Why do i need BMW ICOM A2 icom B icom C icom D?

The passage here explains the reasons for BMW icom a (a2, a3), icom b, icom c and BMW ICOM A3+B+C+D for BMW diagnosis, coding and programming. And also, you will know what you should need for use in different repairing situations.

ICOM A (A2, A3) – OBD diagnostic supporting MOST, D-CAN and K-CAN protocols

ICOM A is a basic component.  Physically, on one hand, it supplies the interface that connects with car OBD II diagnosing interface; on the other hand, it can supply the interface that is self-adaptable intergraded into garage. As protocol converter, it is responsible for testing and data exchange in different controlling units, as well as signal processing through a high effective computer core. Electrical power pressure is supplied by vehicle interface. The lowest power pressure of Electrical operation of ICOM A is fixed to 8V. Only it exceeds the lowest value, can a stable function be guaranteed.


Modified BMW ICOM A2+B+C for vehicles with OBD access receives a significantly more powerful processor and more storage capacity. And robust aluminium case will help to avoid damage when using in harsh environments. It works better in cooling, runs faster and works more stable, not easier broken than older ICOM A.

ICOM A3 can program all units for all BMW series expect media system, and work more stable and has stronger compatibility than ICOM A2, A1.
ICOM B – diagnosis via MOST bus, and possess link to A-interface through USB connection

ICOM B for vehicles with optical MOST access will be equipped with a soft cover made of rubber instead of the former plastic cap, to protect the MOST connector
ICOM B is the external MOST interface of ICOM A, and it connect with ICOM A by a usual USB or that within supplying. Power is supplied by USB through ICOM A.
Only when the power supplied to ICOM A lower to 8V, can electrical running of ICOM B be ready to connect with standard.

ICOM C–20-pin cable for previous types

ICOM C for old series with a diagnostics socket will be additionally equipped with an approx. 20 cm long cable, which facilitates the connection of the ICOM A2 and makes storage in the engine compartment easier.

ICOM C in an intelligent interface converter, which makes OBD II compatible with BMW round plug. As a lengthened auxiliary module, it makes ICOM A connects with non-OBD II vehicle module. Power is supplied by round plug through KL30.

The lowest pressure of ICOM C electrical running regulated to 8v. Electrical pressure on KL30 is conveyed to OBD II through internal equipment, and then to ICOM A. Only when vehicle battery voltage ICOM C exceeds to the lowest limitation, can it guarantee the stable interactivity of the two equipments.

ICOM A2, ICOM B, ICOM C connection:

ICOM A B C and BMW E & F-series

Save a lot for E and F series:
BMW E series: K+DCAN USB cable
BMW F series: ENET cable

ICOM D – for BMW motorcycles motobikes diagnostics

ICOM D is a 10-pin to 16-pin diagnostic cable for BMW motorcycles motobikes diagnostic and programming together with ICOM A2
It is the TOP 1 in the BMW diagnostic tool list, with the most powerful & stable function and the best reputation.

ICOM D connector location:

How to choose best BMW ICOM, ICOM A2 and ICOM A3 Rheingold ISTA-D ISTA-P?

With the born of newest BMW ICOM A3 pro + V1.40.05 diagnostic programming tool, BMW ICOM series including ICOM, ICOM A1 and ICOM A3 get most people confused, they have no idea which one to buy.

FYI, BMW ICOM A3 pro + V1.40.05 comes with a internal WIFI chip, just get one wireless adapter and plug into the computer, then the wireless adapter will communicate with the wifi chip and perform diagnostic and programming function on all BMW vehicles e.g BMW Cars, BMW Motorcycle, Rolls-Royce, Mini Cooper.

Part 1: Similarities- BMW ICOM, ICOM A2 and ICOM A3 Comparison Table

1.BMW ICOM Packed Software (In details)
BMW ICOM, ICOM A2 and ICOM A3 share the same software version, for the detailed autorized software

2.ICOM A2 update:
Firmware update
icom firmware is able to update, tak ICOM A2 V1.40.05 for example, here are on how to update BMW ICOM A2 firmware to V1.40.05
icom a2 firmware v1.4 bootimage bin free download how to update icom a2 firmware to v1.4

Software update:
BMW ICOM software is able to update when the newest version is tested ok and released, you are required to pay the newest software.

