Month: March 2019

Autel Maxisys MS906 VS Maxidas DS708

MaxiSYS Mini is a revolutionary, ultra-mobile solution for automotive diagnostics. The MaxiSYS Mini MS906  comes with a powerful A9 quad-core processor and comprehensive OE-level vehicle coverage Autel MaxiDAS DS708 can do Asian, European and American cars. For Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Renault, the functions can match with original tool What

Difference Among Maxidas DS808, Maxisys MS906, Maxidas DS708, Maxisys MS908, Maxisys MS908P

AutelStore  provides original Autel brand Tools, there are different Autel Maxisys tools, and new arrival Maxidas DS808 which could take replace of Maxidas DS708. But many clients will wonder what are the main different among those devices? Here we show you what is the different among Maxidas DS808,MaxiSYS MS906, Maxidas

Lonsdor K518ise Subscribed menus 180 days for free

Good News From Lonsdor, K518ISE series full version 6 months Free. The subscribed menus is extend 180 days free. Menus are divided into two parts: free menus and subscribed menus. 1.Free menus are free for lifetime. 2. Subscribed menus can be used for free for 180 days. You need to pay

Lonsdor Newest Update European Model

Newest Lonsdor Update European Models-1 on Mar.28,2019 Software update: Renault Trafic III-System 2 Opel Vivaro 2014-System 2 Software Optimization: Renault Master III (2010-2015) Renault Trafic II Ph3 (2010-2014)

Land Rover key programmer advice: digimaster3 + Yanhua mini ACDP

Yanhua digimaster3 can program key for Land Rover before 2015 via OBD. Yanhua Mini ACDP with module 9 can program key for Land Rover 2015 – 2018 without dismantling and welding. Therefore, to program all Land Rover (older and newest), you need both. 1. Yanhua digimaster3 covers the following Land

How to install Porsche PIWIS 3 on VAS6154 head

Look here: How to use VAS6154 head with Porsche Piwis 3 project PIWIS3 PT3G => VAS6154-Kolun a look at below link when you take your right to use 1 have to have installed piwis 3 laptop. 2. install piwis 3 driver 3 put together vas6154 install the drivers for vas6154-piwis