Toyota Sienna 2002 All Key Lost Programming Tips

How to program Toyota Sienna 2002 key with 4C chip when all keys lost and what tool do program? Here are some tips Provided by CnAutotool.com.


I need to program key on Toyota sienna 2002 4 Door XLE passenger and all Toyota/Lexus with 4C chip when all keys are lost in these models. Can I buy a used Toyota 4C key then just virgin the Engine ECU? Will it work that way without further programming of the key?

If I’m correct, your got three options, program the used key into the computer eeprom or emulate a tpx1 or cn1 or cn2 from the data or virginize it and that should work. This is using original Tango Key Programmer of course.

If you have tango you can work with a used key or emulate, I have done it and it works perfect at the first try. If you don’t have tango or similar, then virgin dump will be the best option. Always save the original file!


How to use Tango Key Programmer to make a new key

First, start up the Tango transponder key programmer, connect it to your computer and find “read information” in the “Info” window. Watch memory chip showed in the Data location field. Find out the chip inside of the immobilizer and read it. Save the read data (dump).

Click the “Open Immobilizer File” button and upload the dump.

Tango system will analyze the dump automatically.

If the dump you saved is correct, the “WRITE” button will be actived and the “Keys” window will display the range of key numbers that can be created.

Check the allowed transponder field, and make sure you use a right transponder.

Put the transponder into the coil (the square hole on the tool).

Choose the key bites you want create in the “Keys” window.

Click the “WRITE” button.

The Obd2 Key Programmer transponder will then be written automatically, with data stored.

Save a new immobilizer dump after a new transponder is made.

Save the file after a standard File Save dialog pops up.


How to Program Toyota Previa 2010 smart key

Here is the tutorial on programming key for Toyota Previa MPV 8 seater when all smart keys have lost by CnAutotool.com engineer.

If you have original key, you can directly add key with Tango Programmer. But if you lost all your keys,you cannot directly add key.

Toyota straight key all keys lost: need to remove ECU immo box and do initialization data modification to add key.

Toyota smart remote key all keys lost: require not only remove immo box to initialize data but also remove ECU-Smart box to modify data to add key.
Program Toyota Previa 2010 smart key all keys lost in 4 steps:

Step 1: Remove ECU immo box and ECU-Smart box

ECU Immo box is in the groove behind the evaporator under the dash. You need to disassemble the full dashboard. (See pic. below)

Toyota Smart box is behind the glove box near the A-pillar (see pic. below)

Step 2:Initialize IMMO data and Smart key box data
Open ECU immo box 89784—28011, find out chip 93C46, read 93C46 data with ecu programmer,i.eXprog

Change all data marked blue to 0, these letters stand for key numbers. Initialization make it being key learning status, so it does not have key numbers, we change them to 0.
The data marked in red are synchronized with engine computer data, DO NOT change them.
Change all the rest data to F.



Open Toyota Denso Smart key box 89990-28131, find chip 93C86.
Do not change data marked in red. Change all the rest data to F.



Step 3: Re-install IMMO box and smart box

Re-write data just read back to immo box and smart box. Re-install immo box and smart box to car.
Switch ignition on, dashboard indicator turns on, you can connect Obd2 Key Programmer with car to build communication.
Step 4: Add smart key
Connect key programmer,i.e TM100,Tango with car
Select Toyota
Select Smart key programming
Follow key programmer menu operation until the procedure is done

The new programmed key will start car directly
Do not need to synchronize OBD 4-pin to 13-pin.

Better initialize IMMO data with original data, do not use other car’s data to modify . If you initialize original data, the engine computer keeps the same data with immo which will save you 40 minutes to synchronize. It will directly start car.

Technical support “Program Toyota Previa 2010 all keys lost“


VVDI2 or Tango? Which is better for auto key programming?

Topic: VVDI2 or Tango? Which is better for auto key programming?

Program keys: VVDI2 via OBD, Tango from dump

If you are going to make keys from dump and reading with a programmer buy Tango.
If you are looking to make keys over OBD buy VVDI2 is a good tool for BMW CAS/MB EZS. (read and write MB IR key)

Tango more features, VVDI2 good for OBD

Better buy VVDI2 with VVDI Prog

I personally prefer Tango good support and more features, xhorse it is also a very good for obd.
If you buy VVDI2 i also recommend complement with VVDI Auto Key Programmer.

Tango has guides with pics, free with standard tool

I don’t know VVDI2… but I have tango and it’s excellent so long as you have good programmers too like XPROG-M etc. Most makes/models have guides with pics. Also many makers are free with standard tool and you can just add when you need

VVDI2 + Tango better than Zed full

If you mean original Tango and VVDI2 full…than this group will be better than zed full, thats my opinion…but there is a lot of car that you will need to remove BCM’s, immo’s…etc because vvdi2 and tango are more eeprom based tools, except vvdi2 making bmw and vag over obd2, skp900 and obdstar are obd2 tools but cant help you with fiat, opel, renault and with some few brands

VVDI2 + VVDI Prog good for VAG + BMW

If you looking only for Car Key Programmer VAG + BMW , then VVDI2 and VVDI prog is way to go. No need any other tool. In VVDI2 you have also programmer similar to Tango that you can make keys buy dump, but 90% of VAG and BMW can be done by OBD in VVDI2.

