Lonsdor K518 Program a Key and Remote for 2017 KIA Ceed: Done!

2017 KIA Ceed key and remote control programming… Lonsdor K518ISE work well!

80 bit immo system-pin code reading is not possible, do not read!

Got key by dump. you can key in pin code reading!

Only MK programmer knows! Abrites, Tango, Lonsdor I couldn’t read.

londor-k518-kia-add-key-1 londor-k518-kia-add-key-2

Then in Lonsdor:

Immobilizer – KIA – Select from vehicle – General area – Cee’d (JD) – 2013 – 2016
londor-k518-kia-add-key-3 londor-k518-kia-add-key-4

Two key fobs ready for programming


Insert key and switch ignition on


Enter pin codes


Programming completed

Will program the next one


Replace another new key and switch ignition on



Programming completed!


Pls remove the key and wait for 5s

Programming completed!


Test the new key on the car

It starts




Lonsdor has a big success!

Big thank ?to Slavo Backov? for his contribution

Upgrade Process for K518 Adaptor Kernel

After the APK of Lonsdor K518S Key Programmer is upgraded to V1.6.0 version, the adaptor requires to be installed new kernel beforehand. Please refer to below operations.

Step 1: Connect the device to the specified adaptor and plug in 12V power, as shown below.


Step 2 : Start up the device, and input password to enter home screen. Click “Update firmware” button in below red box.


Step 3: The following interface appears, click “Install Adaptor” in below red box.


Step 4: It skips to the below interface, click “OK” to continue.


Step 5: It skips to below interface. You will see the progress indicator moving rightwards. When downloading is completed, click OK” and exit. The adaptor kernel is installed successfully.


Porsche-Cayenne-Help File

Basically, there will be 4 parts in the whole help file: Function, Reference, Attention and Operation.


1. Program smart key: to program smart card (please make dealer key first);

2. Make dealer key: use the backed up BIN data to make the non-dedicated key to be dealer key.


Chip type: Dedicated smart card

Frequency: 315/433/434 frequency (please check the logo in the lower right of the lid of the BCM box)

Key embryo no.: 31

Code requirement:Dismantle & read BCM to make dealer key

Key generation: Program smart key complete, remote will automatically generated

Under the steering wheel (BCM position):

Porsche-Cayenne-Help- File-1
BCM is located at the bottom left of the steering wheel, please note the frequency type, basically there will be 315/433/434,

The following picture is for 434 frequency:
Porsche-Cayenne-Help- File-2

11-15 Cayenne Car Model

Porsche-Cayenne-Help- File-3

The car key

Porsche-Cayenne-Help- File-4

The induction keyhole

Porsche-Cayenne-Help- File-5

The mechanical knob key inserted into the induction keyhole

Porsche-Cayenne-Help- File-6


1. All the keys need to learn, or it will not be able to start the vehicle, it is recommended to learn the original car keys first,and then learn the new key, battery must be well installed.

2. The newly added key must be either the dealer key made via the car BCM data, or the key ordered back through the VIN code.

3. When learning key, it is required to insert the key into the induction keyhole, to learn a smart key, remove the machanical rotate key from the induction keyhole if any and then insert the smart key to program.


Step 1: Use the Lonsdor K518S to read and write BCM data and save it as bin file;

1. BCM is located in the lower left of the steering wheel, please pay attention to view the frequency type, usually there will be 315,433,434 frequency (below picture is for 434):

Porsche-Cayenne-Help- File-7

2. Read the BIN (D-FLASH / EEPROM) file with the programmer specifically for reading BCM. Please pay attention to the type here: namely 1L15Y 2M25J metal crystal, or 5M48H 1N35H ceramic crystal (red mark):

Porsche-Cayenne-Help- File-8

3. Please refer to the following picture to wire:
Porsche-Cayenne-Help- File-9

Porsche-Cayenne-Help- File-10

Step 2: Copy the bin file into Auto key Programmer K518ISE: please use the USB cable to connect the K518ISE to the computer, open the device internal memory, find the folder “customfile” and copy the bin file into it (as shows below).

Note: bin file suffix “bin” must be lower case letters, directly put the file into the folder rather than create a new folder:
Porsche-Cayenne-Help- File-11

Step 3: Make dealer key

Step 4: Program smart key

How to do BMW CAS DME Sync After New Programmed Key Failed to Start Car?


I’ve done 1x CAS2 with CGDI BMW – 2006 E90 Diesel

ELV sync was OK

CAS sync failed, ERROR and would not start

car did not start until i used another tool to do the CAS sync.


Every tool can cause cas/ews/dme/dde synch issues on BMW, particularly diesels and you need a good solution to resynch. A very experienced key guy had the same problem on an E91 that had lost synch using AVDI. It’s nothing to do with the tool used, it’s the process.

problem is not to fix synchro, after cgdi you will have synchronize problem with all devices.

They need change data reading algorithm, because after this procedure cas is near dead.