Part 2: Differences among ICOM A2, ICOM A3 and ICOM A3 Pro+
ICOM A3 V1.40.05 with WIFI outlook and ports

ICOM A3 V1.38 mux outlook and ports
ICOM A3 V1.38 with software

ICOM A3 V1.38 without software
ICOM A3 V1.38 has no software in package. Users can buy it in addition.

BMW ICOM A2 V1.37 mux outlook and ports

Part 3: BMW ICOM Rheingold ISTA-D ISTA-P issues and solutions:
Question: When EasyConnect is processed done?
Answer: Only you get following picture can it means EasyConnect is processed done.

Question: ICOM or ICOM A2 fails to work on old BMW (one system or new car)
If you find ICOM or ICOM A2 fail to work on old BMW or one system or new car, just disassemble ICOM and test this 39K resistance. Another reason is unstable voltage.

How to reset the language you want:
Reset the language is possible, some customer feedback they receive the ICOM hardware and find the language is not they want, but don’t know how to reset. Jjust open diagnostic software ISTA/P, and then click this “Tool” icon to reset shown as follows.

Using 2015.8 Windows7 BMW ICOM HDD (Item No. SS151-8B), get error message “The screen resolution is insufficient to run this application”, how to fix?

After open ISTA-P, click “Reset settings”, then close, open again ISTA-P, click “ Reset Settings” then reset “Resolution”.
Check your computer system resolution setting, make sure it is as the same as the ISTA-P resolution setting.

Using ICOM 2015.7 ISTA-D 3.50.10 ISTA-P (Item No. SS151-7) and these function displays gray, ISTA-D is working, ISTA-P is not working, how to do?

Possible reason: Your exit ISTA-P then directly turn off the computer, it results in the software is damaged.Normally, you are required to exit the software then follow the general procedure to turn off the computer.
Solution: Now, the solution is to send the software back to repair.

Q: Buy BMW ICOM External or Internal Hard Drive

A: As we all know, ICOM  is available with both external and internal hard drive, which version to choose, it is specific to individual users. In the following parts, I would like to sort out their advantages and disadvantages.

External hard drive of BMW ICOM A2 is a much more versatile solution, and it was my initial choice. If laptop broke, you could just plug it into another machine.

Only downside is it’s a lot slower than running it from disk, because of VMWare overhead.

Now I have it loaded on a machine-specific hard drive (internal hard drive) which I have installed in the machine. Much faster.

If you use it 2 or 3 times a year, a VM solution is perfectly fine. I did that for a few years myself.

If you use it quite a bit (with 3 MB’s in the house hold, I use it all the time) then go machine-specific hard drive.

Also remember the external hard drive hangs off the machine and can be damaged as you move the laptop around. If you pick up the laptop, the USB drive unplugs, then it will fall to the ground and you’re cooked.

Internal is so much nicer because now I just have the multiplexer and laptop to carry to the car. Nothing to unplug or fall off.

Q: Buy SSD or HDD

Vpecker Easydiag OBD2 Diagnositic Tool Update to V8.3!

The newest Vpecker Easydiag Version V8.3 has been released, you will get some information in advance here, if you want more details, please visit CnAutotool.com.

Software Version: V8.3
Convenient Update method: Download or upgrade by just one click online!
O.S.: Windows XP ~ Windows 10

New features added
1.Beautiful action testing display interface.
2.Quick testing and connection of WIFI.
3.New addition of Hyundai and Kia system into the ESS.

