What problems can there be with using OBD scan tools

Like in most tools, scan tools are not an exceptional category when it comes to having problems. At any given point, a tool is bound to fail. Most OBD scan tools are known to have some problems. These problems however are not usually open given the several benefits the users get from the OBD2 Scanner.


Looking at OBD I and OBD II tools, the level of experiences may be different depending on the nature of the check engine light fault. It is however notable that most scan tools have the following problems;

Updatability problems

This is not a universal problem though it is seen with most of the Car Diagnostic Tools of the old generation. Because of the compatibility issues, this range of scan tools known as readers will definitely not cover the requisite protocols. This makes them not to be able to scan newer car models.

It is however notable that with lack of updatable feature, the owner or technician may at times be forced to source for an alternative OBD scan tool. This is bound to cost money in terms of purchase of a new scan tool or the consultation of the mechanic.
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While the cost of purchasing some of the scan tools is relatively lower, it is seen as one of the biggest problem in most of the scan tools. Some OBD scan readers cost higher even if they do not cover the OBD protocols that are expected of them. In this regard, the cost function may even rise when such a machine forces the owner to seek the services of the mechanic.


The use of most of the Launch X431 is rather simple compared to the past experiences. This may be true though the codes as they are referred to are in most cases not easy to understand to a beginner. The need for interpretation of the code meaning which in most cases takes the help of the mechanic could involve the use of substantial amounts of money.

In this case, what is usually believed to be convenient in terms of cost may turn out to be conduit for the mechanic making substantial amounts from the owner without having to sweat. In addition, some of the scan tools are hard to connect given the complicated requirements of the software may prove to be quite inconveniencing if you are not a software Guru.

In most cases, the OBD scan tools are purchased with prior research on the compatibility of the tool.  It may not be easy to know whether the tool will work or not. This is precisely because some of the scan tools promise to code on certain ranges but when put in practice, they fail miserably.


The overall make of most of the OBD scan tools just looks perfect on the outside. However, the differences in terms of features and their covering scope may at times prove to be quite a challenge if you are a beginner.  It is in this regard that OBD tool packages are usually confusing and may make one to purchase an inappropriate tool.

The package issue is also one thing which is at the heart of the OBD scan tool debate. With the several parts in the package, the novice is usually put at a disadvantage if you are not well versed with how the parts work. For instance, if the tool works in the multilingual global dialects, then one has to know at least one. Not knowing this still makes one have the need for consultation.

OBD scan tool problems are not cast on stone and are bound to be corrected if the user is well informed. Most of this is found on the user manual. It is also good to learn how your car functions at the point of purchase because most cars are fitted with the tool at manufacture.


Tips on the OBD scan tool use

Learning how to use an Auto Diagnostic tool is an important part in ensuring that there is always a smooth fault repair process. Despite its importance, so many people are usually oblivious of this fact and end up just purchasing the OBD scan tool from the brick and motor stores or the online outlets and the commencing their use without passing through the learning process.

Such cases lead to some scanning mishaps or misinterpretation of the trouble codes which may have been coded. The user may end up incurring huge expenses which could have been avoided if the learning of how to use an OBD scan tool was taken seriously. Though the whole usage process is usually contained in the user manual, it is imperative to have a second opinion on how the scanner is used.

In this article, we have taken time to take you through a step by step process on how to use an OBD scan tool.  We are glad to have you take the journey of learning a step by step use of the OBD with us.
Check the car OBD compliance

It is important for you to look at the car OBD user manual and ensure that it is compliant with the requirements of the OBD regulations. Professional Diagnostic Tools was basically formed to control the rate of emission in the environment, its sensor based network with high efficiency raters if well used.

The OBD is a computer controlled interface which work with several sensors to give the user an indication on the state of the car engine health. Knowing the coding capacity enables the user to be able to select the relevant scan tool for the given car.

In most cases, cars which are OBD compliant have the tool already within its system and the car malfunction status is detected when the signal keeps giving what is in most cases known as the ‘check engine light’. This is in most cases assign of a fault within the car system and it can be anything spanning from the engine fuel fault, the car temperature status or just something else.