VVDI programmer don’t have OBD it’s only for bench programming.

Good for CAS4, FRM, EZS, EWS4 and many more.

VVDI2 = VVDI + Tango + …

VVDI 2 from CnAutotool.com includes all the VVDI functions, the function of Tango…. has improved remote control generation and chip identification, and also enhanced the coil’s stability
Moreover, you don’t have to connect VVD2 with a computer or other devices to identify chip or detect remote frequently.


VVDI2 wins! Wins in OBD making keys! Wins in VAG + BMW key programming.


Correct odometer
Generate key
Unlock key
Fix CAS computer


Read & write Immo4/Immo5 system
Learn key
Program BCM remote
K-Line instrument immobilizer box
Correct odometer
Program control unit
Unlock Immo1/Immo2 firmware protection
Support data manipulation tools

VVDI2 key programmer:

Program key chip
Generate specialized chips
Immobilizer data processing tool
Other key tools
Generate remote control


How to get tango key programmer serial number?

How to get Tango key programmer serial number?


Is there any way to get tango key programmer serial number?

Yes, you just need to use basic software to read tango key programmer serial number out. if you don’t have basic software and USB driver of tango key programmer. please ask our sales to give you. then we will give you user manual of tango key programmer to teach you how to use serial number to register and download software for tango key programmer.

Original TANGO Key Programmer With Basic Software Update Online

Top 3 Reasons To Get Tango:

1. Firmware version :V1.072;
2. Software version:V1.107.7;
Supported languages: English.

1. After buy it, you will need to connect to the official website and update within 28 days, or it will get locked
2. If you want to get authorization for special functions or cars, please refer to this Obd2 Key Programmer
3. After generating a new transponder with TANGO Programmer, you will not need any additional diagnostic equipment to program the generated transponder to the car! It will start the car directly, even on new FIAT CODE 2 system, also used in PSA Group vehicles! Only you have to write the new file back into the immobilizer system!
4. If your Tango already get G chip authorization, it can only generate G chip 10 times per day.

for more details, please contact us:sale@cnautotool.com.

Our website is www.cnautotool.com

AK91+ AK91 Plus BMW EWS/CAS 4 Key Programmer

AK91 plus BMW Key Programmer with V4.00 AK91+ key programmer software for BMW EWS 1995-2009. AK91 plus key programmer as update version of AK90 BMW key programmer add new BMW F series CAS4/CAS4+/ new Porschekey information identification function. CnAutotool.com have AK91 plus key programmer for BMW for sale.

BMW AK91 Plus Key Programmer:
Software version: V4.00 for EWS4.4
Support Language: English
Support Car: BMW EWS 1995-2009, BMW EWS/CAS4/CAS4+, new Posche

AK91 Plus BMW AK91+ Key Programmer Functions:
1. Directly reading data dumps from MCU which marked 1D47J,2D47J,0D46J,2L86D without removing MCU from circuit board,easy to do yourself
2. With the help of software you can change VIN,Mileage and renew,lock or unlock keys as well
3. Programming original chips “EML 10030A” for making keys
4. Identifying keys for all EWS ,showing VIN,key No. and mileage

AK91 Plus BMW Key Programmer support BMW E series PCF7945 chip, F series CAS4/CAS4+ factory and the original factory PCF7953 chip refresh function. No need to disassemble the chip free, safe and efficient.

AK91+ BMW Key Programmer improved some of the EWS to read and write speed.This product safe and effective,is the key to match the best tool for BMW!

Any interested about the AK91 Plus AK91+ BMW EWS/CAS4 Key Programmer, just contact us freely.

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AUTOBOSS V30 Elite universal scanner auto detection tools

AUTOBOSS V30 Elite  Top dogs may rapid experiment perform to spot the total car or truck, cover more than 57 makes, 40000 car or truck techniques. AUTOBOSS V30 Top dogs Excellent Scanner may analysis more than only reading & fixing negligence requirements : should go considerably past in addition to accesses the total car or truck, which includes: commute collection, framework, body, and also the networking/communication quests. Dwell data in addition to graphing, runs actuations in addition to changes.

AUTOBOSS V30 Elite Super Scanner  Top dogs Excellent Scanner, it’s not at all only reading & fixing negligence requirements – and much more should go considerably past in addition to accesses the total car or truck, which includes: commute collection, framework, body, and also the networking/communication quests.

AUTOBOSS V30 Elite Super Scanner  Protecting car or truck analysis instrument hottest in addition to earlier car or truck versions regarding Asian kitchenware, European, United states in addition to family.
one particular. You should use 80%-90% capabilities in the original scanner about a good number of motors.
a couple of. Supporting CAN- BUS verdict regarding Volkswagen / Audi, Ford, Mazda, Machine, Hyundai / KIA.
several. Built-in higher / lower velocity CAN- BUS in addition to sole CAN- BUS.
4. Building almost all CAN- BUS techniques accessible by using singular connector.
5. Supporting 5 OBDII methodologies in addition to 9 settings.
6th. Machine lazy velocity adaptation.
several. Immobilization system era III adaptation regarding Volkswagen.
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