The Cost of Autel Maxisys Elite Update Subscription

MaxiSys Elite

Dear Friend

If your MaxiSys Elite is out of a subscription, or if your just curious about the overall cost of the updates and would like to learn about the Autel’s update policy … Then be assured that you have landed at the most valuable piece of information on the internet !

Here is why:

When it comes to getting the all the info on the Maxisy Elite update subscription, these are the most common misconceptions that I would like to clarify for you.

Question 1

“Will My Machine “LOCK UP” If Don’t Renew My Subscription? ”

Answer: No!

Now we all know that there are some other diagnostic companies ..(ahem ..“BOSCH”) that will lock up your device if you fail to renew your subscription. Fortunately Autel does not have this policy and you can use your diagnostic software even when its out of a subscription. The only drawback you will encounter when you are out of a subscription will be that your tool is not under warranty and you will not be able to access the BMW and Benz programming files as they can only be access with a valid subscription.

Question 2
If I Wait Several Years To Update My Tool .. Will Autel Charge Me for the Years I Missed?

Answer: No!

Unlike other diagnostic companies which I won’t mention… (cough, cough… “SNAP ON”) Autel will not penalize you for the updates you missed. This means you can wait several years down the road and when an event happens when you need to update, you just pay for the renewal license and the software will update to the latest version automatically.
Pretty Cool Huh?!

Question 3

Is It Necessary to Keep My Tool Update Every Year?

Answer: It Depends!

The manufacturer will always suggest keeping your tool update to date for obvious reasons. But from my personal experience managing hundreds of clients… the only time I recommend updating their scan tool is when the following critical events occur:

? Encountering new model vehicles that are not currently installed on your diagnostic software
? Noticing your tool is not able to communicate to modules that it is normally supposed to
? Need to gain access to the BMW and Benz programming calibration files to program an ECU
? Hardware issues such as your battery failing, or touch screen is not responding.
Simply put, if you work from home and are not attracting a high volume of new makes and models, then it may not be necessary to keep your tool up to date ever year. On the other hand, if you are an Auto Body Repair Shop that works on warranty vehicles, it might be necessary to keep your tool up to date to accommodate to the newer vehicles.

Question 4

What Is The Price of The Maxisys Elite Yearly Subscription?

Answer: 1200 USD (On average)

You will find different prices fluctuating like the stock market. What I tell people is that if the price is too good to be true, then it probably is. Ive known some clients who had success purchasing online while others had some bad experiences trying to save a few hundred bucks but later felt like they had the “chair pulled from under them” when they found out that their code was not redeemable from the Autel servers.

Question 4

Where can I purchase a Maxisys Elite Subscription?

Answer: You can order your Elite subscription through me ??