This fault detection usually arise from the fact that the car engine has what may be called the power train control module (PCM) which just guesses through its sensors what the car system ought to do.

The standard procedure with the Diagnostic Tools for Trucks scan process is that the PCM has the capacity to store trouble code data that is detected within the engine. In most cases, the code data deciphering require the service of a qualified mechanic and so you have to pull your car to the next motor mechanic for the trouble code assessment.

However, this is not the case with most of the scan tools of the modern times which have the trouble code directory where the data code meanings can be easily referred.
Plug in the OBD scan tool

The detection of the engine fault through the malfunction indicator light (M/IL) is enough to send you into action. The OBD connector for most vehicles is usually located below the driver’s seat. Using the 16 pin connection cable the scan tool is fitted to the cars diagnostic code port.

When the connection is established, the engine should always remain awake but care should be taken not to turn the key on. The plug in usually allows the OBD scan tool to display certain basic information regarding the car.

If the OBD scanner in question is a Bluetooth one, it will be important to pair it with the relevant OBD interface found within the car on board diagnostic software function. Most of the Bluetooth devices are fast and use a wireless interface. Some of the scans in this category have special software called the OBD wiz and works faster.

The important thing is having a relevant software pairing device in the form of a phone, an iPhone or iPad with the relevant android or iOS applications or windows laptop. These are made ready for pairing by down loading the OBD Bluetooth software relevant for the OBD scan tool in question.

The OBD display gives the driver options to scroll down and choose whether he wants to check trouble codes. The code detection process may take some time. Because some of the new generation OBD scanners are known for their level of sophistication, using them at this level may not be hard.
Select the relevant scroll down key

This option can either be in the form of enabling the car to detect only the codes or in most cases conduct a repair especially when the check engine light function is enabled. in some cases, to correct the trouble codes may require one to complete certain drive cycles till the car engine will detect the the problem has been fully corrected.
Check troble code step 1

Select the relevant scroll down key
Get the code readings

When the selection of the relevant keys are selected, the OBD display has the capacity of showing the codes and their meanings. Some of the tools which are more advanced have several display functions which includes the live data and the freeze data reading. The freeze data are stored data which is in most cases usable later.

The coded data reading is usually displayed on screen of the OBD scan for the mechanic or the user to see. However, in most cases, the new generation scanners have the option of the data being displayed on the screen of your desktop or laptop. The use of the new generation scanners is usually one area where the scan completion process can be well known. Don’t run the risk of wrong fault detection using some old model readers which in some cases masquerade as scanners.
What to do with the trouble codes

When the data has been coded using the do it yourself devices in the market, yet the check engine light trouble sign persists. Checking on any possible fault code sources through the data code readings on the screen is important. In some cases, it is imperative to consult a qualified mechanic top see if the problem could be arising from other areas.

Users may not be aware that the malfunction indicator light may remain on and off to signal some loose connection in some engine area. Though the whole process may cost a lot, the mechanic may have a professional opinion on what is making the malfunction indicator light to persist. Moreover, the mechanic may know how to translate the codes if the tool is not fitted with the necessary code translation guides.

OBD scan tools differ in shape, the amount of data which they can code; the use of the new generation diagnostic scanner may prove to be a convenient affair. Though the other older readers are also usable, it is in most cases notable that they may not cover as much data as the new generation scan tools


What are the meanings of your car noise

Your car has been producing this kind of rattling sound for a long time, yet you can’t remember the exact time when it starts. Knowing the causes of these common car noises and getting them fixed sometimes can save you a lot of trouble and also much cost.

What is that rattling? Is it serious? We all can get a little paranoid about a new sound our car is making. Those sounds can certainly be annoying, but what people don’t realize is sometimes those sounds may be linked to something more serious.

About 7 percent of car crashes are caused by some kind of vehicle failure, with tire degradation and brake system failures topping the Auto ECU Programmer, according to the National Motor Vehicle Crash Causation Survey from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. But tire and brake failure aren’t the only types of vehicle problems that can lead to accidents – engine, steering system and suspension failures also cause crashes.