I know CGDI isn’t perfect, but it is, in my experience, a useful tool and good value for money.

I don’t even try to use a key tool to resynch ews/dme. Use a good BMW diagnostic and, more importantly, know how to do it.

To synchronize the blank DME to your car, you’ll need a BMW Compatible scanner which has the function to “Align” or “Synchronize” our DME to your CAS.

Below is a list of the most popular BMW scanners that we know for sure, have the function to do this procedure.


*  GT1 / DIS

*  Autologic

*  Launch X-431


*  PA-Soft

There might be other BMW compatible scanners, but you will have to check with the manufacturer if they have the function to synchronize the DME to the CAS.

Every scanner has different steps that you need to follow in order to do the alignment. However, in general, this is how it is done:

1. Make sure that your car’s battery is fully charged. (This is important because the voltage cannot drop below 12 Volts during the synchronization.)

2. Connect the scanner to the car either through the OBD2 port or, if the car has a Round Plug connector under the hood, use that one.

3. DO NOT start the car, but turn the key to the ON position.

4. Follow the steps in the scanner to select the model and year of your car.

5. Then go to DME or ECU. (This is usually the section where you check for fault codes.)

6. There should be an option available for “DME-CAS alignment” or “synchronization” or “calibration”.

7. After you go through that process you have to turn the key to the OFF position for at least 25 seconds.

8. Then start the car.

When you are finished synchronizing the DME to your car, it is very important to delete all the fault codes and reset all the adaptations in the DME. Otherwise, you may get an incorrect fault codes or a check engine light.

Ista-D is ideal, but it’s hardly a 10 second process.

How to use ISTA-D to do a Sync after battery reset?

Clear dme/dde fault codes

Disconnect battery.

Wait 20 mins. Count it. Don’t be impatient.

Reconnect battery.

Ideally, connect battery support unit.

Check no fault codes. Do not try to start car.

Do cas/ews to dme/dde resynch.

Ista D – service functions. Just follow the instructions.

Click on Function Selection, then under Service Function select Drive, Engine Management (ME9/MED9), select Adjustment in the middle column, DME-CAS in the right hand column, then the middle < > double arrow a list pops up and on the list “Note: S1214 NGCAS / Start Value Status”.

There is a description of the error, then press right arrow.

Option 2 to reset the code (Start Value calibration), then the right-hand arrow

Switch on terminal 15 is shown (which means put the key in and switch on the ignition, but without the engine running (well seeing as the car wouldn’t start that was a no brainer!) Right arrow again, and it popped up, scarily, with 2 errors with a numbers like: <00062538> with <0000000> below it, which I assumed were the mis-matched data from the control module/key – cancelled both these and it then reset the codes, and asked to turn off the ignition (Terminal 15 is off), wait for the main relay to drop out (so left it 20 mins), then the car should start, which it did.

Locked it up and left is another 20mins and the tested starting again to be sure and it worked!

bmw-cas-align-ista-d-1 bmw-cas-align-ista-d-2 bmw-cas-align-ista-d-3





bmw-cas-align-ista-d-5 bmw-cas-align-ista-d-6 bmw-cas-align-ista-d-1

Working experience:

I’ve done many e60 cas2 no issues, more than i can remember. only 2 times crank no start and needed resync. 1 vehicle is because power died from bad battery customer did not tell me battery dies after few minutes, and 2nd time i did add key and got error, i usually never do add key and always just generate and works good, so maybe that caused.

both times fixed by disconnected battery both + and – and let sit for 20 minutes, reconnected battery and used ista/d to resync. car starts right up after sync.

Lonsdor K518 reads PIN for older Fiat 2005-2012: Confirmed!

Question for Lonsdor K518S:

When You are planning to add PIN read for older Fiat ??

(Doblo 2005 – 2009 or Ducato 2006 – 2012 etc. )

Answer by CnAutotool.com:


The steps:

Read dump with FVDI

Then VVDI-Prog can calculate PIN from dump

(Tango doesn’t show pin, and you need pin for remote programming)

Then continue with Lonsdor – Immo learn + remote

The test on Doblo:


Select a model:

Fiat- Europe-Doblo-2009-
lonsdor-k518ise-older-fiat-read-pin-2 lonsdor-k518ise-older-fiat-read-pin-3 lonsdor-k518ise-older-fiat-read-pin-4 lonsdor-k518ise-older-fiat-read-pin-5

Lonsdor reads PIN codes


The function can read PIN code and save data


Pls use a working key to turn ignition ON

For a smart key, pls put it close to induction coil


Open the ignition switch


K518 manages to read PIN codes

PIN is saved

Pls use [program key] function to program a key


Lonsdor K518 Newest Update Espace/Megane 4/Scenic 4

Lonsdor K518ISE Newest Update On April.27,2019:

Espace(2015-):Make dealer key/Program smart key and mechanical key
Megane 4(2015-):Make dealer key/Program smart key and mechanical key
Scenic 4(2015-):Make dealer key/Program smart key and mechanical key


Yanhua Mini ACDP Adds N13 563TU N63TU MSV70 MSS60 DME ISN Read/Write

Yanhua Mini ACDP released new upgrade on April 18th, 2019.