Why recommend you own a Vpecker Easydiag as your car diagnostic tool?
1.Cheapest: As a full diagnostic tool, it only costs you $159, compare to other full diagnostic tool, it is the cheapest.
2.Unparalleled: Support ALL 5 OBDII protocols and ALL 10 test modes.
3.Easiest to use: Wireless available with touch-screen operation and intuitive operation in the windows.
4.The most extensive coverage vehicles: More than 70 US domestic, European, Asian, Australian and Chinese vehicles makes.
5.Strongest: It works stably in high and low temperature environment, and work well
6.Most intelligent: Automatic connect to Wi-Fi and check out the year and model of the vehicles automatically and quickly.
7.Power function: Battery configuration, ABS Bleeding, EPB, Oil Reset, TPMS, Live data, ECU programming and so many others
8.Support 25 languages: Italian, Chinese (Simplified), English, Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Dutch, Hungarian, Korean, Czech, Arabic, Indonesian, Persian, Thai, Vietnamese, Finnish, Swedish, Romanian, Bosnian

MB SDconnect C4 WLAN/ WIFI connection failed (solved)


Mb Star Connect C4 can only be used by wire connection for the WLAN cannot work normally and there is no WLAN option on MB SD C4 device.


Possible cause:
This is not China SD C4 software;
Some files are lost when update yourself;
Other causes make SD C4 mux cannot work normally.

Just Update your sd connect c4 firmware to the newest version 2.30:

Step 1
Please prepare 6 AA5 batteries according to Step-by-Step Instruction for how to install MB SD C4 Batteries.
Note: Please do use brand new batteries with sufficient electricity; otherwise, you will fail to update the firmware.

Step 2
Select the green cable to connect to your laptop and MB SD Connect Compact 4 diagnostic multiplexer, and use OBD cable to connect to Mb Star C4 multiplexer and your vehicle. (If the vehicle cannot be connected, select OBD 12V power instead.)

Step 3
Open the software “2012.09 DAS”.
Go to C:\ program files \ SDconnect Toolkit to check whether there are the three following files as the pic below shows.
If the files’ names are different from the pic shows, please correct the names the same as the pic shows.

Step 4
Restart your computer.
Ps. How to solved update error “DCDI-eErrorCode=204 (204)”:
Update firmware to the latest version
[update instruction file]

For update, the three files above need to be upgraded.

The update order:
02_CSD_2_10.zip> 01_Boolimage_2_3.zip> PmPic29_Cpld13.zip

NOTE: When update, please do use brand new batteries. Also, you need OBD cable to connect to your vehicle for power supply. (If you cannot succeed in connecting to the vehicle, choose OBD 12V power instead; otherwise, 622 error report would appear to tell you that the upgrade is unsuccessful.)

In general, this 00 error means that it is set poorly.

WLAN option shows on MB STAR Diagnostic Tool MB SD C4 multiplexer. SD C4 can be connected via wire or WIFI.

MB Star C3 09/2015 Xentry cannot work on W204?

MB Star C3 Star diagnostic system failed to work on Mercedes W204? Here is the customer solution. You are at your risk!


I have DELL D630 with Xentry 09/2015 and Star diagnosis compact 3 multiplexer. I have connected many cars (W202, W203, W210, W211, W245, etc) and there is no problem with connection – everything is working like a charm. Some days ago, I have bought W204 C280 from 2007. After I choose model, engine and transmission, and I go to diagnostic I see this:

“The diagnosis application is being started…”
and few seconds later this:
“Initialization of the multiplexer has failed”

My Mux is not compatible with W204? I searched few hours without success.

Customer solution:
W204 and X204 is the last Mercedes models which working without some special modifications.
You can try:

First try in toolkit.ini delete line skipcomports=all and set line usecomport=2 then you will see in Mercedes Scanner SDconnect toolkit PartD on display after mux connection.
First save your original file for sure.
Try look into C:\Userdata\Config\Xentry\driver – slave.ini and set there com port which you have used for PartD.

There was no change because I didn’t restarted system. After restart work perfect.
Your solution work perfectly! Probem solved. Everything is working like a charm.

CnAutotool.com solution:
If you need to deal with newer Mercedes models, better go for SD Connect C4 or Xentry C5 diagnostic system.

2015.05 MB Star “DAS license expires in 1 day” Error Solution

2015.05 MB Star “DAS license expires in 1 day” Error Solution

I am using Mercedes Benz Diagnostic Tool Mb Star Connect C4 mux with 2015.5V DAS hard drive. It worked great, but today it suddenly give me error
“ihre DAS-Lizenz lauft in 1 Tagen ab” (Their DAS license expires in 1 day.).

