Foxwell NT644 Pro Review: Capable, Valuable, Fast, Easy-to-use

Have collected customer reviews of Foxwell NT644 Pro hand-held diagnostic tool:


It looks to be a very capable tool and especially nice is the free updates.

I bought it for is absolutely fantastic value for money and great for the DIY’er.

been very impressed with every Foxwell tool I’ve used.

I have to agree for the money and for what it can do no complaints my end

it is actually a great tool, I’m a user of this tool from past couple of months

for the price it’s fast simple and easy to use free updates

a reasonable scanner for the money. I like the colour screen too.

Everybody should own a scan tool and learn the basics of how to operate it.

Nice bit of kit….Love obd2 scanners….but as my calibra is pre OBD2 I have a OBD2 “china clone” and lead adapter….works ok and can program key chips too….nice with my 8v engine….some C25xe (v6) engines/ecu it wont talk to it…..

just obtained one, absolute dogs yollocks, starting to narrow down me battery warning failure (This was on my old car, now sold :)), just need to find 2volts :), ok, traced to supply wiring fault to battery health box (BHB) attached to the battery. The BMS (Body Monitoring System) takes reference voltage direct from the battery and compares it to that sent by the BHB. If the BHB sends wrong or no voltage value BMS flags a failure. If you disconnect supply to BHB the BMS now takes is reference fom the ABS (and not the BHB) system and works fine (exempt yor battery wont be monitored to the same extent).

Foxwell NT644 Pro worked good and Foxwell NT500 GIVEAWAY!

it’s fast easy and simple to use and a really good thing about this tool is it free update. We are also giving away as a competition prize to a patron subscribers Foxwell NT500 this works on vag cars

13. My Foxwell NT644 Pro System package arrived promptly.It was carefully packed as I had asked. The hand Unit is made very well and the navigation buttons all have a distinctive feel.The additional Adapter kit with the full system model looked very well made.I have bought several Foxwell products from this store before and the staff were very helpful with after sales and service.I trust them and would recommend them to everyone.If I had one issue it would be that Foxwell include a guide to numbers marked on the additional adapters.I connected the unit up to my car briefly and it seems to be incredibly well set out and fully featured.As a retired Automotive technician,I wanted a tool with free updates for life and I’m sure that that is unit will pay for itself very quickly.It seems to cover nearly all major vehicle systems in great detail.For now I will familiarize myself with this incredible diagnostic tool.

14.Scanner can do just about anything. Have a vw with electric parking brake and this unit can wind it back electronically and reset it as well. Scans loads of different cars. You won’t be disappointed!

15. This NT644 is a super piece of diag equipment. I have so far used it on about 15 vehicles as i run a mobile mechanics business. I previously had about 15 individual kits but this pretty much does everything in one swoop. Faults from abs, traction, engine, airbags, parking sensors, power steering, air conditioning, central locking, DPF and a whole load more. Very good from me and please i came across this tool. A+++++++

16.All is ok for the NT644 as I have to reset the airbag light on this Lamborghini Gallardo which it was helpful to do this in a few minutes. I also got to use it on BMW and Mercedes which is easy to switch between the softwares with the menu. Very helpful and genuine kit.

17. This package is well priced for the functions it offers. We run a high end car dealership here in London which mainly sells Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Rolls Royce and Maserati. This kit would cover all of these cars and it absolutely did. Very pleased with the customer service and help when looking for a suitable kit.

18. The reset tool works very well indeed. So far I have used this on a Mercedes E Class W212 for the airbag light, a BMW 3 Series F30 (also airbag light) a Ford Mondeo for ABS/traction faults and a Porsche 911 991 to diagnose an emission system fault. Very easy and quick to use and the carry case is sturdy and well made. Thanks.

19.A handy one box solution. Feature rich and a comprehensive car manufacturer library. Would be nice to be able to print via Bluetooth/WiFi instead of having to remove the sd card and use the foxwell desktop tool but while you are at the you can update, add or remove manufacturers and raise support tickets. Overall it’s a good prosumer tool that could benefit from adaption options that feature in their flagship range being added, ie key coding, egr deletion etc to round this tool off.