New update:
Read/write ISN from new added DME models

Read/Write N55 DME ISN
(E chassis)

Read/Write N20 DME ISN
(E chassis)

Read/Write N13 DME ISN
(E chassis)

Read/Write 563TU DME ISN
(E chassis)

Read/Write N63TU DME ISN
(E chassis)

(E chassis)

(E chassis)
yanhua-acdp-add-isn-model-01 yanhua-acdp-add-isn-model-02
2 Ways to Read/Write N20/N55/N13 ISN without Opening shell

yanhua-acdp-add-isn-model-03 yanhua-acdp-add-isn-model-04

Yanhua ACDP supported DME ISN models till now:

N20(MEVD1724, MEVD172P, MEVD1729), N13(MEVD1725, ), N55(MEVD172, MEVD1726, MEVD172G, MEVD172S, MEVD17, ), MSV80, MSD81, MS085,
MSD85HY, MSD87, MSV90, MEVD1728(s63), MEV1722, MED172, MEVD1727, DDE701,DC17C50, BMSX…
N62_TUE2/ MEV9N46/MEV9N46L
N13/563TU/N63TU/MSV70/MSS60 (New Update)

Can I Add Another Software to Xtool X100 Pad2?

Question: Has anyone added another software to the  Xtool x100 pad2 auto key programmer?


Some Xtool Pad2 users has tested and confirmed working.


Keydiy mobile KD works

Instacode works too

VVDI Key Tool app

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for the damage. You are at your risk.


Mobile KD app & Keydiy Mini KD cable on Xtool PAD2 tablet

search on google play store “Mobile KD apk” and download it

xtool-x100-pad2-keydiy-app-1 xtool-x100-pad2-keydiy-app-2 xtool-x100-pad2-keydiy-app-3 xtool-x100-pad2-keydiy-app-4 xtool-x100-pad2-keydiy-app-5

Lonsdor K518ISE adds VW Skoda Audi Models (2019-04-10)

Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer released new free software update on April 10th, 2019.

Software Update:
Identification function: add more identification types for VW, Skoda, Audi

Software optimization:
Jetta Bora (2014-): repair menu for NEC24C64/95320 IMMO


Program Toyota Corolla 2012 72G Remote Key with Lonsdor K518ISE

The task is to make 2 new master keys after lost all keys on a 2012 Toyota Corolla car with key chip 72G. Immobilizer reset, key programming and remote control programming is done with Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer.

Main steps:

Step 1: Generate 72G key chip

Step 2: Reset IMMO

Step 3: Program 1st master key

Step 4: Add another master key

Step 5: Program remote control

Step-by-step procedure:

Step 1: Generate 72G key chip

lonsdor-k518-2012-toyota-corolla-2 lonsdor-k518-2012-toyota-corolla-3 lonsdor-k518-2012-toyota-corolla-4

In Lonsdor K518ISE, select Generate key chip->4D->Toyota 72G

Place a blank chip into K518 card slot, press OK


Select a master key position



Generate 72G key chip succeed.

Step 2: Reset IMMO

Select Immobilizer->Toyota-> Select from vehicle->China->Corolla->2012 up-> Mechanical key (with 72 G)->Reset Immobilizer (all key lost)

lonsdor-k518-2012-toyota-corolla-8 lonsdor-k518-2012-toyota-corolla-9 lonsdor-k518-2012-toyota-corolla-10

Turn off ignition switch

Switch ignition ON

Getting immo data


Switch ignition off and remove key

Turn on ignition again


Programming key in progress


Switch ignition off and remove key

Step 3: Program 1st master key

Follow steps below to program key within 120s (here we need to program 1 master key)

lonsdor-k518-2012-toyota-corolla-16 lonsdor-k518-2012-toyota-corolla-17

Program 1 master key:
Insert the first master key, switch ignition on and wait 5 sec, and then switch ignition off 5 times. When immo indicator goes off, programming completed.


1st master key programming completed

The key can start car.

Step 4: Add another master key

Select Add key function
A master key is required before remove or add other keys.


Insert the programmed original key into ignition


Insert the key to be programmed. Don’t turn on the ignition switch.


Wait for the security light go off. Programming completed.

Step 5: Program remote control

In Lonsdor K518, go to Immobilizer->Toyota->Select from vehicle->China->Corolla->2012 up->Remote->Program remote

lonsdor-k518-2012-toyota-corolla-25 lonsdor-k518-2012-toyota-corolla-26
Turn on ignition switch

Open the driver door. When the internal locks is open, open other doors.

Reading data

Press and hold the lock and unlock buttons of the remote to be programmed for 2 sec simultaneously within 30 sec, press the lock button once, click OK to continue

Remote programming succeed