If you bought your mb star hard drive/solid drive from CnAutotool.com, please open STAR Utilities program on desktop, copy and paste DAS ID to our technician. We’ll activate the DAS Xentry software for you.

VCM II VCM2 for Ford V101 Mazda V99 Diagnostic Tool two in one

VCM II VCM2 for Ford V101 Mazda V99 Diagnostic Tool two in one

VCM II VCM2 for Ford V101 Mazda V99 Diagnostic Tool 2 in 1
Highlights of vcm ii mazda for Ford Mazda Diagnostic Tool:
1. Latest Software Variation: IDS Ford V101, Mazda V99
2. Two versions out there: Ford and Mazda
3. Multi-language: English, Italian, Spanish, Spanish(Mexico), French, French(Canada), German, Dutch, Finish, Danish, Greek, Slovenian, Amer English, Vietnamese language, Turkish, Thai, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, Portuguese(Brazil), Polish,

Norwegian, Korean, Japanese, Indian, Czechic, Chinese(Taiwan), Chinese(China)
4. Update: Via CD
5. Running System: Windows XP
6. Cars Coverage: VCM II delivers full dealer diagnostic abilities for the majority of sixteen pin for Fords and Mazda, including all new 2016 for Ford cars
7. Best quality, a lot better than J2534 method interface.

VCM II for Description:
The VCM II is definitely the new Ford OEM diagnostic instrument. It offers dealer-level diagnostics making use of the IDS application.
The VCM II is the completely new diagnostics interface from Ford to be used with the Integrated Diagnostics Computer software (IDS).
The VCM II and IDS, along with a focused laptop, presents complete seller diagnostic capabilities for the majority of sixteen pin Fords.
An amazing new purpose from the ford vcm ii is its power to converse wirelessly with your laptop computer or laptop or computer without the need of any components or software package upgrades.
This enables experts to operate on automobiles remotely while the VCM II is linked directly to the automobile.

The VCM II will be needed for all new 2016 Ford cars which is backwards appropriate with most sixteen pin Ford and Mazda.
It supports the Automobile Measurement Module (VMM) and new Buyer Flight Recorder (CFR).
The VCM II has shock resistant rubber finishes, making it acceptable for garage and workshop environments.

The CFR replaces the Motor vehicle Knowledge Recorder (VDR).
The CFR is an optional cable that permits the VCM II to monitor and record dwell details streams.
This provides a benefit for experts when diagnosing intermittent problems.

VCM2 for Ford Mazda Features:
1. The VCM II is the new for Ford OEM diagnostic device. It provides dealer-level diagnostics using the IDS program.
2. The VCM II is the completely new diagnostics interface from for Ford and Mazda to be used with all the Integrated Diagnostics Application (IDS).
3. The VCM II and IDS offers full seller diagnostic abilities for most sixteen pin for Ford and Mazda.
4. The VCM II will be essential for any number of new 2013 for Ford and cars and it is backwards suitable with most 16 pin for Ford and Mazda.
It supports the Car Measurement Module (VMM) and new Buyer Flight Recorder (CFR).
5. The VCM II has shock resistant rubber ends, which makes it suitable for garage and workshop environments.
6. The CFR replaces the Vehicle Information Recorder (VDR).
7. The CFR can be an optional cable that enables the VCM II to observe and document live knowledge streams. This delivers a bonus for technicians when diagnosing

VCM II VCM2 for Ford Mazda Perform:
* Computerized automobile recognition
* Examine & Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
* Stay Data-stream with Recording & Playback Functions for Main ECUs
* Guided Fault Finding
* New Software program Re-flash for Existing ECUs
* Programming & Installation of new ECUs (PCM, ABS, Instrument Cluster, Air Bag, Fuel Pumps, etc.)
* Program New Keys
* Injector Coding
* Set, Adjust or Remove Speed Governors
* DPF Regeneration
* Brake Bleeding
* Steering Angle Resets
* All Other Dealer Functions
* Power balance test
* Relative compression test

VCM II Ford Mazda Package List:
1pc x VCM2 interface
1pc x OBD2 cable
1pc x USB cable
2pc x CD-DVD (Computer software IDS v101 Mazda V99)
1pc x Plastic box

Solved BMW ISTA error IFH-0010, Vehicle could not be identified

This blog list 3 kinds of BMW ISTA errors and solutions you may need.