(Credits to all contributors)


The Foxwell NT644 scanner is a powerful and accurate diagnostic scan tool suitable for professional technicians and mechanics. It is sold at a slightly higher price but the features it offers are worth every penny. The NT644 code reader is lightweight, compact, sturdy. It has a wider compatibility and covers all the OBD2 protocols. This makes it be an excellent scanner for individuals looking for a reliable and accurate car diagnostic scanner.

Foxwell is a wonderful brand and it is known for its outstanding scan tools. But when choosing a scanner, ensure that you check and see if it has the features that you desire. Some scanners may not be able to carry out some functions on some car makes or models.

Original & Crack GM Tech2Win Software Installation Guide

Here share the procedures on how to install original & crack GM Tech 2 software.And the cost-effective hardware you can choose for the Tech2Win:VXDIAG GM/Opel NANO,GM GDI Interface


GM Tech2Win Software Free Download

Part 1:Install Original GM Tech2Win Software

Part 2:Install Crack GM Tech2Win on VXDIAG GM

Part 3:GM MDI GDS2 Tech2Win Software Installation Steps

Part 1:Install Original GM Tech2Win Software

Install GM Tech2Win Driver:

Download Tech2Win Driver on above preparation article.

After download completing,click it to begin install driver

Follow the on screen installation prompts to complete the installation.

Click “Next” to continue

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -1

Select “I accept the terms in the License Agreement”,then click “Next” to continue
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -2

Click Next to install to default folder or click change to choose another.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -3

Click Install to begin the installation.You also can click “Back” to review or change any of your installation settings.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -4

Now click “Finish” to end driver installation.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -5

Once the driver is installed process to the Tech2Win software installation.

Install GM Tech2Win Software:

Visit,and login into your GM account.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -6

Agree to the terms and click “continue”

Choose “Service and Programming Information.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -7
Choose “Access Your Subscription” if you do not currently have a subscription, choose “Subscribe

Now” button
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -8

You will want to choose the (SWDL) Icon for the software download. See below

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -9

Click the “Start Software Download” Button. This will open Java. Choose “Run” to open the software download.

Once the Software download window opens, you will see the following screen.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -10

BE SURE TO CLICK “Custom” and Then “Next”

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -11

The software installation window will open. Click the “Install Button”

After the Java program locates the installer file, the Tech2Win Setup window will open. Click “Next” and follow the on screen prompts to install Tech2Win. Allow the program to install in its default locations. DO NOT MODIFY THE INSTALL PATH in any way, otherwise Tech2Win may not

function properly.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -12

Proceed with the setup by clicking “Next”
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -13

Accept the License Agreement, and click next.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -14

Follow all the onscreen prompts leaving everything to the default settings.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -15

Click “Install” to start the installation.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -16

Click “Finish” to complete the installation.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -17

The “Installation Summary” window will come up stating that the Install was Successful.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -18

Another “Software Download window will come up.

STOP and leave this window as is UNTIL YOU OPEN THE Tech2Win Program.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -19

Plug the J2534 device into your laptop and a Vehicle DLC so the tooling is powered up. You should

now have 2 Tech2Win icons on you desktop. Open the one that is named “Tech2Win”
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -20

Choose the “Default” button.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -21

The following warning message may come up. DO NOT PANIC, click “Next” and we will update the

licensing for Tech2win.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -22

Choose your J2534 device in the “Select Vehicle Communication Interface” Window and click ok.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -23

The following message will appear. DO NOT PANIC! This is normal; Tech2win is looking for the MDI. Click “OK” to proceed.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -24

Your Tech2Win should now be opened and look like this. Now we need to update the software level to the latest North American version to install your License.
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -25

Come back to the “Software Download” window LEAVING Tech2Win OPEN. And perform the following steps. Choose “Custom” and hit “Next”.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -26

The software will start to download, you will notice the Tech2Win Screen starting to blink and flash,this is normal. Once the level of software has been read, you will be presented with the following screen to choose your application to download. We want to choose the following

North American Operations

Double Click “English” to add it to the Right Side window and click “Download”

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -27

The software will start to download. The Tech2Win screen will again start to flash and blink. This is Normal.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -29

When the download has finished you will see the following screen. Click Close.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -30

You will now see on your Tech2Win screen with your New Software level and your Subscription Days.