“Getting your oil changed, tires rotated and brake pads checked regularly not only helps keep your car running smoothly, but it also helps keep you and your family safe,” says Matt Myers, senior vice president of claims with Erie Insurance. “It’s also important to check your car’s transmission fluids and get the 50,000-mile and 100,000-mile checks. It might sound like a lot, but regular preventative maintenance is the best way to keep those strange car noises – and accidents – to a minimum.”
Here are six common car noises people hear and what they could mean:

Humming or Groaning
When you hear humming while driving at faster speeds, it’s a sign there probably is some wear on your tires, which can lead to serious issues. It could be located on the insides of your tires, which is hard to diagnose on your own, but not having it checked is a risk, because the steel belts in the tire might be coming apart.

This noise could change or even go away when you turn the diagnostic tools, but it is usually caused by a defective front wheel bearing. The change in noise could be a result of the shift in the weight of the car as you turn.

Whining and Creaking
You might hear these noises backing up or turning. It could be the result of a ball joint or tie rod seizing up.

This can be a high-pitched, steady annoyance that lets you know it’s time to get your brake pads checked or replaced.

This sound means two pieces of metal are touching when they shouldn’t be. This sound could be a multitude of things: brakes, powertrain, suspension or something else. Whatever the case, a grinding sound means you need to get your car checked out as soon as possible.

A hissing sound might occur after you turn off your ignition and can sometimes be followed by smoke from under your hood.
The next time you hear strange noises coming from your Professional Diagnostic Tools, don’t just turn up the radio to drown them out – get them checked by a mechanic. Ignoring those noises today could lead to a dangerous and expensive situation tomorrow.


OBD2 Scanner You Can Use in the Car

There is a chance that you would like to keep your car working properly at all times and although you may try to check it as often as you like, there are times when you will not be able to detect a few things that an OBD scanner may have been able to detect if only you have one. Your check engine light may be on but you are not quite sure what the main problem is. The right OBD scanner can give you the help that you need.

If you are on the lookout for the right professional automotive diagnostic tools, you have to remember that there are different ones available. Choosing the right one can be a bit of a hassle if you do not have any idea about the things that you should look for in OBD Scanners. Hopefully, by the time that you finish reading this article, you will have a clearer idea of the OBD Scanner that you want.OBD2 Scanner You Can Use in the Car

Why Purchase an OBD2 Scanner

At this point you may be thinking that you do not need an OBD2 Scanner because you can easily bring your car to the nearest repair and diagnostics shop and have your car diagnosed but can you imagine how much those simple tasks will cost? It can cost you a lot of money and this is not a good thing if you do not have a budget.

Just imagine if you would need to take an emissions test and you know that you will fail because you cannot determine what is wrong with your vehicle. The use of the OBD2 Scanner will help you with the things that you need. It will help you with what you want. It is only through this that you will be able to determine what is wrong with your car and rightfully fix it before your car undergoes the test.
How to Choose the Right OBD2 Scanner

In order to have an effective OBD Scanner that will fit your needs, you have to consider a few things such as the following:

Consider if the OBD Scanner is Compatible with Your Vehicle: You have to remember that not all OBD Scanners will be able to read all types of vehicles. Since you already know what your vehicle is, you can easily eliminate all OBD scanners that will not be useful for you.
Consider the Various Features of the OBD Scanner: What are the different things that the OBD Scanner can offer? Can it check your whole engine? Can it also check your brakes and your battery? You have to consider this well because if the OBD Scanner that you purchase will not have those features available, you will probably not feel happy with the results that you will get. Plus, you will not know for sure what is causing your car problem.
Consider Your Budget: There may be some OBD tools that seem great and perfect for all of your needs but there is one simple problem – you cannot afford it. If this is the case, you have to remember that knowing your budget can be essential. It does not mean that just because you cannot afford an expensive product, what you are going to buy is already of lesser quality. No matter what your budget is, you will find the right OBD tool for you.
Remember Your Purpose: Would you like to have an OBD2 Scanner that can provide more than the basic things that you may need to know about? There may be some scanners that you can use to check your airbags and sometimes even your record player that you use in your car. It does not matter if you have the best record player if it does not work. Your scanner will be able to give you the proper details that you need.

