How to install Isuzu G-IDSS E-IDSS Software?

Here’s the guide to install G-IDSS E-IDSS Global Diagnostic services System (E-IDSS ) 2018 software for Isuzu vehicles.
G-IDSS USB-Link works very well, but there is no ECU/ECM plug connector, soit can’t write data into ECM/ECU.

E-IDSS 2018 can be used to perfectly diagnose including Euro IV, Euro 5 DPF regeneration function, injector code, write VIN, diesel pump Functions such as adjustment functions  e-idss is software USB-LINK Special Edition is hardware. It can only test the Isuzu engine sensor, adblue and DPF of the Denso ECU/ECM.

Step 1. If your Isuzu diagnostic system S/N starts with V11, software must be installed on one laptop only. Cannot change another laptop.

Enter serial number
Enable network connection
Accept license agreement
Press Yes to activate IDSS software

Step 2.

Install G-IDSS

Open software CD

Open IDSS2018CD1 folder and install setup

Don’t extract and

Ignore all error prompts

Install E-IDSS

Directly run E-IDSS and a shortcut will appear on desktop

Step 3.Install USB driver

Run USB Driver.exe

Restart computer when driver installation finished

Don’t connect IDSS–USB device when installing driver

Step 4. Press Activation button

the procedure takes 2 minutes

Step 5. Press Start button to start program

Step 6. Select Device
Step 7. for example, select device as “NEXIQ Technologies USB-LINK over USB”

Step 8.

If failed to connect with nexiq, click on the reflash icon to reconnect.

If system cannot identify driver 2.500134, test driver or check if IDSS USB device is well connected with laptop.