You are now ready to use Tech2Win.

Part 2:Install Crack GM Tech2Win on VXDIAG GM

Compatible Hardware:VXDIAG GM NANO

Compatible OS:xp, win7 64bit or win8 64bit
1.Open DVD, unzip “Tech2Win11.27” file to the desktop, copy “VX Manager” to the desktop.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -32

2.Open “Tech2Win11.27” file on the desktop, open “AutoInstall” to install GM MDI and Tech2Win.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -33

3.Open “VX Manager” on the desktop to install VCX SDK Driver.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -34

4.Go to the right corner of the desktop, click “JS” to connect to the network, then select “Work network”.– Diagnose GM vehicles via USB procedure Connect device to the computer by USB5) 5Open “VX Manager”, check VCX NANO device information.

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -35
5.Click incon “Diagnostc Apps”- “GM GDS2/Tech3”, click “Install”
Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -36

Now open Tech2Win to configure the market–choose your country area,here select “North American”

Tech2Win - Software - Installation - Guide -37


Part 3:GM MDI GDS2 Tech2Win Software Installation Steps

Compatible Interface:GM MDI Interface

1.Run Setup.exe→ I accept… → Select language ” nao en”, “opel en”→ Install Global TIS
2.Global TIS Registration→ Edit dealership data→ Email registration→ Save “Registration PDF” file to seller for GM MDI software activation→ Complete Subscriber ID and License Key
Tips: NO need activation GM MDI GDS2 software available here:
3.Install Adobe Reader→ Install Java→ Install GDS2 GM MDI Software→ Install Tech2win→ Set Tech2win language
4.Install wizard for RNDIS/ Ethernet Gadget
5.Set Local Area Connection 2 Properties→ Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
6.Open GM MDI Manager→ Connect→ Open Global TIS→ Yes→ OK
7.Open Tech2win→ Choose Configuration: nao en→ “Security” tab→ Download then run Security Access Service Client
Choose Configuration: opel en→ “Security” tab→ Download then run Security Access Service Client
8.Go to “GDS2” tab→ Start GDS2→ Select language

Lonsdor K518 Newest Update Espace/Megane 4/Scenic 4

Lonsdor K518ISE Newest Update On April.27,2019:

Espace(2015-):Make dealer key/Program smart key and mechanical key
Megane 4(2015-):Make dealer key/Program smart key and mechanical key
Scenic 4(2015-):Make dealer key/Program smart key and mechanical key


XTool A80 BT Test Report: BMW X3 2015 OBD2 diagnostic test – Done!

This is a Xtool A80 Bluetooth obd2 diagnostic tool test report with function explanation.

Tested on BMW X3 2015. Have a good success!

Car information:

Model series: X’_F25

Model: X3 20X

Version: EU_LL

Steptronic: AUTO

Model year: 2015_11

In Xtool A80 scanner:

select “BMW car”

– “Royal Car V8.70”

– “GX9”

– “Engine system”

– UMC engine system (UDS)

Read ECU:

(1)This function is to read the ECU version information, in some of the electronic control displayed as “System identification” or “System Information” menu, the meaning is the same., It reads the ECU related software, hardware version and part number and other information. As shown in the following figure.

Read DTCs:

Select the “Read fault code” function to read the electronic control ECU stored in the fault code, read the fault code when the screen will display the read fault code and fault code definition

Tip: When the fault vehicle is detected, if the “system normal” or “No Trouble code” is displayed, the ECU does not store the relevant fault code or some fault phenomenon is not in the ECU monitoring range. It should be the mechanical system or circuit failure. And it is possible that the sensor in the range of signal deviation. This can be judged in the data flow function.

Clear DTCs with Xtool A80 scanner:

(1)Now select the “Clear Code” function to clear the ECU stored in the current and historical fault code memory, the implementation of this function will be the current fault code and the history of the fault code to clear all, clear the fault code before you need to confirm the failure code to record.

Model series: X’_F25

Model: X3 20X

Version: EU_LL

Steptronic: AUTO

Model year: 2015_11

(2)Click on “Yes” confirmation after clearing the fault code, such as normal communication will show “failure code cleanup success” or “fault code has been cleared”, usually after clearing the fault code and read the code to confirm the failure code is cleared.

