Next close the window;
Delete previously unzipped “K-Suite_tokens” Folder in C:\\;
Re-extract “K-Suite_tokens” Zip File again;
Re-name “Token1.tok” on the desktop as “Token2.tok”;
Copy “Token2.tok” to the “Tokens” Folder;


Open “K10033818 K2-TR ECU TUNERS” again;
Select location as C:\KSuite tokens\KSuite again;
Click “Rest Token Count”;
Wait until the KESS V2 main menu window displays;

kess v2 v4.036 adds tokens SUCCESS!

How to solve “Add Tokens Failed:NO VALID TOKEN FILE”

Tokens for Kess v2 Chip Tuning Tool is used out. Open the file “K10033818” and meet the following situation.


1. rename the token file(“token1.tok”) as “token3.tok” or “token5.tok”


2.copy the file you renamed just (“token3.tok” or “token5.tok” ) now to the folder “Tokens”Ksuite-3


note: make sure that there is only one file (“token3.tok” or “token5.tok” ) in the folder “Token”


normally, the first 10 tokens in “token1.tok” “token2.tok” will be used, you may use tokens from 11th token to the 100th.
it is limited to 100 tokens. so when you use all 100 tokens, you can change the laptop or restore the system and then use tokens from 11th token.

if you follow the 2 steps above but it doesn’t work, please try to install our windows XP

4. If you cannot add tokens according to the instruction above, change the TF card and follow step 1 & 2.