Porsche PIWIS II Tester Automatic Coding for Porsche Macan

Here comes the step-by-steps guide on how to use Porsche II tester to perform “Automatic Coding” for Porsche Macan.


Porsche PIWIS 2 V18.15 V17.500 Free Download

How to Install/Restore Porsche PIWIS 18.100 Universal Image


Connect the PIWIS II tester to Porsche Macan,and then run the PIWIS II diagnostic software.

Select “DIAGNOSTICS”à”Macan”

Porsche II  1

Loading control unit selection…

Starting diagnostic application,please wait…

Porsche II  2

Here I select “Gatewag”,”DME”,”Transmission control”,then click “Coding adaptions”

Porsche II  3

Changing display,please wait…

Porsche II  4

Information:Campaigns are stored for this vehicle in the PIWIS information system.

Please check the following VIN:*****************

See information,continue with [F12]

Porsche II  5

Click “Automatic coding”,then click [F12] to continue

Porsche II  6

Coding in progress,please wait…

Porsche II  7
Coding has been completed successfully.Press [F12] to continue.

Porsche II  8

Done!Now you can click “Overview” to check the control units status.

Porsche II  9

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