Read live Data:

Click on “Save As Reference” function key, will save this model the current data stream of this system as a reference;

Click on the “Data Playback” function key to record the current data stream Dynamic Data, please go to the diagnostic report inside the data playback for review.
Special function:

The special functions of different vehicle systems will also be different.
Actuating components test:

Test conditions: Follow the instructions, for example: The engine is not running and the ignition switch is turned on. If the engine is started or the speed signal is recognized, the motion test diagnosis is interrupted.

(1)Return the menu to “dynamic diagnostic data” to see the “Action test” function menu, choose to display the system can be used to perform action test of the Actuator component menu.

Tip: The “Action test” function is a part of the system to perform functional testing of components, when performing this function, the diagnostic instrument will simulate the ECU signal to carry out the action of the component to determine whether the actuator or line is good.

(2)Return the menu to “dynamic diagnostic data” to see the “Action test” function menu and select the Actuator component menu that will display the system for action testing.

How to Solve FVDI 2018 FVDI2 “Device no opened” Error

When you use fvdi2015,FVDI 2018,FVDI2 ABRITES Commander,obd terminator or TM100, maybe you would meet a error,which is “device not open”.Here uobd2 share the solution for this problem.

How to Solve FVDI 2018 FVDI2 “Device no opened” Error-1

This error maybe caused by:

1.Conection error between device and computer

2.USB driver version error (V2.10.0)

For reason 1,please check the connection between device and you computer.

For reason 2,you need to install the USB driver provided by UOBD2.

Download USB Driver v2.10.0 here:


Open “Computer Management” to locate:

How to Solve FVDI 2018 FVDI2 “Device no opened” Error-2

USB Serial Port (COM4)

USB Serial Port (COM5)

USB Serial Converter A

USB Serial Converter B

Above 4 options are FVDI USB drivers

Check their driver version

How to Solve FVDI 2018 FVDI2 “Device no opened” Error-3 How to Solve FVDI 2018 FVDI2 “Device no opened” Error-4

Now update with the USB driver you just download

How to Solve FVDI 2018 FVDI2 “Device no opened” Error-5 How to Solve FVDI 2018 FVDI2 “Device no opened” Error-6
How to Solve FVDI 2018 FVDI2 “Device no opened” Error-7 How to Solve FVDI 2018 FVDI2 “Device no opened” Error-8

Now USB driver update successfully,you need to repeat this operation for other USB drivers.

How to Solve FVDI 2018 FVDI2 “Device no opened” Error-9 How to Solve FVDI 2018 FVDI2 “Device no opened” Error-10


“ftdiport” for COM4 and COM5

“ftdibus” for Converter A and Converter B

How to Solve FVDI 2018 FVDI2 “Device no opened” Error-11

If you get below error when you running FVDI software after usb driver updating.This is a computer virus caused by the error.Please try it on another computer or reinstall your Window operation system.

How to Solve FVDI 2018 FVDI2 “Device no opened” Error-12

Are you using DPA5 or Nexiq USB Link?

Discuss: DPA5 and Nexiq USB Link, which one do you use? and why?

What is Nexiq USB Link?

Nexiq USB Link is manufactured by Nexiq, which is owned by Snap On. This really is by far the most widespread adapter, as they have an incredibly significant distribution network and brand name recognition. Beneath is our list of Pro’s and Con’s on this adapter: The DPA5 adapter is manufactured by DG Technologies, which was previously referred to as Dearborn Technologies. When a smaller sized organization, they do quite a bit of business straight with makers such as Case New Holland, Detroit, and more.

What is DPA5?

DPA5 Dearborn Protocol Adapter 5 undoubtedly professional gun for any repair of your economic car or truck or suv firms. Preserve in thoughts this allowing for everything incredibly significant practices, for instance search engines, diffusion, foot brake notify application, advantage, prevention, emissions, airplane pause, trailer residence and maintenance, to become in a position to in-depth perform with regard to the application

Are you using DPA5 or Nexiq USB Link?

