Lonsdor K518ise adds new ID46 keys to Suzuki Vitara: 1 minute done!

Good News! Lonsdor K518ISE is able to program new ID46 keys to Suzuki Vitara! All done for 1 minute around!

Here is the detail steps:

In Lonsdor K518ise:

Select Immobilization


-> Vitara

-> immobilizer

-> type 1

-> lost all keys programming

In Lonsdor K518ise-1 In Lonsdor K518ise-2

Will start to program a new key

In Lonsdor K518ise-3

Enter the password (generally it’s 0804, 0408)

In Lonsdor K518ise-4

Make sure the input is correct

In Lonsdor K518ise-5

Current key count

In Lonsdor K518ise-6

Insert the key to switch ignition on

In Lonsdor K518ise-7

Dashboard status

In Lonsdor K518ise-8

Lonsdor k518ise is adding a new key

In Lonsdor K518ise-9

Key adding completed!

Add another new key

In Lonsdor K518ise-10

Please insert the key

In Lonsdor K518ise-11

Adding a new key

In Lonsdor K518ise-12

Key adding completed!

In Lonsdor K518ise-13