ISTA NCS error IFH-0010+ solution
ISTA error”MSVCP120.dll is missing”+ solution
ISTA error “The vehicle could not be identified”+ solution

Note: All error solutions here are suitable for BMW ICOM A2+B+C and BMW ICOM Next!


ISTA error: A communication fault occurred during activation


Solution: Try setting COM port latency to 1 in Advanced Settings for the port. You should change it to 1 to have the least lag/disturbances between data transfer.

BMW ISTA System error “MSVCP120.dll is missing”

The program can’t start because MSVCP120.dll is missing from your computer.

Solution: Reinstall VC++ Redistributables and try again. If you’re running x64, you will need both x86 and x64 bit versions installed.

Feedback: I got rid of this .dll error by installing an older version of VC++.

BMW diagnostic tool ISTA error “The vehicle could not be identified. Please check the access to the vehicle and check whether the testing-analysis-diagnosis has been activated.”

Solution 1: I changed my com port to port 1 and it worked. It’s worth a shot, easy to change back if it doesn’t work.

Solution 2: Uncheck the Ethernet box and ICOM A2 ISTA-D worked.

Feedback: I changed COM9 to COM1. Its working!

VCM II IDS software

ADK auto diagnostic supplier newly released VCM II Ford IDS with WIFI Function. Wireless VCM II support communication with computer by WIFI. Then how to install WIFI version ford vcm2 ids?

WIFI Version VCM II for Ford IDS VCM2 Diagnostic Interface

VCM II VCM2 for Ford V101 Mazda V99 Diagnostic Tool 2 in 1

Configuring for VCM II IDS software

Connection to a vcm ii mazda should only be handled through the Device Selection Tab Figure.

Do not use the PC’s internal wireless connection (shown below) to connect to the VCM II Wireless Adapter.

VCM II VCM2 for Ford V101 Mazda V99 Diagnostic Tool 2 in 1

General Information for VCM II Wireless Issues, Works on Windows XP & 7 Only

D-Link DWA-131 Adapter for VCM II

NOTE: Before configuring VCM II wirelessly, the VCM II must be configured with a wired connection. See the Configuring IDS And VCM II for the first time section in the IDS VCM II Quick Start Guide for details.

AK91+ AK91 Plus BMW EWS/CAS 4 Key Programmer

AK91 plus BMW Key Programmer with V4.00 AK91+ key programmer software for BMW EWS 1995-2009. AK91 plus key programmer as update version of AK90 BMW key programmer add new BMW F series CAS4/CAS4+/ new Porschekey information identification function. CnAutotool.com have AK91 plus key programmer for BMW for sale.

BMW AK91 Plus Key Programmer:
Software version: V4.00 for EWS4.4
Support Language: English
Support Car: BMW EWS 1995-2009, BMW EWS/CAS4/CAS4+, new Posche

AK91 Plus BMW AK91+ Key Programmer Functions:
1. Directly reading data dumps from MCU which marked 1D47J,2D47J,0D46J,2L86D without removing MCU from circuit board,easy to do yourself
2. With the help of software you can change VIN,Mileage and renew,lock or unlock keys as well
3. Programming original chips “EML 10030A” for making keys
4. Identifying keys for all EWS ,showing VIN,key No. and mileage

AK91 Plus BMW Key Programmer support BMW E series PCF7945 chip, F series CAS4/CAS4+ factory and the original factory PCF7953 chip refresh function. No need to disassemble the chip free, safe and efficient.

AK91+ BMW Key Programmer improved some of the EWS to read and write speed.This product safe and effective,is the key to match the best tool for BMW!

Any interested about the AK91 Plus AK91+ BMW EWS/CAS4 Key Programmer, just contact us freely.

CnAutotool Focus on OBD Tool, Email:sale@cnautotool.com