Adblue emulators Nox Failure and Solutions


What is the NOX system?

Nox is a system in compliance with European standards that can be used on Euro5 and Euro6 Vehicles. The usage of this system is obligatory in Europe Countries.

The system is interoperable with AdBlue system.

There is two kind of Nox sensors. One of them controls the gas and AdBlue that enter the SCR catalyzer. Others sensor is used to control the output data of SCR catalyzer.

The AdBlue system may report a fault indicator in case one of these sensors fails.

Nox sensor Failure Solutions;

If the NOx system is corrupted and the correct value is not sent, the Adblue system may crash.

Your car may report a fault indicator in case one of crashing of AdBlue system.

SCR system(catalyzer) is also affected by Nox sensor failure. Consequently, SCR and Nox systems are integrated systems.

These systems are generally called Adblue systems. In AdBlue systems, there is a control box.

This box controls the systems such as AdBlue tank, SCR, and Nox, and sends constant information to the ECU.

With this process, the vehicle continues to work.

The deterioration of the NOx sensor can cause heavy costs. Unluckily, if the system collapses, you can be stranded and you may lose money and time.

If NOx systems fail, Adblue emulators are used. Particularly, these emulators stand between system and ECU and it filters out certain codes from the system and transmits them to the vehicle’s brain.

For instance, if the system fails, Nox system send error code. The sent code will reach the ECU directly from the control box.

In this case, the vehicle may stop and service light is on and you should take your vehicle to the service urgently.

Poorly, this process is getting worse if you are in rural area.

This device that we sell and called as Ablue emulator, precludes such problems contributively and when Nox system or other relative systems fail, regulates the error codes and sends the durable code to ECU.

So your vehicle continues to work as all systems is rugged completely.

As a result, you get rid of spending your time or money uselessly.

Recently, this problem occurs too often, and drivers have difficulty and also lose their money and time.

To get rid of these and other situations, Adblue emulators are always with you.