Some OBD2 Scanners You Can Try

Since there are a lot of scanners that you may find in the market, narrowing down your search can be a complicated task. Here are some of the items that you may want to consider:
Autel (MaxiScan MS309) OBD-II Code Reader1. AutelMaxiscan OBD – II Code Reader and Scan Tool

If you are looking for an  ECU Programmer that you can operate without any issues, this is the right one for you because it is simple. You can be sure that you will be able to work it easily in order to check the possible reasons why your check engine light has lighted up. Since this is also sold cheaply, it is recommended that you use this for your personal use. This will make figuring out what’s wrong with your car easier to accomplish.
AutelAutolink AL619 ABS/SRS CAN OBD2 Code Scanner2. AutelAutolink Al619 ABS/SRS CAN OBD2 Code Scanner

If you are considering price range and also all the different features that the OBD2 scanner can give, this may be the perfect one for you to choose. This can be used for multiple cars so there is a big chance that you do not need to purchase separate ones for your different vehicles. If you are worried about the language, no need to worry about this too because this comes in several languages that will help you understand the diagnosis easily.

Do remember that there may be some special features that you are looking for in OBD2 Scanner. For instance, you may search for a scanner that may also serve as a record player. There are always different ones that are available.
INNOVA 3160 Diagnostic Scan Tool3. Innova 3160 Diagnostic Scan Tool

If you are looking for a product that is advanced in nature, this is the perfect scan tool for you to try. Since this is advanced, it can provide not only the basic details that you need but also give proper details about your brakes. There may be times when you have to update it. You have to be updated with the use of the Internet from time to time.

From being able to be like a record player and to check up the various important components of the car, an OBD2 Scanner can be a useful tool that every car owner should have. It is not enough that professionals have this scanner. You can benefit a lot with the use of this tool. Just make sure that you will pick the right one.


How to program Mercedes ML350 05 remote key

Here is the instruction on Mercedes Benz ML350 2005 year remote Key Programmer. Though the car is old, still some asked how to program the remote.


Old Mercedes ML350 immobilizer system= Key +AAM/EAM+ DEM



Dissemble AAM computer which located under the left side of the dashboard. The ML350 AAM contains two computer board, one bigger size and another small size. Each board contains MC68HC705X32 Motorola ECU with 0G47V.

    Read CPU data

We only need to read the 0G47V data on the small AAM CPU board. Do not need to read data from bigger AAM board. This is very important.


Which ECU Programmer is better to read MC68HC705X32(0G47V)chip data. We recommend Digimaster III(D3) or Xprog M, it is up to you, but it must be stable. For example, if you use Digimaster 3, solder the cpu to D3 adapter.


    Read and write key

You can use Tango, TM100, VVDI MB BGA Tool to write key, i.e in TM100,we select Generate Key->Mercedes Benz->ML->AAM(7935)

Update load data just read by Digimaster 3. Select proper key position and insert brand new 7935 chip into TM100 key programmer’s adapter. Follow system prompts to generate ignition key, do not need to re-write key data to 0G47V.  It is difficult to add remote key for old Mercedes. You can buy folding flip Remote Key Shell Case for Benz like picture below.

Insert the adapter to one end of the original ML350 AAM computer and plug the another end  into the key shell case adapter. The two folding remote key can be used to replace original remote control function.

Then we insert the 7935 chip generated above to folding remote key, a new remote key has been generated.


Toyota Sienna 2002 All Key Lost Programming Tips

How to program Toyota Sienna 2002 key with 4C chip when all keys lost and what tool do program? Here are some tips Provided by CnAutotool.com.


I need to program key on Toyota sienna 2002 4 Door XLE passenger and all Toyota/Lexus with 4C chip when all keys are lost in these models. Can I buy a used Toyota 4C key then just virgin the Engine ECU? Will it work that way without further programming of the key?

If I’m correct, your got three options, program the used key into the computer eeprom or emulate a tpx1 or cn1 or cn2 from the data or virginize it and that should work. This is using original Tango Key Programmer of course.

If you have tango you can work with a used key or emulate, I have done it and it works perfect at the first try. If you don’t have tango or similar, then virgin dump will be the best option. Always save the original file!


How to use Tango Key Programmer to make a new key

First, start up the Tango transponder key programmer, connect it to your computer and find “read information” in the “Info” window. Watch memory chip showed in the Data location field. Find out the chip inside of the immobilizer and read it. Save the read data (dump).

