Month: February 2018

Lonsdor K518ISE Odometer Correction Car List

K518ISE Key Programmer Car List of Odometer Correction: VW, PORSCHE, FORD, JAGUAR, LAND ROVER, MAZDA, AUDI, RENAULT, HUMMER, HYUNDAI, KIA VW: IMMO 4, Phaeton, IMMO2 & IMMO3 IMMO4: NEC 24C32, NEC 95320, 2013 NEC 24C64, NEC 24C64, 2015 NEC+24C64 color screen, 9S12XHZS12, CC+24C32, 2012 24C64 color screen Prosche: Cayenne 2010-, panamera

Ktag 7.020 Update- Change CID SD Card

This is the Ktag 7.020 firmware master clone and SD card method. With thanks to ovi730 and SVVAG2000 Now the solution of 7.020 is complete Attached firmware of 7.020 ktag – no crp lock to cpu , SD image and necessary sd CID Ktag 7.020 firmware crp0 ok tested L00000000

Read and Write BMW Bosch DME MEVD172G with KTAG KTM100

Purpose: DIY – DME/ECU Read Write and Tuning  2016MY F82 M using KTAG KTM100 master clone ecu tuning tool. Disclaimer: Credit to su_root on bimmer forum provided the document for educational purposes. We are not responsible for any direct or indirect damage that may occur to your property as a result

MaxiSys Elite Diagnostics Screen Layout

The Diagnostics screens typically include four sections. 1.Diagnostics Toolbar 2.Status Information Bar 3.Main Section 4.Functional Buttons Diagnostics Toolbar The MaxiSys Elite toolbar contains a number of buttons that allow you to print or save the displayed data and make other controls. The table below provides a brief description for the

Autel MaxiSYS Elite Establishing Vehicle Communication

By establishing a data link to the electronic control systems of the vehicle being serviced through the Autel MaxiSYS Elite, the Diagnostics application allows you to retrieve diagnostic information, view live data parameters, and perform active tests. The Diagnostics application can access the electronic control module (ECM) for various vehicle

MaxiSys Elite Power Sources

The Autel Scanner MaxiSys Elite can receive power from any of the following sources: 1 Rechargeable Battery Pack 2 AC/DC Power Supply – using power adapter or docking station 3 Vehicle Power Rechargeable Battery Pack The display tablet can be powered with the rechargeable battery, which if fully charged can provide