Answer 1:

I personally like the DPA5, it is better than the DPA4+ in that it supports OBD-II protocols other than J1850VPW and CAN, it also has the long range bluetooth and comes with a bluetooth dongle for your PC.  It has a metal case, rubber shock caps, secure USB and long diagnostic cables unlike the 6″ Nexiq cables.  It is dual CAN, has a large buffer and I find it works well with any application I tested it on.

If you like the DPA4+, You will love the DPA5

If anyone is looking for old drivers, IC4 Serial, IC4 USB, Noregon, Dearborn, B&B, post the request here, I have a fair collection.

Answer 2:

Currently use DG DPA5 with good success, even with OBDII. Couldn’t hook into Isuzu 6WG1, but was still using 2.1.1. which I don’t think supported Isuzu. Also I know that the OEM program will only use USB Link. Will see how the update PFD connects today with DPA5.

Answer 3:

Having only ever used the Nexiq USB Link or Link 2, I can’t say I really prefer it so much as until fairly recently I didn’t even know there was so many other options as those two are almost the entirety of what I ever see.  Only after recently purchasing a Nexiq USB Link 2 did I begin to realize that so much else (aside from OEM ‘boxes’) was even available.

So far I’m still pleased with the Link 2, but had I done a bit more digging prior to buying it I certainly would have compared it to the DPA5 and might have gone that route just given what I’ve found out about them so far.

About the only complaints I have with the Link 2 so far are the increased price of the adapter cables vs the original (or even other current models) and that connecting via Bluetooth is quite the chore for some reason compared to other (in general) devices.  Given how long the USB cable is though, I’m not terribly concerned with the Bluetooth connectivity.

This is for your information.

If you look for a decent diagnostic tool but don’t care if it’s original or not,

A working China cloned unit is your best way to go.

It will help save a lot but functional

Here are China clones that’s confirmed to work!

Nexiq USB Link 2 clone:


Nexiq USB Link clone:


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How to Program a used ELV on Mercedes W246 FBS3?


Did anyone successfully programmed a used ELV on a Mercedes W246 2014 , its still FBS3.

Emulator works no problem, but i cannot activate a personalised elv to the ezs.

i tried 3 different elv.. used avdi and vvdi mb for renewing and programming.


Credit to jonny r from DK forum.

If you wish to use a renewed ESL for these W246/176 cars then it must be personalised via the EZS IR portal in the car. (Blue Key Method same as dealer does it)

There is only the one tool that currently supports the personalisation of these Auto Scanner Tool via the EZS IR Portal (Extreme MB Tool) it uses the same protocol as the dealers Blue workshop Key. This is the only way that a renewed W246/176 ESL will get activated and work again.

The old methods we used in the past to personalise a renewed W204 ESL on the bench via K-line do not work on these later ESL, they will personalise ok, but will not activate when we insert a working key as the old W204 ESL did …

However, there is no problem using an emulator on these W246/176 cars.

I use these emulators now for all FBS3 ESL jobs,

Here is some additional info on how to use these emulators with W176/246 cars


Use 3 wires to connect EMU to the car’s ESL/ELV wiring harness conenctor


Insert the 3 wires into the EMU as shown in the picture


Insert the 3 wires into the cars’s wiring harness conncetor



Yanhua Mini ACDP Adds N13 563TU N63TU MSV70 MSS60 DME ISN Read/Write

Yanhua Mini ACDP released new upgrade on April 18th, 2019.

New update:
Read/write ISN from new added DME models

Read/Write N55 DME ISN
(E chassis)

Read/Write N20 DME ISN
(E chassis)

Read/Write N13 DME ISN
(E chassis)

Read/Write 563TU DME ISN
(E chassis)

Read/Write N63TU DME ISN
(E chassis)

(E chassis)

(E chassis)
yanhua-acdp-add-isn-model-01 yanhua-acdp-add-isn-model-02
2 Ways to Read/Write N20/N55/N13 ISN without Opening shell

yanhua-acdp-add-isn-model-03 yanhua-acdp-add-isn-model-04

Yanhua ACDP supported DME ISN models till now:

N20(MEVD1724, MEVD172P, MEVD1729), N13(MEVD1725, ), N55(MEVD172, MEVD1726, MEVD172G, MEVD172S, MEVD17, ), MSV80, MSD81, MS085,
MSD85HY, MSD87, MSV90, MEVD1728(s63), MEV1722, MED172, MEVD1727, DDE701,DC17C50, BMSX…
N62_TUE2/ MEV9N46/MEV9N46L
N13/563TU/N63TU/MSV70/MSS60 (New Update)

Wifi Piwis 2 Wireless Connection Set Up Guide

How to Set Up Piwis 2 WIFI Configuration?