Click the “Open Immobilizer File” button and upload the dump.

Tango system will analyze the dump automatically.

If the dump you saved is correct, the “WRITE” button will be actived and the “Keys” window will display the range of key numbers that can be created.

Check the allowed transponder field, and make sure you use a right transponder.

Put the transponder into the coil (the square hole on the tool).

Choose the key bites you want create in the “Keys” window.

Click the “WRITE” button.

The Obd2 Key Programmer transponder will then be written automatically, with data stored.

Save a new immobilizer dump after a new transponder is made.

Save the file after a standard File Save dialog pops up.


2017 Launch X431 V 8″ Lenovo Tablet Vs Autocom/Delphi Ds150e

Launch X431 V 8″ is handheld tablet professional universal diagnostic tool with newest database and many special functions are covered. Autocom/Delphi Ds150e Clone is PC-based with normal function and little special function. More detailed comparison as below.


Comparison Content:

1) Launch X431 V 8″ is compatible with Android tablet and` phone, it is handheld and no bother installing driver and program.

Cracked Autocom/Delphi Ds150e is windows-based and need to install driver.

2) About function (Special function):

Autocom/Delphi Ds150e Clone is with normal function, A LOT OF SPECIAL function DOES NOT EXIST OR DOES NOT WORK.

Launch X431 V 8″ covers full range car models and perform full car system diagnosis include: Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, Read data stream.

X431 V 8 inch includes more special functions incl. Oil Reset Service, Steering Angle Calibration, Electronic Parking Brake Reset, Battery Register / Battery Maintenance, ABS Bleeding, Electronic Throttle Position Reset / Learn, Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration, Tire Pressure Monitor System Reset, specifically, BMW idle study, BMW injection rate adjustment, BMW battery replacement, Nissan matching key, Renault – airbags coding ON/OFF, like on Clip tool.

Programming: some models support online programming.

3) About database:

In short I suggest buy original launch X431 V 8 inch for 799$ and you will have best solution because of the price of what you pay.

The only way that you have that big database and functions is to buy original software from Delphi, autocom or wurth, because there is no new version than 2014.03V.

And Launch X431 V haves far more than Delphi and others because launch you can have with 2016 database and even 2017 database for Ford and Mazda incl. Escape, MKC, Fusion, MKZ, Expedition, Navigator, Transit Connect, Explorer, Transit Connect, Super Duty, F150 etc. and believe me it is big difference.

3) About vehicle coverage:

X431 V is much better in model coverage for old Asia (10+ years, basicly Autocom/Delphi will never support this models good+Asia adapters was never developed) and sometime better functions for new Asia (younger than 10 years, this models are included in AC/D). About European brands are both tools perfect.

Launch X431 V 8inch Tablet tested vehicle list-89 diagnostic software in total this is X431 V vehicle coverage

3) About after-sale service

Launch X431 V 8″: Tap the “Remote Diagnosis” option and through CC number no need TV, you could gain instant messaging and remote diagnosis.

Autocom/Delphi users usually use Team viewer (TV) to get remote assistance by supplier.

4) About Update:
2017 Launch X431 V 8″ Lenovo Tablet Vs Autocom/Delphi Ds150e

Launch X431 V 8″ update is free for the first two years and upgrade every one month.

Autocom/Delphi Ds150e Clone is no new version than 2014.03V for long time.

5) About Legal:

If you want it legal, then you can buy Launch X431 V 8 inch, it has the same functions like X431 V 7”, run faster than 7″ since it has better configuration.

6) About language available

Launch X431 V 8″ language available: English, German, Japanese, Russian, French, Korea, Arabic, Spanish, Italy, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Arabic, Danish, Persian, Romanian, Serbian, Finnish, Swedish and Czech.

Autocom/Delphi Ds150e Clone language available: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Dansk, German, Turkish, Greek, Dutch, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Swedish.

Review / Advice:

I have original launch, and original Delphi ds150,with Delphi is more easy to work with(from time to time it is not a problem to work with launch),but Launch X431 V 8” Lenovo Tablet PC from CnAutotool.com is working with android or even pc. Launch is much faster then Delphi. The thing is that all clones of Delphi are not even close of what it does as original with newest database, a lot of new functions are added and cars. It all depends what do you need and do you really have to have it software + interface genuine, if yes then I recommend Delphi if you are new to diagnostic world, but if you need original interface and to buy license for launch separately then I would choose launch, because it will cost you a lot cheaper and you will have 2016 database, and more Asian cars are covered… and Australian, Indian, Malaysian cars OK incl. Aust Ford, Maserati, TATA, Proton Lancia, Maruti etc compare Launch X431 V 7inch.


How to register Launch X431 V 8inch Tablet Wifi Bluetooth scanner

Launch X431 V 8inch Tablet Wifi Bluetooth scanner registration is needed, though it is able to directly use without activation by sending country and language to Launch Company and wait 2 working days. Following the steps as below, it is easy to do shared by www.cnautotool.com.

During initial use, tap the Launch X431 V 8inch icon on the home screen and you will see some illustrations that guide you through some of important operations of the application. Scroll your screen to left to read it until the “Start Now” page appears. Tap “Start now” to enter the main menu screen.

Launch X431 V 8inch Tablet user registration

Tap “Login” on the upper right corner of the main menu screen:


If you are a new user, tap “New Registration”.


Note: To obtain better service, you need to provide real information. Fill in the information in each field (Items with * must be filled). After inputting, tap “Register”, a screen similar to the following will appear as below, input the Serial Number and Activation Code, which can be found in the password envelope.



Note: To exit and activate it later, tap “Skip”. In this case, you can activate your connector by tapping “Activate Connector” in “Profile”. Tap “Activate” to finish your registration.


To download the diagnostic software, tap “Yes”.

Tap “No” to download and install it later.


Tap “Update” to start downloading. It may take several minutes to finish it, please be patient to wait. To pause downloading, tap “Pause”. To resume it, tap “Continue”. Once download is complete, the system will install the software package automatically.

If you have registered to be a member, input your name and password, and then tap the “Login” button to enter the main menu screen directly.


How to Program Toyota Previa 2010 smart key

Here is the tutorial on programming key for Toyota Previa MPV 8 seater when all smart keys have lost by CnAutotool.com engineer.

If you have original key, you can directly add key with Tango Programmer. But if you lost all your keys,you cannot directly add key.

Toyota straight key all keys lost: need to remove ECU immo box and do initialization data modification to add key.

Toyota smart remote key all keys lost: require not only remove immo box to initialize data but also remove ECU-Smart box to modify data to add key.
Program Toyota Previa 2010 smart key all keys lost in 4 steps:

Step 1: Remove ECU immo box and ECU-Smart box

ECU Immo box is in the groove behind the evaporator under the dash. You need to disassemble the full dashboard. (See pic. below)

Toyota Smart box is behind the glove box near the A-pillar (see pic. below)

Step 2:Initialize IMMO data and Smart key box data
Open ECU immo box 89784—28011, find out chip 93C46, read 93C46 data with ecu programmer,i.eXprog

Change all data marked blue to 0, these letters stand for key numbers. Initialization make it being key learning status, so it does not have key numbers, we change them to 0.
The data marked in red are synchronized with engine computer data, DO NOT change them.
Change all the rest data to F.



Open Toyota Denso Smart key box 89990-28131, find chip 93C86.
Do not change data marked in red. Change all the rest data to F.



Step 3: Re-install IMMO box and smart box

Re-write data just read back to immo box and smart box. Re-install immo box and smart box to car.
Switch ignition on, dashboard indicator turns on, you can connect Obd2 Key Programmer with car to build communication.
Step 4: Add smart key
Connect key programmer,i.e TM100,Tango with car
Select Toyota
Select Smart key programming
Follow key programmer menu operation until the procedure is done

The new programmed key will start car directly
Do not need to synchronize OBD 4-pin to 13-pin.

Better initialize IMMO data with original data, do not use other car’s data to modify . If you initialize original data, the engine computer keeps the same data with immo which will save you 40 minutes to synchronize. It will directly start car.

Technical support “Program Toyota Previa 2010 all keys lost“