Wifi Piwis 2 is Samtec hardware support wireless connection for Porsche Piwis tester 2 diagnosis function. The client needs Porsche Piwis tester 2 Scanner wifi configuration after-sales service usual. Below share how to set up Wifi Porsche Piwis 2.

Wifi Piwis 2 For Porsche Piwis Tester 2 Scanner Wifi Samtec Piwis 2 Hardware
Piwis - 2 -  Porsche -  Piwis -  Tester -  Hardware -1

Wifi Porsche Piwis tester 2 Client Request:

I buy a Piwis 2 for Porsche diagnostic & programming, but I don’t know how to set up the wireless configuration. Some client bought wifi Piwis tester 2 for Porsche diagnosis, need help for wifi set up.

Wifi Piwis Tester 2 Wireless Configuration Guide:

First of all, need check the Rounter configuration, get the router id and password can set up by customer self.

Secondly, connect Piwis 2 to Laptop via USB cable, connect power adapter as well

Then, Check Setting as following show

Piwis - 2 -  Porsche -  Piwis -  Tester -  Hardware -2

The fourth step: click & enter the “VCI configuration”

Piwis - 2 -  Porsche -  Piwis -  Tester -  Hardware -3

And then, enter the Porsche Piwis 2 WIFI account into SSID blank, and password into WEP blank, then save the setting.

Piwis - 2 -  Porsche -  Piwis -  Tester -  Hardware -4

Furthermore, back to Restart the Setting – Network Setting

Piwis - 2 -  Porsche -  Piwis -  Tester -  Hardware -5

Then, choose WLAN, then check Search, then will search wifi information automatically
Piwis - 2 -  Porsche -  Piwis -  Tester -  Hardware -6

enter the WIFI password as following, then choose Save.

Piwis - 2 -  Porsche -  Piwis -  Tester -  Hardware -7

Finally, Wifi configuration all ok, it will display the Wifi

Piwis - 2 -  Porsche -  Piwis -  Tester -  Hardware -8

Wifi Piwis2 Samtec hardware with V18.150.500 Piwis 2 software wifi setup guide as above. Any customer need purchase Piwis2 Samtec hardware or WIFI Piwis2 just let us know freely.

How to Switch Piwis 2 Sotware to Piwis 2 Developer Mode

3 Step to Switch Porsche Piwis 2 software to Piwis 2 Developer Mode

Piwis tester 2 with Piwis 2 Developer Mode Porsche engineering software for Porsche Diagnostic & Programming, Piwis tester 2 developer mode come with ordinary diagnostics version software. Below share how to switch to development mode.

Porsche Piwis Tester II V18.150.500 Piwis 2 Software with Developer Mode For Porsche Diagnostic & Programming

Piwis Tester 2 Developer mode switch guide-01Piwis Tester 2 Developer mode switch guide-01

Piwis Tester 2 Developer Mode Software Come with 3 Mode:

V mode: After-sales Mode for Piwis 2 ordinary diagnostics

E mode: Development Mode for Piwis 2 engineering software functions

P mode: Production for supplier data information(Client no need work on P mode)

How to switch Piwis Tester 2 to Developer Mode Software?
1. Enter Piwis 2 Software desktop
2. Check Stap by Step Setting——Diagnostics Configuration——Other model lines

Piwis Tester 2 Developer mode switch guide-2

3. Waiting for Piwis tester 2 Diagnostics Starting up processing

Enter Piwis 2 PIDT checking application —— Choose Mode —— E mode, Done

Piwis Tester 2 Developer mode switch guide-3 Piwis Tester 2 Developer mode switch guide-4

Kindly note, Piwis tester 2 software only Germany language available, if client wanna purchase it, pls make sure you can operating without problem firslty.